Hoodplasty in Riyadh

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Are you sick of worrying about how your intimate region looks and feeling uncomfortable? Do you yearn for a resurgence of self-assurance and trust? Look no further than the Hoodplasty in Riyadh, a transformational power—a surgical Method that may bring out your inner beauty and liberate your confidence in ways that have never been possible.

Procedure Time

1 Day


1 - 2 Week

Back to Work

2 - 4 Weeks


2 - 3 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Risks: Minimal

  • Cost: ‎SAR 399.00 to SAR 8,999.00

  • Type of procedure: Invasive

  • Duration of the therapy: 1 hour


Clitoral hood reduction, also known as Hoodplasty, is an invasive treatment used to shape again and rejuvenate the fold of skin that surrounds the clitoris. The Hood Plasty procedure boosts the region’s cosmetic attractiveness and could even increase sexual satisfaction by carefully eliminating superfluous tissue and shaping the area.


Patients can anticipate a polished and natural-looking appearance in the intimate region following Hoodplasty. The full effects will eventually show when the swelling goes down and the tissues mend. Most people say they have more confidence in themselves and feel more feminine.


Hoodplasty can assist in achieving a balanced and symmetrical look, boosting the intimate area’s overall visual appeal.

Increased Confidence: By correcting issues with the clitoral hood, it gives people more self-confidence and a sense of comfort in their own skin.

Potential sexual benefits: It includes enhanced sensitivity and pleasure for many women after homoplasies because additionally the clitoris is revealed when extra tissue is terminated.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Females who may be worried about the look or functionality of their clitoral hood may benefit. Candidates that fit the bill include those who:

  • Desire a hood that is more balanced and proportional
  • Feel uncomfortable or irritated from having too much skin Have trouble being sexually satisfied
  • Want to improve their body image and self-confidence

Pre Care

Proper Care is crucial to a successful and pain-free procedure. The knowledgeable staff at our facility will walk you through these steps:

Consultation: Arrange a meeting with our knowledgeable surgeon to talk through your objectives, anticipated results, and any worries you may have. The chance to ask questions and get a complete grasp of the method is presented here.

Medical Evaluation: In order to establish whether you are a candidate your surgeon will do a thorough medical evaluation, which will include a physical exam. Your safety and the most useful effects are guaranteed by this examination.


hoodplasty procedure

To make sure the patient has a pain-free and comfortable understanding it is done under anesthesia. A summary of the process is provided here:


This is normally carried out under anesthesia to assure your comfort in the strategy. Depending on your personal requirements and choices, your surgeon will talk to you about the type that is most appropriate for you.


A tiny incision will be created in the clitoral hood by the surgeon after you have received anesthesia. This incision was precisely placed to reduce scarring and produce the most reasonable results.

Tissue Sculpting

The practitioner will carefully remove extra skin and tissue from the clitoral hood with the utmost accuracy and ability. The goal of this sculpting process is to deliver the illusion of symmetry and proportion.


The residual tissues are expertly molded to supply a natural and visually attractive shape once the extra tissue has been released. The surgeon will take special care to establish symmetry and guarantee a unified appearance.


After that, he will use dissolvable sutures to seal the incision after the appropriate shape and contour have been obtained. This promotes ideal healing and minimizes scarring.


Speedy healing and durable effects depend on proper care. Our clinic offers thorough direction and assistance during the recuperation process. Here are a few crucial elements.

  • To control distress and stop infection, you will be given teachings on how to change your dressings and take the medicines that have been prescribed.
  • Start out gently and gradually build up to more strenuous activity as you recuperate. As directed by your surgeon, refrain from sexual activity and physical exercise.
  • Regular follow-up visits will be made to keep track of your development, solve any issues you may have, and provide you with tailored advice.


The method of rehabilitation might be distinct for each person. Swelling, bruising, and soreness are typical at first but eventually go away with time. Within a few weeks, the majority of patients may resume their regular activities, and complete recovery usually takes a few months.

Cost of Hoodplasty in Riyadh


Starting From
SAR 399


SAR 8999

The price of a Hoodplasty at Enfield Royal Clinic normally ranges from SAR 399 to SAR 8,999. It’s crucial to recognize that this is only a ballpark figure. After our team of highly experienced sexologists properly assesses your unique requirements during the initial consultation, the precise cost will be decided.

Factors Affecting the Price

  • Location of the clinic
  • Surgeons skills
  • The complexity of the procedure
  • State of the treatment area

Best Surgeon for Hoodplasty in Riyadh!

Our surgeons have alot of knowledge doing Hoodplasty and are dedicated to providing individualized treatment. They have a vast understanding of the field of cosmetic surgery and have completed intensive training. Our surgeons are devoted to helping you in reaching your preferred outcome, boosting both your outward look and general well-being, with their precise attention to detail and creative approach.

Choose our Hoodplasty Clinic

For your Hoodplasty requirements in Riyadh, Enfield Royal Clinic supplies you with a wealth of advantages and an outstanding experience. Because of our clinic’s dedication to quality, every step of your journey—from consultation to aftercare—is handled with the most elevated care and expertise. With a group of exceptionally talented surgeons that specialize we ensure individualized treatment programs made to meet your specific needs.

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Are there any risks?

It is regarded as a safe treatment when carried out by a specialist and knowledgeable surgeon. Although there are potential risks and consequences with every surgical treatment, they may be reduced with good pre-care.

What is the length of the recovery?

Each person’s recovery time after the process will be different. In general, swelling, bruising, and soreness are to be expected in the first few days following surgery.

Do scars remain?

To reduce obvious scars, incisions are normally tiny and positioned carefully. The scars often lighten and disappear with time.

How long do results last?

It can produce long-lasting effects, giving you a refreshed and attractive impression. It’s crucial to recognize that lifestyle choices and natural aging processes might affect how long the effects last.

Are there any alternatives?

The surgeon may view alternate surgeries or therapies that can address related issues, depending on your particular circumstances and goals.

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