Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

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What is Postpartum Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The entire body undergoes changes throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Sexual complexes, low self-esteem, and life-satisfaction are all effects of aesthetic and physiological changes to the genital region. The newest and safest method of restoring the elasticity and tone of the vagina, Postpartum Vaginal Rejuvenation in saudi, enables you to quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted age-related changes and imperfections and thereby restore the physiological confidence of a woman as well as return the joy of intimate relationships to sexual partners.

Postpartum vaginal rejuvenation how it works

How Does it

How does it

By promoting the creation of collagen, exposure to lasers during gynecological treatments is primarily intended to improve the health of the mucous membrane and restore the metabolism of the vaginal connective tissues. The laser’s gentle action on the vaginal mucosa promotes collagen formation, normalizes blood flow, and reduces the size of the vaginal tissues.



Three main treatments will make up the Postpartum Vaginal Rejuvenation in Enfield Royal Saudia. These consist of:


Using a laser, the vaginal tissues are deeply heated in a consistent manner. This aids in boosting blood flow to the vaginal and vulvar mucous membranes. The body begins the process of cell renewal and healing in the region of the laser’s action.

It begins the process of synthesizing new collagen, which gives skin and mucous membranes their suppleness. The intimate organs look young and healthy as the vaginal walls regain their suppleness and strength.


This procedure includes injecting autologous platelet-rich plasma into the upper inner wall of the clitoris and vagina. This promotes the growth of stem cells, which help to regenerate new tissue. Collagen and elastin are produced more locally as a result of the growth stimulators present in the plasma. They enhance vaginal hydration and thicken the walls.

Following laser therapy, the treatments are carried out with the primary goals of eradicating vaginal atrophy and dryness as well as regaining the tissues’ lost elasticity and firmness in the intimate area.

Vaginal Mask:

 The final part of the procedure sexologists using a mask that, in addition to soothing the skin, also works to lighten the labia and give it a pleasing shade. Intimate sensitivity is also boosted, dryness and foul odors are reduced, and bacterial growth is inhibited. Additionally, it aids in accelerating recovery and improving the outcomes of the other two surgeries.

Postpartum vaginal rejuvenation procedure
Postpartum vaginal rejuvenation before and after





After the procedure, the tissues are tighter and more toned. minimizes the quantity and size of postpartum scars. The laser induces the creation of collagen, shrinks tissues, and warms the walls with a series of brief pulses. The technique improves the vaginal mucosa’s atrophic alterations, making it more sensitive and eradicating dryness and pain during sexual activity.


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What are the benefits of this treatment?

The following benefits of the treatment:


Safe: The doctor will decide on the impact’s depth of penetration and the course of treatment, tailoring the laser’s radiation parameters to each patient’s unique physiology.


No need for anesthetics during the treatment because the techniques we employ are painless. The doctor administers a local anesthetic application for the patient’s utmost comfort. Some ladies merely experience mild warming and tingling in the laser beam-affected area.


Effectiveness: The vagina becomes more elastic and erogenous sensitivity is restored.

Long-lasting Effect: The course of therapy, which entails a number of treatments, produces a result that lasts for up to two years.