Androfill Injections

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What is Androfill Injections?

Due to the increasing patient demand, penile plastic and reconstructive surgery has undergone a remarkable growth in recent years.Hyaluronic acid can actually be substituted in surgery. The proper amount of moisture is maintained in the tissues, which helps them to expand, become more elastic, and appear much younger. In the shortest amount of time, a guy may be able to resolve the problems caused by the small size of the penis and regain his confidence.

Androfill Injections how do they work

How does it Work?

During a straightforward procedure with no complications, the penis is filled. The supporting connective tissue is gently cut, followed by a 2-3 cm separation of the penis body from the pelvis. Following this procedure, the tissues around the penis are moved to the base, and any additional fatty tissues found in inappropriate locations are removed. Last but not least, the penis is thickened by the liposuction technique by injecting fatty tissues that have been taken out of any area of the body where there is extra fat. This action has no practical value and only impacts how something looks. Or to put it another way, your sexual health is unaffected.


The penis is shaped by outpatient operations. As a result, local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia is commonly applied to the patient.

The following steps make up the treatment:
  • The doctor applies an antiseptic solution to the inguinal area before covering it with a sterile disposable diaper.
  • Numbs the area where the hyaluronic injection will be administered using an anesthetic gel or lotion.
  • After ten to fifteen minutes, he collects the required quantity of filler, injects it where it is needed, and makes several incisions (if contouring does not provide for the elimination of curvatures).
  • Plaster is used to cover the puncture wound.
  • The complete operation usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.
Androfill Injections procedure
Androfill Injections result

Expected Results.

Getting the desired genital form and size would be the treatment’s result. The injection of fillers produces visual improvement.

Treatment Pricing.

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What are the benefits of this treatment?

One benefit of Androfill injections for penis enlargement is unquestionably that they increase female sexual pleasure during sexual activity due to the increased adherence of the vaginal walls in contact with the penis. In fact, by raising the volume, this facilitates the occurrence of a female orgasm by raising the sensation of contact as a result.

Who are ideal candidates?

A man's unhappiness with the size of the penis and desire to undertake an aesthetic correction of the phallus are the primary indications for a hyaluronic injection. When one of the following symptoms is present, penis enlargement is necessary:


  • Untimely ejaculation
  • Tiny or brief penis
  • Issues with sex against a backdrop of inadequacy, concerns about size, and inability to satisfy a woman

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