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Are you constantly embarrassed by your excessively huge lips? Do you want perfectly proportioned pouts which are harmonic and balanced? Look nowhere else! Riyadh’s Lip Reduction In Riyadh is the perfect option you’ve got. Learn how this common cosmetic treatment is changing how people enhance their natural beauty. Bid farewell to your lip insecurities and welcome to your newfound assurance. Get ready to rediscover your love for your lips!

Procedure Time

2 Hours


1 -2 Weeks

Back to Work

5 - 7 Days


2 - 3 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 8000-14,000 SAR

  • Treatment Type: Minimally Invasive

  • Results: Long-Lasting

Lip Reduction!

This surgery aims to regain normal lip function as well as a harmonic relationship between the top and lower lips that is in harmony with the complete face.

The reduction has typically concentrated on decreasing lip volume with the excision of a single strip or ellipse of tissue, with direct closure and a change in the posture of the lip, as done using the previously outlined techniques. However, this techniques now place greater focus on the lip’s final contour and the relationship between the volume of the upper and lower lips.


If you are more reluctant about your looks go through different corrective techniques to get the stylish results. We are assuming an imperative part in changing the look and considering individuals by offering the procedure in Saudi. The extra-huge upper or lower lip is compacted and the outcomes are noticed just after the treatment. Super durable, enduring outcomes are held onto Along with the abilities and gear utilized by the specialists.

Lip Reduction Before After

Lip Reduction Before & After Result in Riyadh Enfield Royal Clinic
Lip Reduction in Riyadh Before & After Result Enfield Royal Saudi


The treatment consists of various benefits but some major ones are:

  • Enhanced Face Harmony: By appropriately reducing the volume of the lips, this method aids to establish a proportional face appearance by fostering balance between the lips and other features.
  • Improved Self-Confidence: After having their lips reduced, those who are self-conscious about their abnormally large lips frequently notice a considerable improvement in their self-confidence. They can feel more relaxed and easy in daily life and social situations thanks to this method.
  • Natural-Looking Outcomes: Skilled plastic surgeons in Riyadh can delicately sculpt to achieve a natural appearance, ensuring that the effects are discreet and harmonious with the person’s overall facial aesthetics.

Ideal Candidate

Anyone unhappy with the length and shape of their lips should consider this. The ideal applicant will display one or additionally of the following traits:

  • Proportionately Large Pouts: people who have naturally more extensive or disproportionately large lips frequently get them reduced to make their face look more balanced.
  • Lip Asymmetry: This is known as where one lip seems to be larger than the other. This procedure can assist to balance the face by addressing this imbalance.
  • Self-consciousness: Are you self-conscious about your lips because you think they draw too much attention, may find that lip reduction helps them restore your confidence.


A talk with a qualified surgeon is necessary before having this done in Riyadh. The surgeon will evaluate the ratios, talk with you about your objectives and goals, and thoroughly describe the surgery during this appointment. In order to make sure you are a good candidate for this, they could also inquire about your medical history and perform a physical assessment.


The procedure consists of the following steps:


To enhance your comfort throughout the surgery, lip reduction is normally carried out under local anesthesia.


To minimize scarring, the surgeon will carefully conceal minor incisions made along the natural lip lines.

Lip Tissue Removal

Excess lip tissue is delicately cut away to create the ideal lip size and shape while retaining harmony with the rest of the facial characteristics.

Lip Sculpting

To produce symmetrical and aesthetically acceptable lip outlines, the surgeon will carefully shape the residual lip tissue.


Sutures used to close the incisions dissolve over time, negating the need for removal.


Some essential points which need to be kept in mind after the procedure are:


To lessen discomfort and reduce the chance of infection, a surgeon may recommend painkillers and antibiotics.

Cold Compresses

In the first few days after the technique, using cold compresses Can help reduce swelling and bruising.

Proper nutrition and hydration

It will hasten the healing process. Consuming a nutritious diet and remaining hydrated is also important.

Gentle Dental Care

It’s important to practice appropriate dental hygiene during the healing process. To avoid damaging the incision sites, brush your teeth gently and use a soft mouthwash.


Although everyone’s recovery time for lip reduction is different, most people can anticipate the following time frame:

  • Initial Healing: The first week may see some swelling and bruising, which will eventually go away.
  • Activities Prohibited: For at least two weeks, it is best to refrain from physically demanding activities and exercises that could strain the lips.
  • Final Results: While there is some progress visible right away following the therapy, the true final outcomes won’t be seen until the lips have recovered. It will carry several weeks for a full recovery.

Lip Reduction Cost

Lip Reduction

Starting From
SAR 8000

Lip Reduction


The cost of lip reduction lies between 8000 to 14,000 SAR, The exact price depends on the type of anesthetics employed and whether a single lip reduction will be done or both lips will be done. However, The actual price will be provided to you after the consultation as there are other factors also that affect the cost these are:

  • Competent staff
  • Location
  • State-of-the-art technology


You can enhance your natural beauty and attain symmetrical, proportionate lips through Lip Reduction in Riyadh. Lip reduction has grown in popularity among people looking to subtly adjust their lip proportions due to the advantages of improved facial harmony and increased self-confidence. You will be confident when you choose Enfield Royal Saudi, you will receive individualized attention, professional direction, and outstanding outcomes.

Choose us to Recover your Perfect Pout!

We provide exceptionally talented plastic surgeons that have performed numerous lip reduction surgeries, ensuring successful and secure results. Enfield Royal Saudi will help you achieve the intended outcomes, we believe in developing treatment regimens that are specifically suited to your goals, So book us now.

Book an Appointment!

Carry action to achieve the ideal lip proportions you seek if you are thinking about Lip Reduction In Riyadh. To arrange an appointment with one of our skilled plastic surgeons, get in touch with Enfield Royal Saudi. Learn how lip reduction can improve your appearance and give you more self-confidence. Don’t hesitate any longer make an appointment right away!


Will this method produce results that seem natural?

Your lips will look in harmony with the other face features thanks to precise sculpting techniques, providing you with a natural-looking improvement.

Is lowering the size of your lips painful?

To improve comfort, local anesthesia is given during the surgery. While you might afterwards experience some minor soreness or puffiness.

How long does it take to recover?

Even though healing times vary from person to person, full recovery usually takes a few weeks.

Do noticeable scars result?

To reduce scarring, the surgeon will carefully conceal little incisions made along the natural lip lines. These incisions will gradually fade and almost disappear over time.

How long do lip reduction results last?

Lip reduction produces long-lasting benefits. The new proportions will stay in place once the extra lip tissue has been eliminated and the lips have been shaped.

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Cost of Lip Reduction In Riyadh

While some of the women complain that their lips are too thin, others are uncomfortable with how thick their lips are. People with big lips seek to get rid of circumstances that are criticized and unpleasant. Muscle, skin, and mucous membranes make up the lips. It is a distinctive construction that is heavily bloodied and balanced by fake facial muscles. The lips can be thickened with filler injections, but they cannot be made thinner without surgery.