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What is Mesotherapy Treatment?

Doctors utilize mesotherapy extensively around the globe to treat a variety of patient difficulties. It is a secure approach to treating skin issues like acne, hair loss, and cellulite. Because it is a non-invasive and almost painless cosmetic procedure, the body is not harmed in any way. This innovative top-notch process only needs a few sessions to get exceptional outcomes. In just a few months, it can improve the texture and complexion of your skin.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers mesotherapy treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

Mesotherapy Treatment how it works

How does it Work?

How does it

  • Aids in restoring the imbalance of hormones in the scalp.
  • Plays a crucial purpose in removing cellulite from various body areas.
  • Preventing the development of laugh lines
  • Lighten skin that is tan




A mixture of vitamins, plant extracts, pharmaceuticals, and antioxidants are injected by doctors into the middle layer of skin using fine needles. Ingredients can get to places where cream can’t. Before beginning the treatment, he could inject local anesthetic into the problematic area to lessen the likelihood of pain and suffering. Even if mesotherapy is a straightforward operation, you should still look for a doctor to do it.
Mesotherapy Treatment procedure
Mesotherapy Treatment result



Nearly 4-6 sessions are needed to achieve the best benefits, and the effects often last a year to two years. It produces encouraging tightening and regenerating effects on the skin. If used to treat hair loss, your hair fall will completely cease once the course of treatment is finished.


treatment pricing

Cost of Mesotherapy Treatment in Riyadh can slightly differ from case to case. Fill in the form to book a FREE consultation and discuss the right price for you!


Who is an ideal candidate?

Nowadays, people are more self-conscious about how they appear to others. They strive to be flawless in everything because of this. Overall body image is strongly influenced by the hair, skin, and body, and since mesotherapy can benefit all three, it is worthwhile. You would benefit from mesotherapy if


  • You have intrinsic aging, which causes wrinkles, spots, or other age symptoms to form on your skin. You are unable to lose stubborn body fat with diet or exercise.
  • You are experiencing hair shedding or loss.
  • You have cellulite on your thighs, arms, buttocks, and stomach.

What is the aftercare of this treatment?

After the surgery, you need to take care of the treated area for roughly two weeks. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you heal:


  • Massage the trouble spot gently for at least two to three days.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco as we are aware that these can hinder the healing process.
  • After the procedure, you shouldn't take aspirin or ibuprofen for seven to fourteen days.