Burn Reconstruction in Riyadh

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If you have ever had burns, you know how they may affect your self-esteem in addition to your physical look. For individuals hoping to rebuild their confidence and restore their natural attractiveness, Burns Reconstruction Surgery in Riyadh gives hope. Burned skin takes a lot of time to heal and become in proper shape but with the help of this surgery, they can get rid of burned skin.

Procedure Time

1 - 8 Hours


3 - 7 Days

Back to Work

2 - 6 Weeks


1 Year

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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting

  • Cost: SAR 2,000 to SAR 45,000

  • Risks: None

  • Types of procedure: Minimally invasive


In Riyadh, this transformative procedure has gained immense popularity as an effective means of healing scars and rejuvenating damaged skin. At Enfield Royal Clinic we provide you with the best treatments and burns reconstruction is one of them. So do not wait any longer and book us today!

What is Burns Reconstruction Surgery?

It is also known as crooked teeth or crooked teeth syndrome in which a crack starts to appear on the teeth. Sometimes the crack will be minimal and unharmful. Sometimes it might lead to a crack or break in your teeth.

Although anybody may break a tooth, kids and older people are more prone to tooth fractures. Visit a dentist straight away if you think you have a fractured tooth.

Causes of Burns

Burns can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Contact with flames, hot objects, or scalding liquids can result in thermal burns.
  • Chemical burns make be cause when you come in contact with caustic chemicals.
  • Contact with live electrical sources can result in electrical burns.
  • Burns caused by radiation exposure, such as those that occur during cancer treatment

Ideal candidates

Although burns reconstruction surgery gives many people hope, not everyone may be a good candidate .affecting variables for candidature include:

  • The intensity and size of the burn: Candidates with more severe or intricate burns may need more testing and care.
  • Overall health and medical history: Some diseases or drugs may affect a patient’s ability to undergo surgery, necessitating a careful evaluation by a trained expert.
  • The healing process can be physically and mentally taxing, so having a strong support network and a good outlook is essential.

If the treatment is the best option for you, a thorough consultation with a burns reconstruction specialist can assist you make that decision.


The various advantages of burn reconstructive surgery in Riyadh include the following:

  • It is a risk-free surgery that has no adverse effects, skin allergies, or difficulties thereafter.
  • You’ll experience contentment and mental calm.
  • It produces effects that are both natural and long-lasting.
  • Your charred skin will return to its original state.
  • Your sense of self-assurance and respect will also increase.
  • Your personality will become more appealing and approachable as a result.
  • Your burn scars will vanish for good.

Pre care

You and your medical team must work together to prepare for burns reconstructive surgery.
Here are some crucial pre-care guidelines to remember:

  • Consultation and evaluation: Arrange to meet with a certified burns reconstruction specialist who will evaluate your burn injuries, talk with you about your objectives, and suggest the best course of action.
  • Tests and assessments: they should be completed to determine that you are healthy enough to undergo the surgery.
  • Review of medications: Give your medical team a complete inventory of all the prescription, over-the-counter, and dietary supplements you are now taking.
  • Adjustments to lifestyle: Adhere to any lifestyle advice given by your surgeon, such as giving up smoking, changing your medication, or staying away from things that thin the blood.


burn reconstructive surgery in saudi arabia procedure

Multiple procedures are used during burn reconstruction surgery to meet the individual demands of each patient. The most typical methods consist of:

Skin Grafting

In this procedure, the damaged region is covered with healthy skin that has been removed from a donor place on the body. Depending on how severe the burns are, skin grafts may be partial or full thickness.

Split-thickness Grafts

These grafts are made up of the skin’s outer (epidermal) and deeper (dermal) portions.

Full-thickness Grafts

The whole epidermis and dermis are included in these grafts.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion may be employed when greater regions need to be repaired. An expander, which resembles a balloon, is inserted beneath the skin close to the afflicted region. The surrounding skin is stretched as the expander progressively fills with saline solution over time. The skin is utilized to cover the repaired region when it has suitably stretched.


Following burns reconstruction surgery, you must take the right care to promote recovery and get the best outcomes. Following are some general aftercare guidelines:

  • Follow surgeon’s instructions: Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your wounds, take your medications, and avoid doing certain things while you’re recovering.
  • Sun protection for your skin: Sunscreen use and sun protection measures can reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation and safeguard sensitive healing tissues.
  • Healthy life: Keep up a healthy lifestyle A balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep encourage general health and speed up the healing process.


Following burn reconstruction surgery, recovery calls for tolerance and empathy. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the mending process is slow and that the full effects may not become apparent for several months. Follow-up consultations with your skin specialist GP will be planned during this period to keep track of your progress and make any required modifications to your aftercare regimen.


Like any surgical treatment, burns reconstruction surgery has significant risks even though it is typically a safe operation. These may consist of:

  • Infection: The risk of infection is reduced by using proper wound care techniques and adhering to postoperative recommendations.
  • Scarring: Although it is preferred that there be as little scarring as possible, it is crucial to know that some degree of scarring is unavoidable.
  • Bleeding and hematoma risks can be reduced by taking prescription drugs as directed and refraining from intense activity while recovering.

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The average cost of burns reconstruction ranges from SAR 2,000 to SAR 45,000 at Enfield Royal Clinic. But this is not the final price as there are some factors that will affect the price. Therefore, it will be decided in the initial meeting.

Factors Influencing the Cost

  • Clinic location.
  • The doctor’s experience.
  • The type of method that has been opted for.

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Is reconstructive surgery for burns painful?

You will be sleepy and pain-free during the procedure since you will be under general anesthesia. Some soreness and discomfort following the treatment are typical.

How much time does the healing process take?

Depending on the severity of the burn injury and the difficulty of the reconstruction, the recovery time may vary. In general, the initial healing phase might go on for weeks or even months. However, when the scars grow and settle, a full recovery and the final result may take longer, often up to a year or more.

Do noticeable scars result after burn repair surgery?

Scars cannot be completely removed, however, burns reconstruction surgery seeks to reduce their visibility and enhance their look

Is Burn reconstruction risky?

Like any surgical procedure, burns reconstruction surgery carries inherent risks and potential complications. However, with proper pre-operative assessment, skilled surgical techniques, and post-operative care, the risks can be minimized.

Will this surgery give permanent results?

Although the goal of burns reconstruction surgery is to deliver long-lasting and permanent outcomes, it's crucial to realize that the final result might vary based on a number of circumstances.

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