Derma Rollers in Riyadh

Read in Arabic (علاج الديرما رولر بالرياض).

Do you feel exhausted from experimenting with countless skincare products that yield minimal results? Do you dream of achieving flawless, youthful skin but find yourself discouraged by expensive treatments and invasive procedures? Your search ends here, as the solution to achieving glowing and energized skin awaits in the innovative realm of derma roller treatment. If you are prepared to welcome a more self-assured and glowing version of yourself, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for Derma Rollers in Riyadh at our clinic.

Procedure Time

18- 25 Mins


2 - 3 Days

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5 - 7 Days

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: Variable on sessions

  • Results: Enduring

  • Duration of Treatment: 18 to 25 minutes

  • Type of Procedure: non-surgical

Derma Rollers!

It is an astonishing treatment for skin transformation! These innovative handheld devices function similarly to beauty brushes but with the added benefit of hundreds of tiny needles. When applied to your skin, they work their magic by creating microscopic wounds that stimulate a remarkable ordinary healing procedure. Through this skincare treatment, the production of elastin and collagen is boosted, leading to fortified and aesthetically enhanced skin.

Types of Derma Rollers

Basically, there are two major types of derma rollers: 

Type of Derma RollerUsesBenefits
ManualMild skin conditionsEnhances the absorption of topical skincare products, smoothes out the texture of the skin, minimizes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, and aids in the fading of acne scars.
ElectricMild to moderate skin conditionsSame as a manual, but more effective


The therapy offers several advantages, including:
  • Boosts Collagen Synthesis.
  • Improves the Absorption of Skincare Products.
  • Diminishes Scarring and Hyperpigmentation.
  • Minimizes Pore Size.
  • Enhances Blood Circulation.

Timeline of Procedure

Below is an overall timeline outlining the expected progress after the treatment:
  • Immediately after: You may observe redness, swelling, and tenderness in the treated area. Some slight bleeding might occur.
  • After one day: The redness and swelling should begin to diminish, though you might still experience slight tenderness.
  • One week later: Your skin should start to show improvement, appearing smoother and more radiant. Acne scars may begin to fade.
  • Three weeks later: You should notice the full benefits of the procedure, with your skin looking noticeably younger and healthier.


The procedure followed at Enfield Royal Clinic aims to provide a safe and effective step-by-step deployment of derma roller treatment.

Before starting the procedure, these are some other Materials Needed:

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • A cream to numb the skin
  • Rejuvenating serum 
  • Moisturizer
  • Sun protection cream 

The Procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Skin Preparation:
    Before starting the procedure, the candidate’s face undergoes a gentle cleanse to eliminate impurities.
  2. Sanitization:
    Thorough disinfection of the roller is accomplished by soaking it in sterilizing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for a minimum of 12 minutes.
  3. Anesthetic Cream:
    To address any discomfort concerns during the procedure, the doctor may choose to apply a numbing cream to the treatment area.
  4. Initiating the process:
    The doctor adopts an organized approach by dividing the candidate’s face into sectors (forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose). Gently stretching the skin in the targeted area, the doctor rolls the roller vertically, horizontally, and diagonally across the skin, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire section.
  5. Post-Treatment Care:
    After the procedure, a serum is applied by the doctor to promote the skin’s healing process and stimulate collagen production. Candidates are recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure, and the use of sunscreen is strongly recommended when venturing outside.

Why choose us?

Our clinic is well-reviewed and has positive ratings. This helps our future clients to trust us and get added to our trusted customer list as well. Our team consists of expert and qualified doctors. If the procedure is not properly carried out, it can cause some serious health and skin infections. Our clinic knows the depth of the procedure and does proper care to ensure the safety of our clients. Choose our clinic for derma rollers in Riyadh and get rid of worries because we have got your back to achieve your goals.

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Are derma rollers safe?

Yes, they are completely safe and harmless.

Are derma rollers effective?

Yes, the procedure is effective with long-lasting results.

Are there any side effects of derma rollers?

No, there aren’t any serious side effects but can be painful for some individuals.

Can sunlight affect derma roller treatment results?

Yes, sunlight can be fatal for candidates who have been treated by derma roller treatment. Doctors recommend sunscreen to wear while traveling or to avoid direct sunlight contact.

Can you eat properly after derma roller therapy?

Yes, but it is recommended to eat food that will digest fast.

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