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What Is painful penile rash treatment

A genital rash is a skin condition that can affect any portion of the genital area and be brought on by a variety of medical conditions. Rashes often have a reddish appearance, can be uncomfortable or irritating, and can even involve lumps or sores. For a diagnosis and treatment, you should consult a doctor or other healthcare provider if you have any skin rash that you are unable to explain.



Enfiled Royal Saudia offered Following are the procedures for penile rash treatment:


Antibiotics are used to treat syphilis.

Genital warts

Prescription drugs are used to cure these warts. A medical professional can also remove warts that are visible surgically or by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

Herpes genital

Although there is no known cure for genital herpes, drugs can be used to treat the infection.

Body lice and the pubis

A medicinal wash that is administered directly to the infection site kept on for the necessary period of time, and then rinsed away can get rid of lice.

You should wash your clothes and bedding in hot water to avoid reinfection.

Allergic reactions

The rash will go away after the allergen is removed, and it will also stop further breakouts.

Immune system diseases

Although there is no known treatment for autoimmune illnesses, some drugs, such as those that inhibit the immune system, can help reduce their symptoms or skin issues.

The occurrence of lichen planus in autoimmune diseases

Corticosteroid injections, lotions, tablets, and OTC antihistamines are all effective treatments for this.

Penile Rash treatment Procedure
How to avoid genital rash in saudi arabia scaled

how to avoid genital rash?

how to avoid geital rash?

The source of a genital rash, especially one that returns frequently, will have a significant impact on how to prevent a recurrence.

In order to sexologists to avoid STI-related rashes, you can:

  • Always use STI barrier techniques like condoms and dental dams to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  • Manage antecedent conditions, such as herpes, with medication.

Your immune system may be strengthened and given the greatest chance to fight off infections that might lead to genital rashes if you maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Treatment Results

Treatment Results

The outlook is excellent for the majority of those with rashes.

The rash usually goes away once the underlying cause has been addressed. Parasites and illnesses that aren’t STIs can be treated well and avoided with appropriate hygiene.

With the correct drugs, diseases like autoimmune illnesses and genital herpes that have no known cures can be effectively controlled.

When diagnosed early, syphilis is readily treated with penicillin. Additional antibiotic treatments could be required if it is discovered later.

Outlook for people with a genital rash in saudi arabia


treatment pricing

The cost of treatment depends upon the condition of the patient and the type of treatment he will go through. book your consultation to know about the exact price. 


What is the duration of penile dermatitis?

Small rashes caused by irritants should disappear with therapy in 2 or 3 days. It can take a week for severe swelling and redness to go away.

What should I use on rashes around my privates?

For instance, an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream or spray may assist with an itching rash on the penis or vagina while you wait for a doctor to diagnose you. These types of lotions are frequently prescribed by doctors to relieve symptoms while they look into the precise cause. Online retailers also sell hydrocortisone cream.