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What are Dental Activators?

Dental activator is an orthodontic tool which is used to treat malocclusions and class II corrections, earning its name from its ability to activate the jaw's muscle forces in order to achieve a proper bite.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers dental activator treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

dental activators how they work

How does it Work?

How does it

The silicone mouthguards must be worn at night ( Night Guards) and for a minimum of two hours each day during the day. The mouth should be closed and the jaws should be clenched rather tightly.

As a result, the teeth are fixed correctly, and the healing process begins. The action is based on a slight but enough pressure applied to the jaw zone all around, and the dentition is also significantly fixed in the proper place.




  • Activators take lengthy treatment times and are less costly and more efficient than those of other orthodontic devices of Dental Treatments.
  • Each person’s treatment is unique and varies from person to person. It typically requires at least a year
  • They must be worn for at least 12 hours. The lips should be closed and the teeth should be secured in the device
  • Wearing an activator may first cause inconvenience, discomfort, and pain, but these side effects will eventually go away
  • Take good care of your activators
dental headgears procedure scaled
Dental Activators before and after



The effect of activators places the crooked teeth in their proper positions. It helps in the proper positioning of the jaw and stops malocclusions from developing. Additionally, it prevents the child from having to wear complex and painful orthodontic gear at a young age.


treatment pricing

Dental Activators

SAR 3,500

Dental Activators

with HG Tubes
SAR 3,800

Cost of Dental Activators in Enfield Royal Saudia starts from 3,500 SAR (+5% VAT)  and goes up to 3,800 with HG Tubes. Fill in the form to book a FREE first consultation!


What are the benefits of having dental activators?

1. It has a form that perfectly matches the anatomy of the jaws and is exceptionally soft, flexible, and pleasant. It is not uncomfortable.

2. Making it extremely easy to brush and floss your teeth you can remove the gadget and clean your teeth.

Is orthodontic treatment painful?

No, you’ll feel mild discomfort which can be treated with medications.

Who is the ideal candidate for dental activators?

Following are the ideal candidates:

Those who have crowded teeth
Those who want to fix their jaw
To repair the dentition if the jaws’ development is lagging