Breast Cancer Screening in Riyadh

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Nowadays millions of women are affected by breast cancer which makes their life hard day by day. But we can stop this problem with early detection. Regardless of what age you are, every woman should get their screening done because it can also develop between examinations.
With breast cancer screening in Riyadh is easy to save yourself from breast cancer. So do not wait any longer, fulfill your desires and book us today!”

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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Cost: Affordable
  • Risks: Swelling, blemishes, and minimal discomfort.
  • Types of procedure: Minimally invasive

The Enfield Royal Clinic in Riyadh offers the greatest breast cancer screening, where breast cancer can be found before the tumour reveals itself and starts to spread throughout the body. Fast treatment beginning depends on early breast cancer identification. Mammography and other breast radiological imaging techniques can help find breast cancer early.

Breast Cancer Screening: What is it?

The practice of looking for early signs of cancer in persons who seem healthy is known as cancer screening.

Mammography, a procedure of Breast Cancer Screening in Riyadh, involves taking breast X-rays. Breast tumors that are too tiny to sight or feel can be found early with the use of screening. Compared to more serious cancers, these kinds are often easier to cure.

Breast Cancer Causes

  • Although the specific causes are still unknown, a number of contributing variables have been noted
  • Age: Ageing raises cancer risk, particularly after menopause.
  • Genetics: If there is a history of breast cancer in a woman’s family, she is more likely to develop the disease
  • Early menstruation, delayed menopause, and the use of hormone replacement therapy can all increase your risk because of hormonal imbalance.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Obesity, binge drinking, and sedentary habits can all raise the risk.

Benefits of Breast Screening

Early detection: Breast cancer screening makes it possible to find abnormalities or malignant cells early, raising the chances of a full recovery and reducing death rates.

Peace of Mind: Routine screenings provide women peace of mind by ensuring that any abnormalities are found early when there are more effective treatment options.

Cost-effectiveness: By detecting breast cancer early through screening, less intrusive and expensive treatment methods will ultimately be required, saving money.

Increased likelihood of survival: The likelihood of survival is greatly increased when breast cancer is discovered via screening early. Advanced-stage cancer has a worse prognosis and is more difficult to treat than early-stage cancer.
Research has shown that breast screening reduces mortality rates.

Ideal candidates

Breast cancer causes Women who fall into one of the following groups should get checked for breast cancer:

Women over 40: Because the chance of developing cancer rises with age, women above this age must get routine tests.

Women at High Risk: Women who have a family history of breast cancer or certain genetic abnormalities, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2, may want to undergo screening.

Prior Diagnosis: Women who have had breast cancer should continue to get regular checkups to keep an eye out for any recurrence or new symptoms.

Pre care

  • Before arranging your breast cancer test, it’s crucial to heed the following pre-care advice:
  • Make an appointment for a free breast cancer screening as soon as possible by calling our clinic.
  • Inform your doctor.

Treatment Methods

The following are different methods:


A mammogram, a specialised device, is used to detect cancer. The radiologist takes two photos of the chest projections.

To achieve this, a lady must sandwich her breasts between two mammography plates. The lower plate is placed on her breasts first, and then the higher plate is lowered from above. A new projection is then used to continue the procedure.

The doctor receives a photograph in a little amount of time. For a little while, the inspection itself could be unpleasant, but nothing more. But if a woman is in agony, she should not be tolerated; she needs to say it straight away.


Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used for the following purposes:

  • Some breast tumors are subjected to local staging (review, location, additional emphasis, skin, and muscle involvement) before surgery.
  • In order to identify breast cancer in some high-risk populations, other screening methods are used in addition to mammography.
  • As a problem-solving tool, in addition to mammography and ultrasound
  • The main objective is to find unseen, concealed breast tumors.
  • To assess the effectiveness of preoperative chemotherapy in individuals who are also receiving ultrasonically.
  • Serving as a problem solver for individuals with silicone implant difficulties including rupture and possible contracture


Breast cancer screening biopsies in Riyadh can be of three distinct types:

Needle Biopsy

Needle biopsies are preferable to surgical biopsies for cancer diagnosis because they are more accurate. In addition to sparing patients from unnecessary surgery, needle biopsies offer reliable results that may be compared to those of surgery. Depending on whether the imaging technique is more efficient, a lesion that is expected to require a needle biopsy should be examined using magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, or ultrasound.

By-pass biopsy

It is utilized to look at microscopic lumps, micro calcification, and distortion that show up on mammography but haven’t yet grown large enough to be undetectable by ultrasound.


When your Breast Cancer Screening in Riyadh is complete, your healthcare practitioner will go through the results with you. If any concerning anomalies are discovered, other diagnostic techniques, such as an ultrasound or biopsy, may be suggested to confirm the diagnosis. The majority of the time, the results will provide you comfort and enhance your commitment to excellent health.


Breast cancer screening is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require a special recovery period. After the test, you may confidently resume your usual activities because you took a proactive step toward your well-being.
Breast screening price


Breast Cancer Screening

Starting From
SAR 100

Breast Cancer Screening

SAR 600

The average cost of Breast screening in Riyadh is around 100 SAR to 600 SAR  at Enfield Royal Clinic. But this is not the final price as there are some factors that will affect the price. Therefore, it will be decided in the initial meeting.

Factors Influencing the Cost

  • Clinic location & name.
  • The doctor’s experience.
  • The type of method that has been opted for.

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Does getting screened for breast cancer hurt?

Although mammography for breast cancer screening may be slightly uncomfortable, it normally passes quickly. Additionally, anatomical breast exams are painless.

How often should I have a breast cancer screening?

It is normally encouraged to undergo a mammogram every one to two years beginning at the age of 40. However, the frequency may fluctuate based on individual risk factors and medical history.

What dangers do screenings pose?

The dangers of mammography screening that are most frequently discussed include overdiagnosis, false-positive findings, anxiety, and radiation damage.

What crucial breast screening exams are there?

Mammography, professional breast examinations, and breast self-examinations are the three most common ways to screen for breast cancer.

What are the alternative methods?

The most reliable and often suggested screening method for breast cancer is mammography. However, in some circumstances, further imaging tests, such as an ultrasound or an MRI, may be suggested.

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