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What is Orgasmic Shot?

Orgasmic shots are a method of treatment that include injecting a chemical into the G-spot to enhance its reaction during sexual activity. PRP is now the substance used in orgasmic shots the most frequently, while fillers are occasionally used as well.

orgasmic shot how it works

How Does it

How does it

The PRP orgasmic shot is thereafter in charge of enhancing the blood flow to the vaginal muscles after being inserted. The vital growth factors found in PRP are in charge of the vaginal tissues’ regeneration, regrowth, and reshaping, as well as the preservation of their structural integrity. The vulvar and clitoral stimulation benefits from a good blood supply.



What to anticipate from a single orgasmic shot session is as follows:


  • The sexologists will first examine you and make a note of any flaws that are making the candidate’s orgasmic attempts unsuccessful.
  • The doctor analyzes the candidate before moving on to the RPO collection.
  • Blood is taken from the candidate’s body and then passed through a centrifuge, which separates the PRP from the blood.
  • PRP is then injected into the region around the vagina after being collected, and before the PRP injection, the area is desensitized using local anesthetic.
  • The doctor makes sure that a following amount of agent is loaded before inserting the Injection into the vaginal walls.
  • The final results demonstrate a more sensitive and well-stimulated vagina with a high likelihood of G-Spot sensitivity augmentation.
orgasmic shot procedure
orgasmic shot results





The purpose of an orgasmic shot in Enfield Royal Saudia is to rebuild, enhance, and restore the G-spot’s volume and sensitivity so that the woman experiences continuous waves of orgasm throughout her climax and feels the most pleasure possible.


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The O-shot: Is it worth it?

Some ladies report that the therapy significantly enhanced their orgasmic experience and even helped to address incontinence. However, there is no solid scientific proof that the O-Shot consistently or as promised works.

The O-Shot lasts for how long?

Even though the O-Shot has been shown to last for over three years in some women, the majority of women choose to maintain their O-Shot results by having the procedure repeated every 18 months.