Female Sexual Dysfunction

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What is female sexual dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction is a common issue. Nearly half of all women experience ongoing sex-related issues, such as low or nonexistent libido desire, difficulty producing an orgasm, or pain during sexual activity.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers female sexual dysfunction treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in Riyadh.

female sexual dysfunction how it works

How does it Work?

Treatment options for female sex issues might include: oestrogen treatment. A vaginal ring, cream, or pill are all forms of localized estrogen treatment. By boosting vaginal blood flow, promoting lubrication, and strengthening vaginal tone and flexibility, this treatment enhances sexual function.


A woman may find it easier to get over her fears regarding sexual ability and performance if she receives education on human sexual potential, female genitalia living systems, normal changes associated with lactation or menopause, as well as sexual methods of acting and related reactions.
Many cases of female sexual dysfunction can be treated with psychotherapy exercises, clinical relaxation techniques, Botox injections for vaginismus, O-Shot, P-Shot, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) infusions in the specific locations of the female conceptive organ to upgrade the drive and joy, vaginal laser treatment, and other medical procedures for physical reasons of sexual dysfunction.
female sexual dysfunction procedure
female sexual dysfunction treatment results

Expected Results.

The outcome is amazing, as it gives the client genuine happiness and addresses their difficulties with pain during sex, dryness, decreased sex desire, a disorder of sexual arousal, and vaginal discomfort. The results are always observable and real.

Treatment Pricing.

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Who is the ideal candidate for female sexual dysfunction?

Ideal candidates for this treatment can include any woman. However, there are a few considerations to consider before choosing this course of therapy, including:


  • Patients' expectations for this therapy are reasonable.
  • Willing to go through the many steps of this treatment
  • They desire to improve their sexual lives
  • Awaiting the resolution of personal matters

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