Female Sexual Dysfunction in Riyadh

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It’s time that we should discuss the most important topic known as female sexual health. There is no denying that female sexual dysfunction is a taboo and secretive topic But do not worry anymore. we’ll go further into the subject, examining its prevalence in Riyadh, identifying the best people to seek assistance from, and revealing cutting-edge treatments offered at our facility.

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: SAR3999 to SAR 9999. 

  • Duration of Treatment: 1 to 3 weeks

  • Type of Treatment: Noninvasive 

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

A variety of problems that may impair a woman’s capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure or engage in gratifying sexual activities are referred to as female sexual dysfunction (FSD). It’s critical to know that FSD is a complex disorder with varying effects on different women. FSD frequently manifests as problems with arousal, desire, orgasm, or even pain during sexual engagement.

FSD is a complicated and delicate issue for many women since it can be caused by a variety of medical, psychological, or relationship issues.


The outcome is amazing, as it gives the client genuine happiness and addresses their difficulties with pain during sex, vaginal dryness, decreased sex desire, a disorder of sexual arousal, and vaginal discomfort. The results are always observable and real.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Following are some of the nominees

Experiencing sexual concerns: Women who struggle with issues connected to their sexual health, such as issues with arousal, desire, orgasm, or pain during sexual engagement, are said to be experiencing sexual troubles.

No Age limit: There is no age restriction for getting help because it can affect women of all ages.

Open to Improvement: Ladies who are willing to explore solutions and improve their personal relationships with outside assistance are said to be “open to improvement.”

Willing to communicate: Candidates that are receptive to discussing their sexual difficulties with medical professionals in order to create a supportive and trusting atmosphere for assessment and therapy.


  • Enhanced Intimacy: Female sexual dysfunction treatment can improve the pleasure and satisfaction you feel in private, building a stronger emotional bond with your spouse.
  • Better Sexual Health: Addressing sexual issues may enhance your sexual health and well-being in general, which will benefit both your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Enhanced Confidence: As your sexual well-being advances, so do your self-assurance and confidence, enabling you to feel more upbeat and at ease in your own skin.
  • Heightened Sensations: By conquering sexual obstacles, you may feel more intense sensations and have a bigger capacity for pleasure, which will make your personal encounters more exciting and enjoyable.
  • Strengthened Relationships: They can be maintained as a result of increased sexual satisfaction since it can lead to greater communication and comprehension between partners.

Pre Care

Following are some of the steps

Open Communication: Be prepared to discuss your worries and inquiries with your healthcare practitioner in a direct manner.

Educate Yourself: Spend some time learning about female sex disorders and the possible therapies.

Prioritize self-care: Make self-care a priority by using relaxing techniques and partaking in enjoyable activities.

Stay Hydrated: To maintain general health, including sexual well-being, drink enough water.

Review Medical History: Talk to your healthcare practitioner about your medical background and any prescription drugs you are currently taking.


Comprehensive Assessment

Our skilled healthcare professionals conduct a complete evaluation as the first step in your journey. They will take the time to hear your worries, learn about your medical background, and go over any important lifestyle aspects.


Your healthcare professional will determine the precise components of female sexual dysfunction that are bothering you based on the assessment.

Making a Customised Treatment Plan

After thoroughly analyzing your issues, our staff will make a customized treatment plan that is suited to your needs and preferences. The strategy may include a number of treatments, counseling sessions, or other effective interventions.

Education and Guidance

Your healthcare practitioner will offer crucial education and guidance as you start your treatment journey. You’ll be better able to make judgments if you understand the procedure and know what to anticipate.

Therapies and Interventions

Different therapies and interventions, such as counseling to address psychological issues, hormone therapy, or other medical techniques to target physical reasons, may be a part of the treatment strategy.


Your progress will be constantly watched throughout the process, and adjustments will be made as necessary. To maximize the outcomes and guarantee your comfort and pleasure, modifications to the treatment plan may be made as needed.

After Care

Once the procedure is completed, it does not imply that no further efforts are needed for a happy and healthy sexual life. Aftercare remains crucial to maintaining the positive outcomes achieved from the treatment. Here are some essential points to consider:

  • Ensure the vagina is dried properly after washing or using the toilet to prevent fungal infections.
  • Use topical creams as prescribed by the gynecologist to keep the vagina soft and moisturized.
  • Consume citrus soda to promote a healthy and infection-free urinary tract.
  • Take all prescribed medications on time to recover from any pre-existing infections.
  • Avoid harshly rubbing the treated area.
  • Steer clear of overheating the treated area.

Cost of FSD

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Starting From
SAR 3999

Female Sexual Dysfunction

SAR 9999

It is reasonable since the price of Female Sexual Dysfunction in Riyadh normally ranges from 3999 SAR to 9999 SAR. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that our experts will establish the precise cost at your initial session, so keep that in mind while making treatment plans.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The price is affected by a number of variables, including:

  • Location and clinic’s reputation.
  • Knowledge and skills of the surgeon conducting the treatment.
  • How many sessions are needed.

Why Choose Us?

Consider us for your Female Sexual Dysfunction treatment because we have a staff of qualified experts that offer excellent care and specialized services. You will receive the greatest care possible without any unexpected expenditures thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and upfront pricing. Your well-being is our first priority, and we uphold absolute confidentiality. We are your dependable partner for improved health and general fulfillment, as attested by the positive testimonials of our delighted customers.

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What are some typical causes?

Hormonal imbalances, psychological diseases including stress or depression, marital difficulties, certain drugs, and illnesses affecting the reproductive system are only a few of the causes of FSD.

How frequent is it?

It affects women of all ages and is a rather prevalent condition. It is necessary to keep in mind that getting assistance is important.

When should I get treatment?

It is advised to seek medical help if you consistently struggle with sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, or sexual pain that interferes with your sexual enjoyment or general well-being.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes it is safe to get this treatment.

Is female sexual dysfunction common?

Yes, FSD is relatively common and can affect women of all ages.

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