Acell Injections for Hair Growth in Riyadh

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Hairs are the most important thing for the enhancement of the looks of an individual. It increases the level of beauty and boosts your self-esteem. A few problems can cause hair loss such as anxiety, age, and deficiencies of proteins and vitamins. If you are facing hair loss symptoms and want to get healthier and thicker hair. Visit Enfield Royal Clinic Saudia for A-cell Injections for Hair Growth in Riyadh. For more information, read the below page.

Procedure Time

4 to 6 months.



Back to Work

after 2 to 3 days.


influential and on-going.

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 700 SAR to 3000 SAR.
  • Results: influential and on-going.
  • Type of Procedure:


A Cell Therapy:

Cell PRP therapy is a method of regenerating the hair by using injections. A cell promotes the body’s capacity to recreate and renovate itself at a cellular level. It is completely derived naturally, resorbable, and framed to induce no immune system responses. In this therapy, the cell is infiltrated into your scalp to boost the blood level and repair fixed follicular tissues. Then, the strands become larger and healthier to boost hair growth. Cell therapy is the repairing of the tissue or regenerating the growth of the hair. With the new advancements in technology, many further kinds of cells may utilized in the treatment.


The following are the benefits of the cell therapy:

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Give strength to weak hair.
  • Lessen hair loss.
  • Restore the damaged scalp.
  • Stimulates the blood level.
  • Use another hair solution.
  • Restoring the growth of hair.

Eligible individual:

Here are some eligible people who can have the therapy:

  • People who have symptoms of hair loss.
  • Individuals have less hair growth.
  • Genetically weaken hair follicles.
  • Lessen growth of hair follicles.

Before After Results:

Acell Injections for Hair Growth before After Results
Acell Injections for Hair Growth before After

Precautionary measures:

The following are the precautionary measures:

  • Exercise.
  • Increase the intake of liquid.
  • Do not fast.
  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid alcoholic consumption.
  • Stop blood thinning medicines.


Cell therapy is a 90-minute process that starts with taking the blood to generate the plasma concentration. The blood will be placed in the centrifuge and processed. It dissolves the plasma then, it will be combined with powdered A cell product to generate an injectable serum. Then, the doctor injected local anesthesia into your scalp. Once your scalp becomes numbed, the ready mixture of plasma and powdered is then injected into your scalp in different places through a meticulous injection method. 


Cell therapy has been demonstrated as the most advanced and effective method to grow hair. When the cells enter the scalp it promotes the adult stem cells in that place and facilitates them to regenerate the damaged tissues. The same procedure is done for dormant tissues. Therefore, it enhances the quality of hair growth. This method cleans your hair and after this, you can leave the clinic.  

Concerns about the therapy:

The following are the factors that concern the procedure:

  • Regrow-thinning hair: These injections contain the body’s cells to promote the growth of the hair. It is a proven and very safe process. We can recreate and improve the impaired hair follicles by injecting the factors of the growth taken from the blood of the body. Then, inject it into the scalp place without surgery and it does not take downtime.
  • Lessens the rate of hair loss: Growth factor hair loss therapy will only function actually when prompted before hair strands have worsened or completely diminished for a time. It can affect both men and women pattern baldness. As earlier you begin as better the outcome will be noticeable.
  • Promotes the production of collagen: The factor of growth activates and promotes the multiple production of collagen cells to improve hair health and also overall health. It improves the situation of the scalp and leads to grow thicker hair. To accomplish the maximum outcomes deal with the skilled and specialized to apply factors of growth.
  • Better results: For better outcomes, we suggest at least 4 to 6 therapies. Although this might vary from one individual to another. The more the sessions will the more you get the best outcomes. This is a cheaper and non-invasive process such as medications, injectables, etc.


Here are some aftercare instructions:

  • Scalp massaging.
  • Exercise.
  • Shampoo.
  • Avoid sunlight.
  • Have medications.
  • Cold compacting.


The starting outcomes have been most favorable and we are extending the therapy for both genders. It takes a few months or a year to give the influential and exact outcomes. For better and more effective results consult our doctors.

Price of the Treatment:

The Cost of Acell Injections for Hair Growth is around about 2500 SAR to 5500 SAR. Cell injection therapy has different sessions and every person has different complications so the cost changes. The cost depends on the situation of hair strands.

Acell Injections

Starting From
SAR 2500

Acell Injections

SAR 5500

Impacting Factors of Cost

The following are the factors that affect the cost:

  • Location of clinic.
  • Condition of the patient’s hair.
  • The time taken in therapy.
  • Experts fee.
  • Medications.
  • Sessions.

Contact us!

Most of the patient have improved their appearance with a single therapy. So, your doctor will prefer Acell Injections for Hair Growth to optimize your hair growth. Your therapy will be planned after understanding the condition of your hair. The doctor will facilitate you with desirable results. Get the opportunity to enhance your look. For this, contact our doctors.


What concerns does a cell therapy treat?

Cell therapy treats only hair loss.

Is it painful?

This therapy takes place under anesthesia.

How much recovery time is required?

It takes 48 hours to recover from swelling, redness, etc.

When are the results noticeable?

The results can be noticeable within 3 to 4 days.

Is it the surgical process?

No, it is not the surgical process.

Where the cell injections are used?

The cell injections are used on the scalp after giving anesthesia.

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