Amelan Peeling in Riyadh

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( تقشير الميلان في الرياض)

Are you sick and tired of trying a gazillion skincare products that claim to give you the picture-perfect complexion of your dreams only to be let down by the outcome? Do you long for a treatment that will change your skin such that it is smooth, bright, and free of imperfections? Learn more about Amelan Peeling in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


1 - 2 Weeks

Back to Work

1 - 2 Weeks


2 - 3 Months

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Quick Facts:

  • Risks: None
  • Cost: 499 SAR to 999 SAR 
  • Type of treatment: NonInvasive
  • Results: Long-lasting

Amelan Peeling!

A dermatological procedure called amelan peeling is intended to address a variety of skin problems, such as uneven skin texture, small wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. To successfully treat these prevalent concerns, a team of dermatologists and skincare specialists devised a specialized chemical peel. This procedure offers a non-invasive means of obtaining a brighter, clear, and smooth complexion.

Ideal Candidates:

  • people with sunspots and melasma, or hyperpigmentation.
  • those seeking a non-surgical remedy for wrinkles and fine lines.
  • individuals with varying skin tones and textures.
  • those looking to enhance their skin’s general quality.


  • Reduction of Hyperpigmentation: Melasma, sunspots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can all be effectively reduced or completely gone with gamelan peeling.
  • Uneven Skin Tone Correction: It targets areas with uneven pigmentation or discolouration to help achieve a more uniform skin tone.
  • Acne Scar Improvement: This procedure can make blemishes and acne scars less noticeable, leaving skin that is cleaner and smoother.
  • Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles: By enhancing the texture of the skin and lessening the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, gamelan peeling can also have a slight anti-ageing effect.
  • Skin Brightening: It improves the overall appearance of your skin by encouraging a more radiant and brighter complexion.
  • Better Texture: After peeling, skin may become softer, smoother, and have a more refined texture.

Pre Care:

  • Consultation: To evaluate your skin and go over your expectations and goals, make an appointment with a licensed skincare specialist. If you are a good candidate for Amelan peeling, they will decide.
  • Sun protection: Limit your time outside in the sun for at least two weeks before your treatment. To shield your skin from UV ray damage, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day.
  • Prevent Tanning: Ahead of the procedure, refrain from using tanning beds or applying self-tanning products.
  • Skincare Products: For the two weeks preceding the procedure, stop using any products that contain retinoids, beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), hydroxy acids (AHAs), or vitamin C.
  • Hydrate: Use a light, non-irritating moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated.


  • Discussion: You should discuss your skin concerns and goals with a skincare specialist before having an Amelan Peel. Your skin type, condition, and suitability for the therapy will be evaluated.
  • Getting the Skin Ready: The skin needs to be well washed to get rid of all oils, debris, and makeup before the process.
  • Using the Amelan Solution: The skin is gently treated with the Amelan Peel solution, which has a mix of active substances like ascorbic acid, phytic acid, and kojic acid. Usually, the solution is applied in several layers to guarantee uniform coverage.
  • Observing: The skincare expert will keep an eye on your skin’s reaction throughout the application and may modify the treatment if needed. There might be some tingling or moderate soreness, but these are usually transient feelings.
  • Depth of Peel and Time: Depending on your skin type and the severity of your condition, the length of time the peel is applied to your skin will vary. You can also change the peel depth to suit your specific requirements.
  • How to neutralize: It is neutralized once the intended treatment duration has passed. To avoid overexfoliation and to halt the peeling process, this is done.


  • Wear SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day, especially on overcast days.
  • Avoid being in the sun directly, especially when it is most intense.
  • For at least a week, or as advised by your skincare specialist, refrain from using exfoliants or other harsh or abrasive skincare products.
  • Wash your face with a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Steer clear of hot water and rigorous cleaning.
  • To prevent excessive dryness and to maintain your skin well-hydrated, use a light, moisturizing moisturizer.

Amelan Peeling Cost in Riyadh

Amelan Peeling

Starting From
SAR 499

Amelan Peeling

SAR 999

The Cost of Amelan peeling in Riyadh ranges between 499 SAR to 999 SAR. It’s important to realize, though, that the precise price could change depending on how customized your care is. Note that during your initial appointment, our knowledgeable staff will assess your unique needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Location
  • Number of sessions
  • Severity of skin condition

Revitalize Your Skin

Enfield Royal Clinic in Riyadh facility ensures that patients may interact with highly qualified medical specialists by providing an advanced Amelan Peeling in Riyadh. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, our committed team is committed to providing the best possible care while assisting patients in realizing their objectives.

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How Does it Work?

By blocking the synthesis of melanin, it employs a mix of acids to exfoliate the skin and lessen pigmentation.

Is it safe?

It is thought to be safe when done by a qualified expert. It’s critical to adhere to post-treatment care recommendations.

Which skin conditions can be treated?

It can help with uneven skin tone, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

Does the therapy cause pain?

During the process, some patients may feel some moderate discomfort or tingling, but this is usually well-tolerated.

How much time does recuperation take?

Usually, the peeling and healing process takes seven to fourteen days.

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Amelan Peel Cost in Riyadh

Amelan Peel Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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