Mentor Breast Implants in Riyadh

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What are Mentor Breast Implants?

The breasts are enlarged with Mentor breast implants, which are silicone gel-filled products. The successive cross-linked layers of silicone elastomer give the prosthesis its elasticity and integrity as well as a disrupting surface for the collagen interface.

In addition to feeling and looking more natural than other implants, they also contain a gel that is highly constant and provides long-term form maintenance.

Mentor Breast Implants in Riyadh

Ideal Candidate.

Being a qualified candidate for the procedure is important before having Mentor Breast Implants. Otherwise, individuals who need to be more qualified applicants face several hazards. However, the fundamental standards are listed below.  
  • You have to be older than 20.
  • A candidate’s body must be free of sickness and injections.
  • Women should work on improving the size and form of their breasts.
  • Women who are nursing or pregnant are ineligible.


  • Mentor Breast Implants are placed in only one appointment. One to two hours are needed to finish the process.
  • The implant is first placed into a pocket created by dividing the breast tissue and making a tiny incision beneath the breast folds.
  • Following that, the incisions are meticulously closed with absorbable or non-absorbable sutures, as directed by the breast surgeon. 
  • You will be completely pain-free and asleep throughout the surgery thanks to general anesthetic.
mentor breast implant procedure
Mentor Breast Implant Before and After

Expected Results.

It can be necessary for the breast region to recover correctly following breast implants. You will observe the intended, gratifying, and efficient outcomes once they have been modified. You will likely like the appearance for a number of years because the benefits might be long-lasting. Your body will survive longer as long as you take proper care of it.

On the other hand, effective outcomes depend on the competent work of a skilled surgeon. Therefore, it’s important to pick a skilled surgeon who can complete your procedure precisely and provide you with the outcomes you want.

Treatment Pricing.

Mentor Breast Implants

Starting From

The starting cost of Mentor Breast Implants in Riyadh is 20,000 SAR (+5% VAT). Fill in the form and our staff will get back to you to answer all your questions and doubts.


How long do implants made by Mentor last?

The exact lifespan of your implants will vary from person to person, however, Enfield Royal Saudi Arabia would advise having your Mentor implants updated anytime between 10 and 20 years after the first treatment.

Which breast implant on the market is the safest?

Round standard silicone gel breast implants are the most popular among patients for the following reasons: 


  • Excellent performance and safety records. 
  • Compared to saline implants, they feel like real breast tissue.

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Cost of Mentor Breast Implants in Riyadh

Cost of Mentor Breast Implants in Riyadh

Breast implants are prosthetic objects that are surgically placed inside your breasts. Breast implants consist of silicone casings that are either filled with silicone gel or saline (sterile salt water). Breast implants are inserted by physicians who are plastic surgeons. After losing a breast to cancer, you could decide to get breast implants. You can be in good health yet want to alter the size or form of your breasts. When a breast cancer patient has breast reconstruction, breast implants are used. Breast augmentation is the procedure when a healthy individual who wants to change the size or form of their breasts gets breast implants. Another name for breast augmentation is a “boob job.