Regenerative Treatments in Riyadh

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We always focus on improving our outside beauty to make it look attractive but do not focus on internal beauty. But if you are not taking care of yourself properly then your inside will affect the beauty. Due to poor diet, stress, and different eating and drinking habits, the ageing process in the body starts speeding up which makes the skin feel dull and lose its sparkle. If you are seeking an effective treatment, learn about Regenerative treatments in Riyadh and book us right away!

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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Cost: Affordable
  • Risks: None
  • Types of procedure: minimally invasive

As we know, a balanced diet and taking good care can fix the ageing process along with exercise, but nowadays Regenerative treatments are very common and can help with this problem. You can now achieve the desired outcomes with the best treatment known as the regenerative treatment this is perfect for making you look young it will be a very unique experience for you as this will make you young and healthy from the outside as well as inside the help of non-surgical procedures.

What are Regenerative Medicines?

It is a medical field that is used to fix damaged and dead human cells that require a lot of care to get back to their natural shape. The most important function it gives is that it boosts up the natural mechanism of the body which will lead to making new cells and tissues and the body will function properly. This technique can also help in artificial organs that can be transplanted into the body.

These medicines also involve different types of therapies the most important of which is stem cell therapy to stop the aging process. The basic focus of this field is to stop or revert the aging effects from the skin, hair, etc.

Before and After Results:

Regenerative Treatments in Riyadh before and after

Aim of the process

The main of this process is as follows:

  • To provide individuals with the skin they want, in an efficient and cutting-edge method that restores youthful skin.
  • Promote the development of new cells.
  • Replace the tissues that are damaged or destroyed.
  • Secure and effective anti-ageing alternatives.
  • Hormonal activity increases.
  • Restoring freshness.

Ideal candidates

These procedures are very beneficial but cannot be opted for by everyone because of their limited limit. Those who are eligible are as follows

Minor osteoarthritis in the shoulders, hips, and knees
Shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, or labral tears can all be caused by meniscal or ACL injuries.
Tennis wrist and golfers’ elbow
fractures that don’t heal, sciatica, chronic neck and back pain, and more!

Pre and Post care


Pre care



Post care


Allergy and oxidation test.Wound care
Intolerance testingRest and recovery
Lifestyle adjustmentsFollow-up if required.

Techniques used

Several Regenerative Treatments in Riyadh are done which are as follows

Ozone Therapy

This therapy involves the administration of ozone gas in the body into your body to clean the blood and remove any toxins. The oxygen will give energy and will help in the healing process. With the help of a zoonosis machine a small quantity of blood is taken from the body and diffused with ozone then put into the body. It is a painless procedure and is completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

It is done in two ways


It is used for boosting immunity, detoxification of the liver, anti-inflammation, pain relief, fighting off viruses and bacteria, recovering from surgery, boosting energy, strengthening blood circulation, and improving muscular strength (for weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts)


To increase skin tightening and cellulite under the skin


PRP therapy is a very effective surgical substitute that promotes tissue restoration in injured areas by using a patient’s own blood components. Platelets are tiny, translucent cell fragments with unusual shapes that attract STEM cells, support cellular growth, and help the body produce blood clots. An inverted centrifuge is used to separate the blood into layers, including PRP, and obtain a blood sample for PRP therapy.

In this process, essential nutrients such as minerals, and vitamins or fluids are directly incorporated into the blood. this process allows for rapid absorption of the substances. As they move through the digestive system and enter the circulation rapidly. It consists of a cocktail and glutathione. A cannula is inserted into a patient’s vein during the surgery, typically in the curve of the arm. The fluids in the IV bag can then be attached to a tube, which they can then attach; the fluids will then flow into the vein.

Stem Cell Therapy

During this process, the natural process of the body is started by the stem cell and then it restores all the cells that are damaged. the immune system gets improved and the inflammation decreases. They have this important feature that they can divide themselves into different new cells. They also treat problems related to orthopaedics, traumas, and injuries. In addition, it also treats neurological conditions.

IV Low Laser Light Therapy

When exposed to low-energy photons, infrared light has been shown to control a variety of biological processes in cell culture. The treatment of soft tissue injuries and the acceleration of wound healing are clinical uses of this photobiomodulation phenomenon. One theory for the process of photobiomodulation at the cellular level is the activation of mitochondrial respiration chain components, which sets off a chain reaction that promotes cell growth and cytoprotection.

The cells in our body produce NAD + that performs hundreds of important functions. As we begin to age the NAD+ starts to decrease which leads to age-related issues. The main purpose of injecting NAD+ through the IV drip is to delay ageing signs and help the body to fight against the various poisons, wounds, and illnesses, in cells and n tissues.

Cross-match benefits

Regenerative medicines are also cross-matched with other fields of medicine which benefits tremendously. Some of them are:


As we know that people nowadays are more focused on treating themselves with lasers, facials, and injectables to improve the outside of the body and enhance beauty. It is also important to give cells a chance to enhance themselves inside the body in order to promote more optimal results. Collagen production is increased by regenerative medications, leading to tight, wrinkle-free skin that has an appealing look of being youthful.


It has been studied that by using regenerative medicines the sexual health of women is improved and the libido gets enhanced.

Plastic Surgery

In plastic surgery, the recovery time is the most difficult that can be handled efficiently with the help of ozone and IV therapy that promotes fast healing of surgical wounds, enhancing the minerals and improving the energy levels.

Diet and Nutrition

Regenerative medicine has applications in the intestinal tract and dietary health. Patients who are having difficulty losing weight due to a poor metabolism may benefit from ozone therapy or intravenous infusions that speed up their energy and metabolism.


As per the physicians at Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost of Regenerative Treatments in Riyadh is variable. This is because there are some factors that will affect the price so therefore, so it will be decided in the initial meeting with the physician.

Factors influencing the cost

  • Sessions required.
  • The condition is being treated.
  • Clinic location and name.
  • The doctor’s experience.

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What is the success rate of regenerative treatments?

The exact condition being treated, the method used, and patient-specific characteristics all affect the success rate of regenerative therapies. While some people might see major improvements, other others could see smaller changes.

Are these treatments safe?

Regenerative treatments, when performed by trained professionals, are generally considered safe. However, like any medical procedure, there are some minor risks and such as infection, or reactions but this is very rare.

Are regenerative treatments painful?

Pain levels vary in regenerative treatments depending on which type is selected. Some of them cause minor pain such as PRP and stem cell therapies while some of them a more painful but they can go down with medications.

How do regenerative treatments work?

Regenerative treatments often utilize stem cells, growth factors, or other biologically active substances to promote tissue regeneration. Stem cells can differentiate into various cell types, while growth factors stimulate cell growth and proliferation.

What percentage of regenerative therapies are effective?

The specific treatment, the ailment being treated, the patient’s general health, and individual variances all affect how successful regeneration therapies are. While many examples of regenerative medicine have shown promising outcomes

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