Dental Extraction in Riyadh

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Welcome to the world of Dental extraction in Riyadh, a cutting-edge procedure that is gaining popularity among Riyadh residents. This dental technique provides a solution to a variety of dental problems, assisting people in regaining their confidence and restoring their smiles. A dental extraction can offer you the relief you require, whether you’re struggling with a tooth that is extremely decaying, a problematic wisdom tooth, or overcrowding.

Procedure Time

20 - 40 Mins


1 Day

Back to Work

1 - 2 Days



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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Downtime: Minimal
  • Types of procedure: Invasive
  • Cost: SAR 299 to 1800 SAR

The best care is available at Enfield Royal ClinicRiyadh if you’re prepared to have your teeth fixed and reclaim your confidence. We have qualified dentists that can assist you in achieving your goals

What is Dental Extraction?

An oral surgeon or dentist will surgically remove a tooth from its socket in the bone during dental extraction. It is frequently carried out as an outpatient function and may be completed quickly with the use of many types of anesthesia, including local, general, intravenous, or a combination of these. Tooth decay, damage, infection, and dental problems including crowding, impaction, or gum disease brought on by the tooth are the major causes of dental extractions.


Dental Extraction result

The Dental Extraction in Riyadh procedure provides much-needed pain relief by treating the root of the issue. It successfully stops the spread of diseases or cavities to nearby teeth, protecting them. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful smile that doesn’t cause you any pain or suffering.


There are several advantages of dental extraction which are:

Relief in pain: A poorly decaying or diseased tooth can be extracted to relieve the pain and suffering, improving your quality of life.

Better oral health: Removing troublesome teeth helps stop the spread of illness and maintains the well-being of the teeth and gums around them.

Aesthetic improvement: Dental extraction can remove the look of decaying or damaged teeth, giving you a more attractive smile.

Support for orthodontic treatment: Extraction is essential in preparing the area for orthodontic therapy and enabling optimal tooth alignment.

What causes Dental Extraction?

Several factors, including the following, might need Dental Extractions in Riyadh:

  • In order to stop the development of illness, extraction may be the best option when a tooth is severely decaying or damaged.
  • Wisdom teeth can frequently develop incorrectly or fail to fully erupt, resulting in discomfort, swelling, and sometimes even harm to nearby teeth.
  • When there is not enough room for all the teeth, extraction may occasionally be necessary to make room for appropriate alignment.
  • Severe gum disease can cause teeth to become loose like gum bleeding, necessitating extraction in order to protect oral health.

The ideal candidates

Following are some of the candidates

  • Those who possess teeth with extensive decay or damage that cannot be repaired.
  • Wisdom teeth-related persistent pain or discomfort.
  • Need to make room for optimal alignment and require orthodontic treatment.
  • Have a periodontal disease that has progressed and is compromising how stable their teeth are.

Pre and post-op care instructions

Pre care 

Post care


Bite on gauze 

Medication and health history 

Oral hygiene 


Pain management


The following steps are commonly included in the dental extraction process:

Administration of anesthesia

Your dentist will numb the extraction site with local anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment. Consideration may be given to general anaesthesia in situations that are difficult or include severe dental anxiety.

Extraction of teeth

After the region has become numb, your dentist will use specialized tools to delicately remove the tooth. For simpler extraction, the tooth may occasionally need to be divided into smaller pieces.

Socket preservation

To stop bone loss and make way for potential dental restorations, your dentist may occasionally advise socket preservation.


Dissolvable sutures may be placed by your dentist to aid in the healing process after the extraction. Within a week or two, these sutures usually disintegrate on their own.

Recovery time

Dental extraction recovery times differ from person to person. To give you a better idea of what to anticipate, below is a basic timeline:

Within the first 24 hours: In the beginning, there may be some little bleeding and pain. It’s important to adhere to your dentist’s recommendations for applying gauze and managing discomfort.
Initial days: Around the extraction site, swelling may happen and eventually go away. To encourage recovery, keep up with the recommended aftercare routine.
Initial week: Any stitches used during the surgery will naturally fall out. As instructed by your dentist, you can start reintroducing solid meals.
Complete recovery: It normally takes several weeks for a full recovery. You may make sure that your recuperation is going well by seeing your dentist on a regular basis.


Most problems associated with dental extraction procedures are minor and resolved within a few days. These may consist of:

Minimal discomfort or pain: After the extraction, it is typical to feel some discomfort or minor pain.

Swelling: The body’s natural reaction to the extraction procedure may cause some swelling at the extraction site.

Light bleeding: After the extraction, light bleeding is typical and lasts for a short while.

Cost of dental extraction

Dental Extraction

Starting From
SAR 299

Dental Extraction

SAR 1800

The average Dental extraction Cost in Riyadh ranges from 299 SAR to 1800 SAR at Enfield Royal Clinic. But this is not the final price as many factors can affect the price so, therefore, it will be decided in the initial meeting with the Dentist.

Factors affecting the cost

  • Extraction complexity
  • Clinics location
  • Additional procedures
  • Surgeons Experience
  • Number of teeth extracted

Relive pain and restore smiles!

Don’t let tooth pain affect your health any longer. Take action now and book your appointment immediately. We guarantee to offer you the finest and most efficient treatment that will address all your concerns. Stop hesitating and take the first step towards relief by filling out the form below for Dental Extraction in Riyadh!


Is having a tooth extracted painfully?

Since dental extractions are done under anaesthesia, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort while having them done. After the extraction, though, you could feel a little uncomfortable or pain, which you can treat with painkillers.

How long does it take in the procedure?

The length of a dental extraction surgery might change based on the intricacy and quantity of teeth being pulled, among other things. Simple extractions can usually be finished in 20 to 40 minutes, while more complicated extractions may take longer.

After tooth extraction, would I be able to eat normally?

It is advised to consume only soft foods or liquids for the first several days following the extraction. This enables complete healing of the extraction site.

How long does it take for a dental extraction to heal?

After a dental extraction, recuperation times might differ from person to person. The first healing process often lasts between one and two weeks, during which time you should adhere to the aftercare

Is dental extraction safe?

Yes, when carried out by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon, dental extractions are typically regarded as safe. Dentists get vast training and possess the knowledge needed to carry out extractions.

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