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Are you not happy with constant nasal congestion and it bothers you a lot? Do you wish to breathe freely without any interference then do not worry and Find the power of Septoplasty in Riyadh that is a very good solution. Consider a life in which you say goodbye to the annoyances of clogged nasal passageways and enjoy a restored feeling of freedom.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


7 - 10 Days

Back to Work

1 - 2 Weeks


3 - 6 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Risks: Minimal

  • Cost: SAR 399.00 to SAR 8,999.00

  • Method type: Invasive


It is an invasive correction that aims in straightening the bones and cartilage and fix a turned septum that gives space between the two nostrils which helps in better flow of air. When the septum inside the nose is deviated it blocks the flow of air which makes it harder to breathe. But this surgery fixes that issue. It repositions or removes the excess of the cartilage and reshapes it.

Before After Results

septoplasty bofore and after result in riyadh
septoplasty in riyadh before and after results

Septoplasty, the surgical treatment used to fix a deviated septum, has spectacular outcomes that can enhance your quality of life dramatically. You should expect a considerable increase in nasal airflow after surgery, allowing you to breathe freely and effortlessly. Say goodbye to the annoyances of chronic nasal congestion.

Why it is Done?

It is done because as we know that crooked septum is nowadays very ordinary and when it becomes very severe it blocks one side of the nose and reduces airflow which causes difficulty. So for this purpose, it is done to give space and fix the septum.

Who is an ideal candidate?

It is advised for those who have persistent nasal congestion, trouble breathing, recurring sinus infections, and snoring as a result of a deviated septum. If these symptoms are affecting your quality of life, you may be a good candidate for septoplasty. Your candidature for the operation will be determined after a comprehensive assessment by an expert ENT specialist.

Benefits of Septoplasty

Following are some of the Advantages

  • Breathing improvement: It very effectively enhances the nasal airflow, causing you to breathe properly with the help of both nostrils. Say goodbye to unrestricted and bothersome breathing problems.
    Improved sleep quality: when the septum is fixed it will help in minimizing snoring and sleep apnea leading to a more peaceful sleep.
  • Sinus Infections are Reduced: it can obstruct normal drainage, resulting in recurrent sinus infections. Septoplasty aids in the restoration of normal function, lowering the risk of infection and enhancing sinus health.
  • Increased Energy: Breathing troubles might leave you feeling exhausted and depleted. You will have more energy after septoplasty because your body will obtain an adequate flow of oxygen.

Pre Care

To provide a smooth and successful surgery practitioner will give you specific instructions some of which are below

  • Tell the doctor your medical record or any condition you have or had in the past or any of the medications which are being used.
  • A physical examination will be conducted in which the doctor will assess the skin or the condition of the nose.
  • To lower the chances of bleeding some medications that will cause blood thinning must be avoided.
  • On the surgery day arrange transportation to and from the clinic.
  • Following any dietary restrictions provided by your surgeon, such as fasting before the procedure.


It is either done under local or general anesthesia which one is used relies on the extent of the Method or your preference.

  • A tiny incision will be created by your surgeon inside the nostril avoiding any visible scarring.

  • The deviated septum will be evaluated through the incision and will perfectly reposition or remove the extra cartilage causing the difficulty.

  • When the important adjustments are made the incisions are completed with the help of soft sutures or nasal packing to prevent bleeding.


To ensure the healing process aftercare teachings must be followed properly.

  • Nasal Care: To keep your passages wet and facilitate healing, your surgeon may prescribe saline sprays or nasal rinses.
  • Pain Management: Mild pain and nasal congestion are normal negative effects of the surgery. To treat any pain, your practitioner may recommend or prescribe pain medicines or drugs.
  • Rest and Recovery: Get plenty of rest in the days following surgery to help your body recuperate. Avoid vigorous activity and strictly adhere to your surgeon’s physical limits.

Healing time

The healing period is different for everyone and it varies from person to person but generally, you can start your daily activities within a week or two.

  • Minor swelling and bruising will occur which will eventually go away with time.
  • Respiring with nose will become better and air will pass through easily.
  • Your surgeon will plan follow-up appointments to watch your improvement and clear any nasal packing or stitches.

Septoplasty Cost


Starting From
SAR 399


SAR 8999

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost of Septoplasty in Riyadh typically ranges between SAR 399.00 to SAR 8,999. However, it’s essential to mention that this estimate is provided as a rough figure and the actual cost will be determined after a thorough assessment of your individual needs. Our group of experienced professionals will carefully review your unique requirements during your initial appointment

Characteristics influencing The Cost

  • Surgeon’s Experience
  • Condition of the nose.
  • Type of procedure.
  • Clinic Reputation
  • Additional Procedures

Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion by choosing us!

When it comes to your septoplasty journey, selecting the correct facility is critical. At our clinic, we provide a comprehensive list of reasons why you should pick us for your septoplasty treatment. Our positively qualified ENT experts bring a plethora of knowledge and understanding to the table, providing that you receive the best possible treatment.

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Following the surgery how long does swelling last?

As we know that it is an outpatient procedure so swelling will last 2 to 3 days but full recovery will take a few days.

How much time procedure take?

The length of the septoplasty process is determined by the intricacy of the situation. The process usually takes between one and two hours. It is important to note, however, that the actual time might vary.

Will my appearance change?

Septoplasty is largely concerned with improving the inside structure of the nose to enhance functioning and ventilation. In most situations, it has no discernible effect on the nose’s outward look.

Is septoplasty painful?

You will feel minor pain after the surgery but not in between because it will be done under general anesthesia. But the pain can be managed with medicines.

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