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Cost of silicone nose surgery in Riyadh

Being the top nose clinic in Riyadh, we provide the best Nose Surgeries in the country at the best price for silicone nose surgery in Riyadh.
silicone nose surgery cost in riyadh

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Silicone implants are used in modern rhinoplasty to achieve the ideal nasal bridge and elevated nose. Being the top nose clinic in Saudi Arabia, we provide the best treatment in the country along with modernized nose jobs at the best price for silicone nose surgery in Riyadh. Patients who desire a higher bridge and a defined tip are especially advised to get this procedure.

Custom-made implants are inserted during surgery to remodel the nose and enhance the nasal airways. The implants used in this nose surgery are simpler to place and can be easily taken out if any issues develop in the future. You can get your ideal nose shape with just one to three hours of surgery and a week of recovery.

Silicone Implants!

FDA-approved silicone implants are used in this nose operation and can be easily customized to the patient’s aesthetic preferences. L-shaped and I-shaped are the two shapes available. Because L-shaped implants have a higher extrusion rate, we often favor I-shaped implants. But it all depends on the outcomes you’re after. While L-shaped implants are acceptable for both dorsal hump and tip grafting, I-shaped implants are typically used for dorsal augmentation.

Potential Candidates:

  • People with small noses who desire to take a huge step are typically suitable candidates for silicone nose surgery in Saudi Arabia.
  • They must also be in good health and have reasonable expectations going into the procedure.
  • It is advisable to speak with our specialists so they can determine whether you are indeed the ideal fit.


After being accepted as a candidate, you must be ready for operation day physically and mentally. To lessen the chance of bruising, experts advise taking it easy, living a healthy lifestyle, and staying away from alcohol, cigarettes, and blood thinners.

The Procedure:

Under general anesthesia, silicone nose surgery takes one to three hours and is less difficult than rhinoplasty.

  • In order to correctly insert the implants, surgeons create a small incision in the nose. The implants are positioned so that, in the region of the bridge, they blend in with the nasal bones.
  • You can either stay overnight or leave the clinic the next day. Bring a responsible adult with you to drive you safely home.


  • When you emerge from the healing stage, you’ll see that the bridge area has improved.
  • Within a few days, the nose normally settles into its ideal position.
  • Nose tips won’t lose their shape anymore.
  • You won’t see the ultimate alteration in the nose’s form for two to three months.

Cost of Silicone Nose Job in Riyadh:

Typically, silicone nose surgery in Saudi Arabia costs between SAR 5000 and SAR 10,000. The costs vary depending on the type and volume of surgery performed on the nose. The aforementioned sum is just an estimate to determine the charges that are most appropriate in your situation, speak with us.

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