Male Infertility Treatment

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What is Male Infertility Treatment?

You will probably both need to consult a doctor because many infertile couples have more than one reason for infertility. Finding the reason for infertility may need a variety of tests. Sometimes no root reason is ever found.

Male infertility is a type of issue that frequently arises due to infertility and sperms that cannot fertilize the female ovum. If the proper course of action is taken before it becomes irreversible, the condition can be addressed. Any couple who has engaged in unprotected sexual activity for a year without becoming pregnant should recognize that they are infertile and realize that it is time to contact a doctor.

male infertility causes

What are causes of male infertility?

Male infertility is always linked to some of the other causes listed below, although it can also have an unidentified etiology.


Those over the age of 45 or 50 typically face greater reproductive problems than men who are younger. This is mostly due to the reduced sperm count that develops as a guy matures and becomes quite prevalent.

On the other hand, age-related changes such cellular atrophy, which results in the system and genital organs shrinking, also start to affect anatomical structures and the sexual organ. As a result, the likelihood of male infertility doubles.

Unhealthy Behaviors

Male infertility can be caused by a variety of bad behaviors. Men who smoke regularly have a very low sperm count.

Ailment of the Genital Organ

If you’ve ever had an injury or damage to your genital organ, which frequently results in a deficiency in one or more internal structures, it is one of the primary and most frequent causes of infertility. This typically occurs after a serious accident or after getting into a fight.

Drugs and Therapeutic Substances

There are several illnesses that can only be treated with strong drugs. Due to the negative effects of the drugs, infertility may ensue.


Following are the treatment methods:


Antibiotics may be used to treat serious infections and cleanse the reproductive system by getting rid of the germs.

Psychiatry and Therapies

Men who are at risk for ongoing anxiety and depression can benefit from psychotherapy, which can assist them in resolving any psychological issues that are interfering with their sexuality and fertility.

Hormone therapies and therapeutic assistance

Some guys may be given certain drugs that cause infertility. The drugs might include hormone replacement treatment, which may regulate and balance hormone levels.

Technologies-Based Therapies

Today’s therapies use assisted reproductive technology, or ART, in which the female partner’s ovaries are seeded with donor sperm after they are removed from the donor’s body. This is typically done in IVF situations as well, however women with greater rates of infertility have a better success rate than males do.

Operative Intervention

Any vein and artery issues can be resolved by procedures that frequently result in sterility. Varicocele or issues with the vas deferens blockage that can be adjusted could be the cause.
male infertility treatment procedure

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