Earlobe Correction Surgery in Riyadh

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Are you tired of dealing with stretched, torn, or sagging earlobes that limit your earring options? If so, you’re not alone. Earlobe correction surgery in Riyadh has gained immense popularity as more individuals seek to enhance their appearance and regain their self-assurance. This innovative procedure offers a simple yet effective solution for addressing a common aesthetic concern that many faces.

Procedure Time

30 - 60 Mins


2 - 3 Days

Back to Work

2 - 3 Days


1 - 2 Weeks

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Quick Facts

  • Procedure: Invasive cosmetic procedure.
  • Eligibility: Both males and females
  • Technique Duration: 30 Minutes to an Hour.
  • Purpose: To restore extended, elongated, ripped, or sagging earlobes.

Earlobe Correction Surgery!

One of the sought-after operations is earlobe corrective surgery. Weighty earrings, genetics, trauma, and aging can all cause your earrings to stretch out, which doesn’t look nice and affects how you look in general. However, surgery performed at Enfield Royal Saudia can correct this. Your earlobe is rebuilt as a result of this procedure, also known as reconstructive plastic surgery.


Your entire appearance is enhanced by this surgery, which also improves the contrast and returns the symmetry of your earlobes. This procedure’s primary objective is to get off of any sagging or extension that might be present. Thanks to earlobe surgery, you can wear any style of earring, which will improve your self-confidence in general. You’ll have long-lasting results that will keep you content and joyful for years afterward.

Bef0re After Results

Earlobe Correction Surgery before after results in Riyadh
Earlobe Correction Surgery before after in Riyadh


Beyond restoring your earlobes’ appearance, earlobe correction surgery has many advantages. Here are a few significant benefits:

Enhanced Earring Options: When your earlobes are properly aligned, you have access to a greater variety of earring designs and sizes, giving you the assurance to confidently express your own style.
Restored Symmetry: The treatment corrects asymmetry by providing that the length, form, and contour of both earlobes match.
Enhanced Confidence: You can restore your belief and feel more at ease wearing earrings or even going without them by revitalizing your earlobes.
Low Recovery Time: Earlobe correction surgery is a reasonably short and simple treatment that requires low levels of recovery time.
Results that last: Once your earlobes have fully recovered, the results last and will give you gorgeous earlobes for many years to come.

Side Effects and Healing

Some of the consequences of the therapy are:

  • You will start to see some bumps and bruising, but this is just temporary.
  • Mild discomfort or pain which can be treated with our doctor-prescribed painkiller
  • Reddish and sensitive skin will develop over the treated region.
  • Even though infections are uncommon, they can be reduced with the right post-operative care.
  • Scarring is a possibility, but most incisions are done in hidden places, and they usually diminish with time.

Perfect Nominee

If you’re unsure whether this remedy is good for you, look no further. An ideal participant possesses the qualities listed below:

  • Has earlobes that are prolonged, elongated, ripped, or saggy as an effect of aging, injury, or extensive earring wear.
  • If you want to enhance the look of your earlobes and get back to wearing different types of earrings.
  • People should be in reasonable fitness and have valid anticipations for the surgery.

Pre-care Instructions

Some of the pre-care instructions that you must follow are:

  • Smoking might slow the recovery method, therefore refrain from using tobacco products for at least two weeks before the surgery.
  • To encourage optimum recuperation and strengthen your immune system, keep yourself hydrated and observe a balanced diet.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight direction and use sunscreen to protect your skin from damage.
  • Remove all jewelry, including earrings, before arriving at the clinic.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing on the date of the approach to provide ease of movement and avoid any unnecessary pressure on the earlobes.


Now that you have an overview let’s dive into the step-by-step process:


Your skilled surgeon will examine your earlobes, listen to your problems, and choose the most reasonable course of action for you at the initial appointment.


To enhance your comfort throughout the surgery, the therapy is typically carried out under anesthesia.

Correction Techniques

To improve strained or torn earlobes, the practitioner may employ a scope of practices, such as changing the earlobe’s curve or removing superfluous tissue, depending on your particular needs.

Precision and Artistry

The practitioner will make incisions to terminate superfluous tissue, realign the earlobe, and suture it with tiny, dissolvable stitches for a result that looks natural.


To guarantee optimal recovery and obtain the greatest outcomes, proper aftercare is essential. Following earlobe repair surgery, be sure to follow these important aftercare suggestions:

  • Maintain the area’s cleanliness by using a mild saline solution to gently wash your earlobes twice a day, or as instructed by your surgeon.
  • Avoid twisting or tugging on your earlobes, and stay away from wearing heavy jewellery or other accessories that can put a strain on the healing tissue.
  • Apply any prescription lotions or antibiotic ointments to prevent infection and accelerate recovery.
  • Attend each and every scheduled follow-up appointment to track your development and ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have.

Earlobe Repair Cost

Earlobe Correction Surgery

Starting From
SAR 3000

Earlobe Correction Surgery

SAR 7000

The cost of Earlobe Correction in Riyadh ranges from SAR 3000 to SAR 7000 depending upon various factors. Therefore, the real cost will be decided at the initial meeting with the surgeon.

Factors of Cost

  • Treatment Area
  • Number of Sessions
  • Additional Treatments
  • Clinic Reputation and Expertise
  • Geographical Location

NOTE: A consultation will be made with our skilled professional that will allow you to analyze how many sessions you will need This will give a proper understanding of the cost of the treatment.


Stretched, ripped, or sagging earlobes can be effectively treated in Riyadh with earlobe correction surgery. This minimally invasive technique, which is gaining popularity and offers a host of advantages, can restore the appearance of your earlobes, increase your selection of earrings, and increase your self-confidence. For exceptional results, tailored treatment regimens, and skilled care, choose our clinic. To begin your journey towards restored earlobe elegance, schedule your complimentary consultation right away!

Why Should You Choose Us?

One of the top medical facilities for Earlobe Correction Surgery is Enfield Royal Clinic Saudi. Our physicians are highly qualified and experienced specialists who will provide you with the greatest and most painless experience you can imagine.

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Is the surgery safe?

Yes, it is a simple, secure, and useful way to fix the ear to a more realistic appearance.

Is the repairing painful?

It is a brief procedure with relatively little downtime, and local anesthesia makes it virtually painless. When the anesthesia rubs off you may encounter swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising.

Are the outcomes permanent?

Yes, the effects are thought to persist for a long time. You can take pleasure in the improved appearance and the capacity to wear a selection of earring styles for years to come once your earlobes have entirely healed.

Does earlobe surgery leave scars?

Patients who have had their earlobes reduced need to be informed that they may develop a red, thicker, hypertrophic scar. These happen in about 2% of patients and can be improved with easy scar care techniques.

Recovery takes how long?

It varies from person to person, but most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Is it good to do an ear operation?

Eardrum restorations are typically quite successful. Tympanoplasty effects in a successful recovery in more than 90% of patients.

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