Earlobe Correction Surgery

Earlobe Correction Surgery

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What is Earlobe Correction?

Stretched ("gauged") and torn earlobe repair is a specialty of the cosmetic surgeons at Enfield Royal Cosmetics. For numerous patients, our plastic surgeons have repaired stretched, gauged, and torn earlobes' form and contour. Regarding regional anesthesia, our earlobe repair surgery may be finished in our clinic process room in under an hour.

earlobe correction surgery how it works

How Does it

How does it

To make the ear entirely numb for a painless repair, we apply a local anesthesia ear block procedure. Five to six days following surgery, the earlobe’s sutures are removed. Earlobes may often be re-pierced with a regular post 4-6 weeks following repair, however individual outcomes may vary. A variety of earlobe and piercing-related problems have been repaired by the cosmetic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery.  
  • Stretched or gauged earlobes
  • Torn and gauged earlobes
  • Typical ear piercings’ stretched-out earlobes
  • Typical earrings’ earlobes have been torn.
  • The transformation from connected to unattached earlobes
  • Gauged lip fixes and lip piercings
  • Lip piercing repair



This rather straightforward process may often be finished in 30 to 60 minutes.

The earlobe is numbed with local anesthesia before the lobe is reconstructed using the best technique for the damage. For instance, to repair a split earlobe, incisions are made on the opposite side of the rip, and then the parts are stitched together. The extra skin is removed and the piercing hole is patched up in situations where the earlobe has been too stretched due to trauma or the usage of ear tunnels.
earlobe correction surgery procedure
earlobe correction surgery result





The results from this treatment are long-lasting.

Be sure to carefully follow your surgeon’s post-operative care recommendations. To minimize the formation of scar tissue, you may be instructed to apply antiseptic ointment or gently massage the incisions during the first few days after the treatment.

After 12 weeks, you should be allowed to get your ears pierced once more, however it is advised that patients refrain from wearing heavy earrings going forward.


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How long does rehabilitation take?

Earlobe repair recovery typically lasts 4 to 5 days, however, it may take longer if sutures need to be removed.

Is earlobe surgery painful?

The entire treatment often takes no more than an hour. Earlobe repairs are so simple that there is rarely any pain or recovery time. With the help of an over-the-counter painkiller, you can manage any discomfort and resume your regular activities straight away.