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Dental Headgear

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What are dental headgears?

An orthodontic device called a headgear is used to encourage healthy jaw development and bite correction. There are several kinds. Typically, youngsters whose jaw bones are still developing are advised to wear headgear. Headgear is partially worn outside the mouth. If your child's bite is seriously out of line, an orthodontist could suggest headgear for them.

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how does
it works?

how does 
it works?

Tooth overcrowding and jaw misalignment are treated with headgear. In turn, fixing the profile can improve face attractiveness. Of course, it can also make your child’s grin look better.

Headgear functions by applying pressure to either the upper or lower jaw. Additionally, it might open up spaces between teeth to get rid of crowding or overlapping teeth.

Headgear is only effective when a child is still growing. Headgear can hold back the growth of the jawbone, forcing it into proper alignment with ongoing, consistent pressure exerted over time.



  • When utilizing headgear, it’s important to adhere to your dentist’s recommendations.
  • The length of time that headgear must be worn is one of the most crucial factors in its effective utilization. This may last for as long as 14 hours a day or more.
  • It seems to sense that kids would object to wearing a hat outside or to school. Many orthodontists advise putting on headgear as soon as class is done and continuing to wear it through the night until the following day.
  • The faster the headgear works, the more often your youngster wears it. Unfortunately, if headgear is not worn for one day, part of the improvement accomplished might be undone.
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Treatment Results

Treatment Results

Headgear is intended to address severe teeth and jaw alignment issues. There are several kinds.

Children who are still growing often wear headgear. This guarantees that their jawbones may be adjusted into the correct position.

Headgear needs to be worn for about 12 hours every day. Usually, treatment lasts between one and two years.

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treatment pricing

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How long do you have to wear dental headgear?

Orthodontists frequently recommend headgear that must be worn for a minimum of 12 hours each day for a predetermined yet constrained period of time.