Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Riyadh

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Do you aspire to have a picture-perfect complexion? Riyadh skin pigmentation has taken over the beauty industry providing you with beautiful, bright skin that was previously only a dream. Learn more about Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

30-60 Mins



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Quick Facts

Risks: None

Cost: 300 SAR to 2000 SAR

Type of treatment: Noninvasive

Results: Long-lasting

Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Riyadh!

It refers to an individual’s natural skin color, which is governed by the presence and distribution of a pigment called melanin. Melanin is a pigment generated by melanocytes, which are found in the epidermal layer of the skin. It is critical in protecting the skin from the detrimental effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the sun.
Skin color is determined by the amount and kind of melanin in one’s skin, ranging from extremely light to very black.

Ideal Candidates

  • Individuals who have visible scars from operations, accidents, or acne are looking for efficient ways to cover them.
  • Those who have hair loss or thinning (alopecia) and want to appear to have a thicker head of hair.
  • Individuals with sparse or uneven brows who desire a more defined and polished appearance.
  • People who want to enhance the natural colour and shape of their lips without having to apply lipstick or lip liner all the time.
  • Busy people seeking a low-maintenance way to keep a polished appearance.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their self-esteem by looking more youthful and perfect using semi-permanent makeup.

Before and after Resuls:

Skin pigmentetion before and after results in riyadh
skin pigmentetion before and after in riyadh


  • Improved Confidence: It may make people feel more confident by masking flaws and improving their inherent qualities.
  • Time-saving: eliminates the need for everyday makeup regimens, saving important morning time.
  • Natural-looking Outcomes: They result in a natural look when accomplished by trained practitioners, blending smoothly with the individual’s skin tone and characteristics.
  • Long Lasting: unlike traditional cosmetics, gives semi-permanent effects that can persist for several years.
  • Scar concealing: It enables the concealing of scars that were previously a cause of insecurity.
  • Low Maintenance: When compared to everyday makeup application, maintaining the image created by skin pigmentation needs minimum work.

Pre Care

  • Consultation: Make an appointment with a trustworthy practitioner or facility to discuss your treatment objectives and expectations.
  • Skin Preparation: Follow a regular skincare regimen to maintain your skin healthy and nourished. In the weeks preceding the surgery, avoid extensive sun exposure and tanning.
  • Avoid Blood Thinners: Avoid taking blood-thinning drugs, drinking alcohol, and taking certain supplements in the days leading up to your visit, since they might increase the chance of bleeding during the treatment.
  • Medication Disclosure: Tell your doctor about any drugs you’re presently taking, since some may need to be temporarily stopped before the treatment.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your visit to keep your skin moisturized.



Your journey begins with a thorough consultation with an experienced practitioner. During this session, you will discuss your procedure objectives, concerns, and expectations. The practitioner will evaluate your skin type, tone, and the areas you wish to target.

Color Matching

One of the most important aspects of the operation is choosing pigments that match your natural skin tone or the desired color. This precise color selection guarantees that the results appear natural and in keeping with your overall appearance.


A topical numbing lotion is used in the treatment region to guarantee your comfort throughout the operation. This numbing balm relieves any discomfort you may feel throughout the procedure.

Precision Application

The practitioner uses specialized equipment to apply the colored ink with accuracy and care. This procedure often includes making small, controlled incisions in the skin to correctly deposit the pigment.

Numerous Sessions

Depending on your goals and the region being treated, numerous sessions may be required to obtain the desired outcomes. These sessions are spaced apart to allow for adequate healing and pigment color correction.

Immediate Results

You will notice a considerable difference in the look of the treated region following the operation. It is crucial to remember, however, that the ultimate effects will become more visible as your skin heals and any early redness or swelling fades.


  • Sun Protection: For at least a month, protect the treated skin from direct sunlight and tanning salons, since UV rays can erase the pigmentation and raise the risk of problems.
  • Gentle cleansing: To avoid infection and irritation, carefully wash the treated area with a gentle, non-alcoholic cleanser as directed by your practitioner.
  • Moisturize: To help in the healing process, keep the treated skin moisturized with a fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Riyadh

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Starting From
SAR 300

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

SAR 2000

Understanding the cost of Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Riyadh is necessary since it normally ranges from 300 SAR to 2000 SAR. It is essential to recognize that numerous aspects and distinctive characteristics contribute to the final cost.

Cost Affecting Factors

  • Clinic Reputation
  • Treatment area size
  • Number of sessions

Reveal Your True Radiance

Enfield Royal Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, ensuring that you have access to the most recent advances in healthcare. When you use our services, you’ll be working with highly experienced healthcare experts who have access to cutting-edge technology. Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting patients in achieving their objectives and providing excellent treatment.


Is it safe?

Yes, it is typically safe and risk-free when performed by qualified specialists. It is critical to select a trustworthy center and adhere to adequate aftercare procedures.

How long do effects last?

The results can remain for several years, although they may dissipate gradually over time. Touch-up sessions might aid in the maintenance of the intended appearance.

Is it harmful?

Because numbing cream is used, most people experience very minor discomfort during the treatment. Any discomfort felt is usually moderate and short-lived.

Is it possible to reverse it?

While it is semi-permanent, it may be lessened or removed using laser treatments if you want to modify your appearance.

Can it be done on all skin types and tones?

Consulting a dermatologist is essential to determine the most suitable treatment for your specific skin type and pigmentation issue, as many treatments can be customized to match different skin types and tones.

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