Brava Breast Augmentation in Riyadh

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Are you ready to enhance your confidence and obtain the body you’ve always desired? Brava Breast Augmentation in Riyadh is the answer. In this article, we’ll look at what makes it unique, who may benefit from it, and how to get the greatest results.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


3 - 5 Days

Back to Work

7 Days


3 - 6 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Risks: None

  • Cost: 18,000SAR to 25,000SAR


  • Type of treatment: non-invasive

  • Results: Long-lasting

Brava Breast Augmentation!

It is a cutting-edge cosmetic technique that improves the size and formation of a woman’s breasts. Unlike standard augmentation remedies that depend primarily on implants, Brava combines external tissue expansion with fat transfer, resulting in natural-looking and feeling breast enlargement.

Ideal Candidates

  • It is a great option for women who want to improve the size and contour of their breasts.
  • This may help post-pregnancy mothers restore their pre-pregnancy confidence and figure.
  • It can efficiently fix breast asymmetry, resulting in a symmetrical and harmonious look.
  • Individuals Looking for a Confidence Boost: If you’ve always been self-conscious about your breasts and want to improve them, This can assist.
  • Candidates in good physical and mental health are ideal candidates for Brava Breast Augmentation, as this helps to a faster recovery period.

Before After Results

brava breast augmentation before after results in riyadh
brava breast augmentation before after in riyadh


  • Natural Appearance and Feel: It produces breasts that appear and feel natural, fitting in with your physique.
  • Confidence: The surgery may greatly enhance self-esteem and body confidence, allowing you to feel better at ease in your own skin.
  • Rapid Healing: Compared to traditional augmentation operations, Brava usually has a shorter recovery period, permitting you to resume your everyday activities sooner.
  • Customization: It provides a great level of customization, allowing you to obtain your ideal breast size and shape while resolving asymmetry or other issues.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The results are frequently long-lasting, allowing you to reap the benefits of your improved look for years to come.

Pre Care

  • Consultation: Meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your anticipations and aspirations.
  • Medical Exam: A full examination will be performed to verify that you are in excellent health for the treatment.
  • Quit Smoking: If you smoke, it’s crucial to quit or minimize your smoking, as it might interfere with recovery.
  • Drugs: Speak to your surgeon about any drugs you’re taking. They will inform you whether to continue or stop them temporarily.
  • Fasting: On the day of the surgery, observe any fasting or eating recommendations prescribed by your surgeon.



Your Practitioner will first meet with you to examine your objectives, expectations, and history.
He will evaluate your candidature for Brava Breast Augmentation and assist you in setting realistic objectives.

General anesthesia

You will be given anesthesia on the day of the treatment to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free during the process.

Surgical incision

To minimize obvious scarring, your surgeon will make a small incision in the crease beneath your breast.

Implant Positioning

The implant will be inserted beneath the breast tissue or after the chest muscle, relying on your plans and body type.
Your surgeon will place the implant precisely to create the correct shape and size.

Incision Closure

Following implant insertion, your surgeon will carefully seal the wounds utilizing scar-reduction procedures.


You will be permitted to go home the same day as the surgery after a brief observation period.
Typically, the complete surgical procedure takes a few hours.

Throughout the surgery, your surgeon will work hard to guarantee your safety and the ideal outcomes. To ensure a smooth recovery and the best possible outcome, carefully follow your surgeon’s post-operative recommendations.


  • Observe Advice: Follow instructions, including medication, wound care, and activity limitations.
  • Rest and relaxation: Let your body relax and recover. Avoid intense activity, heavy lifting, and exercise unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • Wearing a Supportive Bra: You’ll most likely be told to model a specific supportive bra to help with healing and comfort throughout the early recovery time.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Keep all of your planned follow-up visits with your surgeon to track your progress, resolve any issues, and guarantee a smooth recovery.
  • Scar Care: Follow your surgeon’s instructions for caring for any incision scars. Proper maintenance might assist in reducing their visibility over time.

Brava Breast Augmentation Cost in Riyadh

Brava Breast Augmentation

Starting From

Brava Breast Augmentation


Discover the best Brava Breast Augmentation in EnfieldRoyal Clinic Saudi, where we recognize the importance of price while contemplating any procedure. The cost of Brava Breast Augmentation in Riyadh ranges from 18,000 SAR to 25,000 SAR. However, it’s important to note that many aspects and distinguishing qualities all contribute to the final price.

Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Implant Type
  • Surgeons Expertise
  • Location
  • Medical tests

Enhance, Empower, Embrace with Brava"

It is given and supported by cutting-edge medical technologies. When you visit our clinic, you will have the opportunity to interact with highly trained healthcare experts who have access to cutting-edge technology. Our whole staff is dedicated to assisting patients in achieving their objectives and providing them with the best possible treatment.

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Is it a safe procedure?

Yes, when performed by professional, board-certified surgeons, It is considered safe.

How extended does it take to heal?

Although recovery durations vary, many patients are able to continue their typical activities within a few weeks.

Will I have noticeable imperfections as an effect of the procedure?

Because surgery includes minimal incisions, It reduces scarring. Scars usually vanish with time.

Can I get my implants customized in terms of size and shape?

Yes, They are very adjustable, so you can tell your surgeon to create the impression you want.

Is the process painful?

Anesthesia is utilized to maintain the patient’s comfort during the process. Medication can help with discomfort during recuperation.

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