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What is ACell PRP Treatment?

For those who are experiencing hair loss, ACell PRP Therapy combined with hair transplantation is the ideal treatment. It enables hair follicles that are weak to strengthen. In order to enhance hair thickness, the therapy works by boosting blood flow to the hair follicles. It is a safe, effective therapy that has received FDA approval and aids in regenerating dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth.

acell prp treatment how it works

How Does it

How does it

Numerous advantages come with Acell PRP hair transplantation. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • It catalyzes for the follicles to become stronger.
  • Activate the scalp’s hair-growth elements.
  • Remodels damaged tissue and fixes it.
  • The rapid pace of recuperation.
  • Improves density and enhances follicular cell function.
  • Improved outcomes with hair transplant Treatment



It is advised that you visit the clinic before choosing a course of therapy so that the doctor may do a comprehensive examination and determine the cause of your hair loss in the past. The procedure involves injecting ACell with PRP into the scalp during a hair transplant. This phenomenon helps the body recover itself and serves as a holding agent for the removed grafts. The stages for a hair transplant with ACell PRP treatment are as follows:
  • Your blood is extracted from the body in little amounts.
  • A blood sample is taken, then spun in the centrifuge.
  • Platelet-rich plasma is separated from other blood components during the spinning process.
  • The PRP is then combined with ACell to produce a potent healing and regeneration mixture.
acell prp treatment procedure
acell prp therapy results





This treatment produces efficient and long-lasting outcomes. It results in more vigorous hair growth to strengthen the follicles. For you to maintain the best results, it is suggested that you attend 4-6 maintenance sessions. For fuller benefits, though, you’ll need to wait around 5 to 6 months for them to show.


treatment pricing

The starting cost of ACell PRP Therapy in Enfield Royal Clinic Saudia can vary from case to case, and only your doctor can guide you about the right price for you after consultation. Fill in the form to get an exact quote for you!


How painful is PRP hair treatment?

Because the scalp has already been numbed for the hair transplant treatment, there is no pain throughout this process. The following are some advantages of adding ACell + PRP in a hair transplant procedure: quicker recovery time. more comfort while recuperating.

What negative consequences could ACell and PRP injections for hair loss have?

Pain, bleeding, redness, a full, tight sensation, and headaches might all occur after receiving ACell and PRP injections for hair loss.

What is ACell PRP treatment, and how does it work?

A Cell PRP treatment combines the regenerative properties of the A Cell extracellular matrix and platelet-rich plasma.

How is A Cell PRP treatment administered?

A Cell PRP treatment typically involves a series of injections.

Is PRP treatment suitable for everyone?

While PRP treatment is generally safe and versatile, it may not be suitable for Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.