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Are you looking for an operative method to boost your looks as you desire? We deal with a lot of people who desire to change their body shape. They are unhappy with their body parts’ shape. We offer you the best Cosmetic surgery in Riyadh. People feel more confident after the cosmetic surgery. For further information, read below.

Procedure Time

2 to 4 hours.


7 to 10 days.

Back to Work

after 1 or 2 weeks.



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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 12,000 SAR to 50,000 SAR.
  • Full recovery: in a few weeks.
  • Back to Work: after 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Type of Procedure: operative.

Cosmetic Surgery!

Cosmetic surgery is a method to improve, transform, or reshape distinctive parts of the face, neck, or body. The objective of this surgery is to transform your impression. It’s a sort of shapeable operation. There are numerous approaches to this type of surgery, varying from less operative therapies to complicated ones. The approaches can remove wrinkles, transform the characteristics of your body, or raise hanging skin.

There are thousands of surgery approaches founded on what you desire to accomplish. You may experience surgery to acquire a more young impression. Or you may select a strategy to raise, reshape, or alter the size of a place on your body. Multiple individuals select to have this surgery to be more satisfied with their impression. It allows them to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. However, there can be negative impacts and difficulties from these surgeries.

Roles of Cosmetic Surgery

The surgery deals with the particular place or situation of the body. Rather, it transforms your glances. This can boost your morale and self-esteem. A few cases where you might consider acquiring the surgery may include the following:

  • Displeasure with the method and place of your body impression.
  • Reworking a development irregularity.
  • Rejuvenate the difficulties of an infection or damage.
  • Extracts surplus skin after being effective in losing weight.
  • Get rid of overweight or extra tissue that does not get away with standard weight strategies.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

There are the following therapies that lie under this category:

 It is the operative extraction of surplus fat via a vacuum. It is an influential method to diminish localized fatness deposits in various body parts.

The therapy deals with nose surgery. Individuals who experience therapy have a small, thin, and straight nose with a little raised tip.

Few people are not satisfied with the size or form of their breasts. You can have implants or get breast reduction surgery to release extra fats.

People desire a fatty stomach, but diet and practice can not help with that occasionally. Tummy tuck reduces the issues and permits you to take significant action towards your desired objective of a flawless formation.


 This is an operative that ensures the diminishing of various deformities of the ears, and the shape of the ears, or reshapes the whole ear. Correction can be performed for adults and children.


The followership is the benefits written below:

  • Improves confidence.
  • Boost skin health.
  • Enhances the looks.
  • Reduction of weight.
  • Youthful appearance.
  • Gives you better sleep.
  • Supplies the preferred impression.

Perfect Candidate

The perfect candidates are those who 

  • They are instructed to convert the formation of their body parts.
  • Wish to remove scars from the skin.
  • You have to release extra skin from body parts.

Pre-care Instructions

Every form of surgery is distinguishable. There are two variations of ornamental techniques, which include surgical and non-surgical procedural stages.

How is the Procedure Done?

Every form of surgery is distinguishable. There are two variations of ornamental techniques, which include surgical and non-surgical procedural stages.

Operative Steps

The procedural steps are given below:

  • The doctor will inject you with anesthesia. It is mostly often general anesthesia that provides you with sleep.
  • Your skilled surgeon makes some cuts on the place of therapy in your skin.
  • Your operator reshapes, extracts, adds, or adjusts the specific parts of your body.
  • Then, close all the cuts place.

Non-operative Steps

Non-surgical procedural steps may include:

  • Firstly, consult your doctor or the surgeon.
  • The doctor will examine the part of the body that you desire to reshape.
  •  The pre-care for non-surgical or less surgical technique is lesser, but your guide will provide you with the guidelines to make sure you are ready.
  • Other than this, if you have any other queries you can visit the clinic.

Post-care Instructions

There are following instructions that you must follow to get the desired outcome and to heal properly. These may include:

  • You should do a lot of rest.
  • Required to take recommended medications.
  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Get multivitamins.
  • Use juices and fresh meals to recover quickly.


After the operative method, the next step is healing the surgical area. This could take a few weeks or months to recover. The non-surgical technique shows instant outcomes, but the surgical therapies take time to get proper healing. You may require more surgeries in the future to maintain your age of looks. 


Cosmetic Surgery

Starting From
SAR 12,000

Cosmetic Surgery

SAR 50,000

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Riyadh is 12,000 SAR to 50,000 SAR. the exact price will come to know when you visit the clinic and talk to your doctor. The price varies from individual to individual and surgery you desire to do.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

Relying upon the elements the cost can be changed from individual to individual. The cost includes:

  • Geographical location of the clinic.
  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • Number of sessions.
  • Service quality.
  • The surgery you desire.
  • Duration.
  • Fees of the specialists.
  • The expertise of the professionals.

Our services:

Our skilled and trained professionals will recommend you about the surgery you wish. They will tell you which surgery will be appropriate for your skin. Our surgeon will provide you with an improved appearance that boosts your self-confidence. Avail an opportunity to get the maintenance of your body reshaping.

Acquire the Chosen Shape of Your Body With Us!

Enfield Royal Clinic offers you the best and most advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Riyadh, Saudi Aarabia. Get the surgeries to enrich your glances by Booking An Appointment!


How long should I wait in the hospital?

You will be under observation for at least 24 hours, after checking your condition the doctors will discharge you.

What are the main objectives of cosmetic surgery?

The main objective is to enhance a person’s looks, self-confidence, etc.

What would be the requirement of age?

At least the person who is above 18 is the suitable age for surgery.

Is the surgery safe?

Yes, it is the safest method to acquire effective outcomes.

Which minimal operative surgery is effective in enhancing your face look?

Dermal fillers, injectables, and other non-operative therapies can boost your looks.

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