Weight Loss Treatment in Riyadh

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Weight gain is a massive issue nowadays. Many people are disturbed due to a lot of gain but there is nothing to worry about as there are numerous treatments that can help you in weight loss within no time. It has been researched that over the last few years, the number of overweight people has increased 25 times. If you are the one experiencing excessive weight, then read below and book us right away for weight treatment in Riyadh!

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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Downtime: No downtime
  • Types of procedure: minimally invasive
  • Cost: Non-invasive: SAR 3,999 to SAR 5,999.
    Surgical: SAR 10,000 to SAR 29,000.

Transform your body to reach your weight loss goals

There are a lot of reasons for increasing weight such as not taking a good diet, an imbalance of hormones, no physical activity, and chronic stress.
Enfield Royal Clinic is the best option for you if you want to reduce any extra body weight and improve your self-esteem. We provide treatments of the finest quality to help you lose additional weight. Along with offering weight reduction treatments, we also provide you with comprehensive advice on food planning, workouts, and other lifestyle changes you may make while you lose weight. Our clinic’s highly skilled surgeons will assist you in reaching your objectives.

Results of weight loss

The outcomes of this treatment are outstanding you see gradual changes in your body. By getting this you can at least lose 60% of fats from your body. Some people see instant changes while for some it will take time to see the final results. It gets more and more prominent with time. You will feel light and more healthy. It also improves the fertility issues those who are facing because of excess fats. The final results include that your body’s metabolism will get slower and as a result, candidates will eat less.


These are a few advantages of this method

  • The overall health will get better by losing weight and the probability of having the disease will be reduced.
  • Your physical activities will be improved and you will feel more energized by losing weight.
  • Mood and mental health get fixed with weight loss as it has a positive effect on people. It reduced the signs of depression and anxiety.
  • By achieving a desirable weight sleeping issues can be solved such as sleep apnea and you will have a more peaceful sleep.
  • You will start loving your body as weight loss will improve your self-confidence.
  • It will make your quality of life enhanced.

Pre and post-care

The candidates are required to follow the below instructions that are required to follow pre and post-procedure to attain safe and effective treatment.




Avoid blood thinners. Do not smoke or drink.
Prevent smoking and drinking. Maintain hydration.
Set realistic expectations Keep a healthy lifestyle
Have a balanced diet Follow up appointments
Do more physical activities Regular monitoring

Weight loss Techniques

At our clinic, we offer a number of weight loss treatment in Riyadh that will help you lose weight and make you have the perfect body you desire.

Gastric Balloon

​​A gastric balloon placement is a non-surgical procedure that consists of a powerful balloon and a soft silicon rubber that is placed into the stomach to reduce the amount of space in it. This will make you feel full even after eating less food and can help in weight reduction. It has sterile fluid within that will fill the empty space. Within six months, 35% of the weight will be lost without the use of additional drugs.

One of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight is the gastric balloon. If it is not required, it can also be undone. So, if you’re seeking an alternative to surgery, this is the finest.

Gastric Bypass

The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is another name for this technique. It is used to alter the intestine to produce two channels and minimize the size of the stomach. The change will reduce the rate of food digestion and absorption. During the procedure, a tiny pouch of about 20 to 30 mm is produced. This pouch is attached to the intestine and leads to an additional stomach. As a result, there will be reduced absorption of nutrients, which will decrease weight.

During the procedure, only modifications are made. Because just a modest amount of food is needed to be consumed, the brain will get a signal indicating that the hunger has been satisfied.

During this surgical treatment, a plastic band is positioned over the top region of the stomach to keep it in the shape of a ring. Under the skin, an opening is inserted to allow for the tightening or removal of the band. The silicon-based band has reversible properties. This band causes you to feel full, which decreases your appetite. To fill the space, saline solution will be injected between the upper and lower stomach sections. Those with a lower BMI index are especially advised to do it.

Also known as sleeve gastrectomy is a bariatric surgery to reduce weight loss. It either removes a part of the whole to create a sleeve-shaped stomach. This is a permanent solution for losing weight and restricts the amount of food taken.in this method, about 70 to 80% of the stomach is reduced giving out a tube-like structure.it is not reversible because the portion of the stomach is permanently removed. This surgery also reduced the hunger hormones that send signals to the brain which will help in losing appetite.

Non-surgical Weight Loss

Innovative non-surgical weight loss techniques have been developed recently. The methods employed in non-surgical weight loss help in eliminating impermeable fat from several locations by allowing it to pass through the lymphatic system. These are ideal for people who don’t want to have surgery because there are no incisions involved.You may achieve your ideal body in this method.

Here are a few of the methods:

  • Injections for weight loss
  • laser therapies
  • Cavitation in ultrasound
  • Massage using Radiofrequency Slenderization

The price of weight reduction procedures

Weight Loss Treatment

SAR 3,999

Weight Loss Treatment


The cost of weight reduction treatment is not planned for, according to the specialists at Enfield Royal Clinic. The price will be set at the first meeting because there are several aspects that might influence it. However, the typical price is listed below:

Non-surgical: SAR 3,999 to SAR 5,999.
Surgical: SAR 10,000 to SAR 29,000.

Factors influencing the cost

  • Sessions required
  • Clinic location
  • The surgeons experience

Why choose us?

Are you in search of the best clinic that has experienced weight loss surgeons? Then Enfield Royal Clinic is the answer. Our surgeons provide the best Weight Loss Treatments in Riyadh at a very cheap price.

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Is it safe to stop losing weight with a gastric balloon?

Yes, this is a risk-free and very efficient way to lose weight. It is reversible, so you may take it off whenever you choose.

Do weight loss techniques hurt?

During the incisions, you may have some little discomfort, but this may be treated with medicine.

Do safe weight-loss procedures exist?

Yes they are secure to obtain

Which method is the safest?

Sleeve gastrectomy is the safest weight loss procedure which minimal risks.

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