Ear Reshaping Surgery in Riyadh

Do you want your ear to appear better and make you happier? Do you believe they are unbalanced compared to other features and have an impact on your confidence? Do not be concerned; ear reshaping is the answer. A cutting-edge cosmetic procedure called otoplasty, commonly called ear reshaping Surgery in Riyadh will alter the size, position, and proportion of your ears to better match the other facial features.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


1 - 2 Weeks

Back to Work

1 - 2 Weeks


2 - 3 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: Affordable
  • Risks: Swelling, blemishes, and minimal discomfort.
  • Procedure type: Minimally invasive
  • Results: Long-lasting

If any individual is appealing to have their ears modified, Enfield Royal Clinic Riyadh is the most suitable option. Our renowned facility provides an ear-reshaping process carried out by skilled surgeons, providing natural-looking outcomes customized to your particular requirements. Visit our clinic to go on a transformative approach to the ears of your dreams.

Ear Reshaping Treatment!

Otoplasty, often understood as ear reshaping, is a therapy used to adjust the size, placement, or balance of the ears. It is usually used to treat asymmetrical, misshapen, and large ears as well as other ear deformities brought on by trauma or genetic disorders. The process can give your ears a more symmetrical and harmonic appearance and can increase your feeling of self-worth and general satisfaction with your appearance.

Expected Outcomes

The technique can significantly enhance the look of your ears and generally produces long-lasting benefits as well as a healthier ear shape.

Benefits of Reshaping

Treatment has several advantages beyond aesthetics. Let’s examine how this life-changing operation can improve your quality of life:

  • Correcting ear abnormalities can help people feel more confident and emotionally healthier.
  • A more balanced and attractive appearance is produced by otoplasty by bringing your ears into appropriate proportion and alignment with other facial features.
  • People who have more confidence frequently have better social interactions since they no longer feel self-conscious.
  • This therapy can help children and teens avoid possible mocking and bullying linked to their ears, which is a huge advantage.

Ideal Candidate

Those who would benefit are

  • You might not feel satisfied or have experienced bullying or humiliation as a result of ear irregularities.
  • At the age of five years, the ear cartilage has reached its entire development.
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure’s outcomes and decent general health.

Before After Results

ear reshaping before after results in riyadh
ear reshaping before after in riyadh

Pre-opt Care

Before undergoing Ear Reshaping Surgery in Riyadh, it’s essential to follow a few pre-operative care recommendations to guarantee a quick and successful procedure:

Examination and Consultation: Schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon to go through your problems, objectives, and health background.
A complete evaluation will be accomplished to establish the best course of method for our candidates.

Knowing the strategy: The expert in the treatment will go through every element of the ear reshaping procedure with you, including the strategy used, the anticipated outcomes, any risks, and the healing period. Don’t be scared to be straightforward and honest while describing your objectives.

Medical Evaluation: You could be asked to take part in a few medical tests or assessments as part of the pre-operative process to guarantee your safety throughout.

How is the Surgery Accomplished?

  • To guarantee your comfort throughout the treatment, you will get anesthesia. Our doctors will discuss with you whether general or local anesthesia with sedation is best for you.
  • Depending on the specific ear irregularity being treated, incisions are purposefully made behind the ear or inside the ear’s natural wrinkles to minimise apparent scars.
  • Your physician will have to examine the basic ear cartilage through cuts. To achieve the desired cosmetic look, the cartilage will be altered, relocated, or enhanced using precision procedures.
  • The skin is gently redraped once the cartilage has been fixed, and any excess tissue is cut away. The wounds are meticulously stitched up with sutures or dissolvable stitches.


You will receive comprehensive instructions on how to take care of your ears from your surgeon.

  • Every ear reshaping operation, keep in mind, is specially designed to meet your particular problems and goals, producing results that are both natural-looking and enhance your facial characteristics.
  • You will receive a thorough aftercare plan to help with your recovery following the treatment.
  • To monitor your progress, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled regularly.
  • Even though recovery times might differ, most patients can return to their regular activities in a week or two. To promote the best possible recovery, however, avoid vigorous activity and contact sports for a few weeks.

Side Effects

There are a few minor risks associated with otoplasty in Riyadh. A few of these include the possibility of:

Note: However, they are rare but by choosing a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, you can lessen these adverse effects. Our plastic surgeon will thoroughly go through these risks and answer any queries you may have during the consultation.

Otoplasty Cost


Starting From



At the Enfield Royal Clinic in Riyadh, otoplasty procedures typically cost between 15000 SAR to 18000 SAR . But other elements will influence the pricing, so this is not the ultimate cost. As a result, the decision will be made at the first meeting.

Cost-Influencing Factors

  • Location and name of the clinic.
  • Knowledge and abilities of the doctor.
  • The approach that has been selected.

Why Enfield Royal?

Are you trying to find the top clinic with ENT experience? The solution is the Enfield Royal Clinic. The greatest procedures will be offered by our plastic surgeons at a very low cost.

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Is the therapy uncomfortable?

To guarantee your comfort, anesthesia is given during the process. Even though you could feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning of your recovery, you can get medicine to treat any pain.

Can young people get this?

You can get your child’s ears reshaped if they are five years old and older. Early treatment can promote a good sense of self and decrease the chance of mental distress brought on by ear problems.

Do the wounds have any scars on them?

To reduce obvious blemishes, the cuts used for ear reshaping are positioned carefully. The scars will lighten and disappear over time.

How quickly can the results be seen?

Early outcomes might be noticed right away, but ear reshaping’s full effects might not be seen for several months as the swelling goes down and the ears adjust to their new shape.

Is the therapy a long-term treatment?

The results of the therapy are often long-lasting. The process will increase their beauty and self-esteem, which will maintain their new appearance for years to come.

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