Ear Reshaping Otoplasty

Ear Reshaping Otoplasty

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What is Ear Reshaping?

Otoplasty is also known as ear cosmetic surgery. This surgery involves the modification of ear size, external structure, location, or any other abnormality in the ear region. This surgery is suitable for people who got a deformed ear from an accident or natural causes. Children or adults all are eligible candidates for this surgery.

ear reshaping how it works

How Does it

How does it

Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for the ear. It involves incisions around the ear area. The surgeon will decide which type of incision should be made by seeing the ear condition. This surgery establishes or increases ear cartilage, giving the ear a standard shape. This surgery is performed with a precision that would not affect any nerve or human hearing ability.



Before the surgeon starts the surgery, he undergoes the medical history and allergies of the patients. Adults are provided with local anesthesia, and sometimes they are given sedatives.

In the case of children, the surgeon will opt for general anesthesia.

After the anesthesia patient is left unattended for 30 to 40 minutes, the ear would get entirely numbed.

Then the surgeon will make incisions between the ear folds or the ear’s back. Depending on the patient’s situation, the surgeon will remove or add extra tissues or cartilage to give a contoured shape to the ear’s cartilage.

Once all the addition and subtraction are done, a surgeon will stitch back the incisions.

This procedure takes around 2 to 3 hours.
earlobe correction surgery procedure
earlobe correction surgery result





This surgery gives immediate results to the patient, but healing takes time. Most likely, patients will see the results after their bandages are removed. During recovery, patients are advised to avoid sleeping on the treated ear, scratching stitches, or applying alcohol-containing products. Sometimes a surgeon advises the patient to put a hold on their physical activities. Once the ear is healed, they can continue their co-curriculum activities. The healing will take two months to complete. After the surgery the patient might have to revisit the surgeon for an ear examination and removal of stitches.


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Is an otoplasty worth it?

According to patient reviews, otoplasty is worth 96%. This surgery improves ear shape, size, and other ear disabilities. On the other hand, in many cases, it has improved patients' neck shape and double chins.

How long does otoplasty last?

Otoplasty is a permanent procedure. Once the surgery is done, you will have a lifetime result, and your ear shape won't get affected. With age, the patient might see their ear getting saggy, but there will be no other drastic changes.

How painful is an otoplasty?

This cosmetic surgery is not painful because the patient will be under the influence of general anesthesia with sedation. But there are chances patients will face discomfort during the procedure.

What is the recovery time of the otoplasty?

The swelling and bruising take 3 to 4 weeks to go down. Full recovery takes about 2 to 3 months to give visible results.