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Esthetic Bridge

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What is an Esthetic Bridge?

An Esthetic bridge can help restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth if you have missing teeth, particularly your front teeth. It fills up the space left by the missing tooth. Enfield Royal Saudia offers esthetic bridge and other cosmetic surgeries in Riyadh.

Esthetic Bridge how it works

How does it Work?

How does it

It is a fixed prosthesis that fills in the gap created by missing or extracted teeth. When it’s essential to repair one to four neighboring dentition units, they are used as an alternative to implants. It has two supports and resembles a bridge. The high degree of chewing function restoration and outstanding aesthetics are two of its most notable benefits.




There are several steps included in the procedure:

    Dentine turning, nerve removal, canal refilling, and filling are all components of the preparation. A pin or button might be used to strengthen the support if it is shaky.
    The implant is then positioned in the jaw. After the whole engraftment of the rods, development of the gingival contour, and fixing of the abutment, prosthetics are inserted.
    The placement, color, transparency, fit against the gums, and alignment of the design are all examined by the dentists. The prosthesis is adjusted in position and temporarily cemented with cement if errors or pain are found.
    A temporary prosthesis being fixed.When the patient comes back for confirmation, the doctor makes any necessary adjustments to the prosthesis and cements it in place permanently.
Esthetic Bridge procedure
Esthetic Bridge results



A typical dental bridge has a lifetime of five to fifteen years. The chance that the dental bridge will last at least 10 years is rather high if the individual getting the bridge maintains good oral hygiene. After all, proper alignment and functionality depend on the health of the teeth.


treatment pricing

The cost of an Esthetic Bridge in Riyadh can very from case to case. Fill in the form and book a FREE consultation to know the right price for you in Enfield Royal Saudia!


Can you eat with a bridge?

After receiving dental bridge treatment, no food or drink is absolutely off-limits since dental bridges work just like real teeth.

Do dental esthetic bridges hurt?

When you initially get a dental bridge, it’s common to have some pain. Painkillers can be used to treat the discomfort which should go away in a few days.

Are bridges permanent?

No, a dental bridge is not permanent and needs to be replaced every 5 –15 years, depending on how well you care for it. A regular at-home oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing helps it last longer.