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At least 2 million (or 10%) men in Saudi Arabia are reported to have faced the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. It is in fact the most common sex-related problem reported to doctors across the country. If you are reading this, chances are that you may be facing this problem too.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Erectile Dysfunction can occur due to many reasons. Most of these reasons are temporary phases from which the body can cure itself. And even if the problem persists, doctors can now cure Erectile Dysfunction as well.

Enfield Royal Saudia offers multiple treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Riyadh (such as P-Shot).

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

In very simple terms, erectile dysfunction is defined as a condition in which the male is having a hard time getting or keeping an erection. Meaning he is unable to keep an erection that is firm enough to engage in sexual activity. Due to various reasons (e.g. psychological stress) most men will experience this condition at some point in their lives. That is not necessarily a dangerous form of erectile dysfunction. Because it may not need medical attention.

But an erectile dysfunction condition that continues for a long time is cause for worry. Or if it’s getting worse with time, it means it’s clearly abnormal and should be diagnosed and treated.


The major symptom of erectile dysfunction is pretty clear from the word itself. Your penis is unable to maintain a proper erection (hence erectile dysfunction). But erectile dysfunction may show itself in some other signs too. Here is the full list of symptoms associated with Erectile Dysfunction:
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Inability to achieve an erection sufficient for sexual activity
  • Trouble achieving an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse
  • Erections that are less firm or last for shorter periods of time
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction
  • Embarrassment or frustration related to sexual activity
Erectile dysfunction may itself be a symptom of more serious problems (it may be a sign of cardiovascular disease). This is why it is important to have your ED problem properly diagnosed.

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

You could be unsure of whether your erectile dysfunction condition requires medical attention or not. You could go for an erectile dysfunction test. There are multiple options available:

Physical Exam

In this exam, the physician will physically examine your penis and testicles. He/she may also examine the concerned nerve endings to check for the right sensation.

Blood Test

The doctor may send your blood samples to the lab. This is to inspect them for signs of diabetes, low testosterone levels, or other relevant signs to diagnose the problem.

Blood Flow Test (Ultrasound)

The doctor may use ultrasound technology to view and diagnose the flow of blood in the veins connected to your penis that may have caused the problem.

Urine Test

Just like a blood test, urine tests are used to try and detect other underlying conditions (like diabetes) that may have contributed to your erectile problems.

Psychological Examination

As mentioned before, erectile dysfunction is often just a symptom of other underlying psychological problems (like stress, performance anxiety, or even depression). The doctor may recommend a psychological examination to diagnose these causes.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

The diagnosis will then establish the main cause behind your erectile dysfunction problem. As mentioned before, ED can itself be a symptom of other serious problems. And there is a long list of problems/conditions that can affect your ability to maintain a proper erection. Some of those are:

Physical Causes

Blood Flow to Penis

The flow of blood into the penis is very important in getting and maintaining an erection. If the flow of blood to your penis is inadequate, it would become very hard for you to get an erection.

Trapping blood in the Penis

This is another unique reason for ED in which the flow of blood into the penis is fine. But the penis itself cannot trap that blood in itself. That is essential to maintaining an erection.

Nerve Problems

The nerve endings in your penis may be damaged. They may not be producing the required sensation to produce and maintain an erection. This can cause you to experience ED. Erectile Dysfunction may also occur due to damage (or dysfunction) in the nerves connecting the penis to the spinal cord/brain. That damage can also affect your erection.

Drugs cause Erectile Dysfunction

Drug abuse is also a well-known cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Your drug usage history may also be examined during the diagnosis stage.


Diabetes can also cause Erectile Dysfunction due to its potential to damage small blood vessels (or even nerves).

Psychological Causes

Performance Anxiety

Some young men may worry too much about how they would perform during a sexual encounter. This anxiety hinders their ability to develop or maintain an erection.


Sexual activity is an emotional process. And it is not very hard to see how emotional stress can affect your performance in sex.

Relationship Problems

Problems in relationships have also been shown to negatively affect men’s erections and cause ED-related problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Because ED can be caused by so many different conditions, there are different treatments available to treat the problem as well. This will depend on the actual cause behind your ED. Some of the most popular treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Riyadh are:

Oral Medicines

Many cases of ED can simply be treated by taking some prescription medicines. There are multiple erectile dysfunction drugs available for use in Riyadh. If your doctor diagnosed the cause of your ED to be treatable with such medicines, you will not need to look at any surgical options.

Injectable Treatments

Sometimes simple medications may not be enough (or even required) to treat your ED. Your doctor may then look at some other options:

Testosterone Therapy

A deficiency of the testosterone hormone can be the underlying cause behind your ED. Your doctor may recommend testosterone therapy. This would improve your testosterone levels and treat the problem.

Vacuum Erection Device

A vacuum device for erectile dysfunction is a special instrument that can be used by men to both develop and keep an erection. The device needs a lot of practice and patience on the part of the patient. Still, most men can use them to develop erections that can work in sexual activities.

IU Therapy

Intracavernosal and Urethra (IU) therapies can work where oral medications may have failed to produce any lasting effect.

Injection Therapy

Alprostadil can be injected into the side of your penis shaft to help get an erection. You can have it injected by an expert but you can also learn to administer the dose yourself. It is an effective solution for people who do not see results from just oral medications.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is extracted from your own blood by a surgeon and is processed in a centrifuge. This processed material is then injected into your penis in a shot (known as a Priapus Shot or P-Shot). This shot is used to make the tissue and blood vessels in your penis healthier which would then help you with your ED problem.

Surgical Treatments (ED Implants)

In some severe cases of ED, medicines and injectables both may fail and the sexologists would have to opt for more serious surgical options. Some of these options are:

Semi-Rigid Implants

These silicone-based implants are semi-rigid as the name suggests. They can be bent for other purposes and kept straight (and hard enough) for sexual purposes. They are the simplest (and probably the most popular) penile implant type.

Inflatable Implants

These are fluid-based implants that consist of tubings (placed lengthwise in the penile shaft) and a pump (placed inside the scrotum) that can erect the penis through the pump. You will be in full control of your erection with this implant and will also experience a normal orgasm. The implant will have no effect on your partner.

Inflatable Penile Implant

If the causes of your ED are purely psychological in nature (stress, depression, or performance anxiety), your doctor might advise you to take Psychosexual Therapy to help tackle your psychological problems that may be hindering your sexual performance/pleasure.

Choosing the right Treatment

The right treatment would inevitably be decided by your doctor. And that too only after a thorough Diagnosis of the causes of your ED. But he/she will still take into account some important factors:
  1. Age
  2. Overall Health
  3. Underlying Causes of ED
  4. Personal Preferences
Your doctor would try to treat the problem with less invasive methods at first but would move on to more serious surgical options.

Erectile Dysfunction Preventions

Treatments are well and good. But care is always better than cure. It is much more easy and healthy to prevent ED from developing than to try and get it treated after you have developed the problem. Here are some basic precautions you can take to decrease your chances of developing ED:

Healthy Lifestyle

If you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle (eating, sleeping, and exercising well) and keep your body weight in check, your chances of developing ED will greatly decrease.

Reduce Drinking and Smoking

Alcohol and erectile dysfunction drugs don’t go well together. In fact, excessive smoking and drinking don’t go well with your sex life overall. Limiting the use of such substances will go a long way in preventing ED from developing in your body.

Managing Stress Levels

If you can manage your stress well (e.g. not allow your work-life tensions to seep into your personal relationships), you can prevent psychologically-caused ED from developing in the first place.

Managing your Medications

Certain medications can cause ED as a side effect. In such cases, you should talk to your doctor and manage those medications effectively so they don’t cause any long-term damage to your sex life.

Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction

Extreme levels of pornography can make your brain insensitive to normal sex. It can negatively affect your sexual hormone releases. You should always keep your porn consumption in check if you want a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost

Enfield Royal Saudia offers various treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction treatment cost in Riyadh generally ranges from 6,500 SAR (+5% VAT) to 7,000SAR. But the cost can vary significantly depending on your diagnosis and the treatment option selected.

Fill in the form now and our staff will get back to you. They would guide you through the entire process and set your appointment with one of our experienced Urologists. You can now start treating your ED problem as soon as possible

Erectile Dysfunction

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Is it normal to have erectile dysfunction?

Yes, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition affecting many men. It can occur due to various physical and psychological factors such as aging, heart disease, stress, and depression. While it is normal to experience ED occasionally, frequent occurrences may indicate a need for medical evaluation and treatment.

Can erectile dysfunction go away naturally?

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can resolve on its own without medical intervention. This can happen if the underlying cause is temporary, such as stress, anxiety, or fatigue. However, if the cause is related to a chronic condition or physical problem, it is unlikely that ED will go away on its own. In such cases, seeking medical help and following a prescribed treatment plan can help improve ED symptoms.

How long does ED last?

The duration of erectile dysfunction (ED) can vary depending on the underlying cause and the individual’s health condition. For some men, ED may be temporary and may get resolved on its own within a short period. In other cases, ED may persist and become a chronic condition. The length of time that ED lasts can also depend on the type of treatment received and its effectiveness. In some cases, men may experience complete resolution of symptoms, while others may continue to experience some level of ED. It is important to seek medical evaluation and treatment if you are experiencing persistent ED symptoms.

What is the average stamina for a man in bed?

There is no specific “average” stamina for men in bed as it can vary greatly from person to person and can be influenced by many factors such as age, physical fitness, health conditions, and emotional well-being. Furthermore, there is no specific timeframe for sexual activity that is considered normal or average, as what is considered a satisfactory sexual experience can differ between partners and even within individuals. It is important for couples to communicate openly about their desires and needs to ensure a satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience.

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