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What is Dental Tooth Calculus?

Dental calculus is a hardened deposit that builds up on the teeth and gums and is hard and penetrating. Plaque develops tartar within 24 to 72 hours if it is not regularly removed, such as by brushing and flossing. It is also known as dental tartar.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers dental calculus treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in Riyadh.

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How does it Work?

How does it


This particular form of calculus on the teeth is readily removed in the dentist clinic with a special instrument that has a pasty and low viscosity.


Since the collections are hidden behind the gum, this residue cannot be identified on its own. Using advanced technology, a doctor doing a preventative examination diagnoses the illness.




There are different treatment options in Enfield Royal Clinic which are as follows:

Mechanical removal

At first, it can only be taken out using a special hook that separates the tartar from the tooth. Since it is a painful and stressful procedure, less intrusive and low trauma therapies have mostly taken its place in recent years.


It effectively and painlessly eliminates calculus. It doesn’t involve any equipment coming into touch with the tooth’s surface; instead, focused ultrasonic waves at a certain frequency are used to clean the enamel. The surgery is painless, and patients can use anaesthetic gel if their pain threshold is particularly high.

Laser removal

It helps you to get rid of the calculus and restore the enamel’s original shine. It strengthens dental enamel and increases its resistance to outside factors. The chance of acquiring caries or gingivitis is decreased by such cleaning. It is really effective and whitens teeth.

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Crowded Teeth Results



The primary result of the procedure will be an improvement in the oral cavity generally; the coating of hardened plaque on the teeth will be eliminated, along with the bacteria and their metabolic byproducts.


treatment pricing

Dental Tooth Calculus

Bleaching & Scaling
SAR 600

The cost of Tooth Calculus Treatment in Riyadh starts from 600 SAR (+5% VAT) for the Bleaching and Scaling method. Fill in the form to book  a FREE initial consultation!


How quickly can tartar form?

Plaque turns into tartar in just 48 hours, which can severely damage your teeth and gums. You need your dentist’s assistance to eliminate tartar after it has formed.

Is tartar removal painful?

Tartar removal may or may not be painful, depending on a number of factors. It may be uncomfortable to remove tartar if you have sensitive teeth or conditions like gingivitis or periodontitis.