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Dental Braces Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

dental braces in riyadh

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A smile makes every individual look more beautiful. It plays an essential role in every individual’s life, but some may not be blessed with a perfect smile, which can hinder their happiness. If you are one of those who have misaligned and irregular teeth then dental braces are for you. The procedure can help achieve a smile that is perfect and beautiful and properly aligned teeth. Read below and learn about Dental Braces cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and book us.

Quick Facts:

Cost: Pre-opening cost is SAR 5999

Results: Proper Aligned Teeth 

Back to work: A couple of hours later

Duration of Treatment: Up to 16 or 20 months

Type of Procedure: Harmless and safe

What are the Reasons for Irregular Teeth?

There can be several reasons that cause irregular teeth and conditions that may require dental braces. Some of the common causes are mentioned below:

  1. Tongue: some babies may have a habit of thrusting their tongue against new teeth which can cause teeth to become irregular.
  2. Genetics: Some causes depend entirely on genetic factors when parents or siblings have an irregular alignment of teeth.
  3. Mouth Injury: Any serious kind of injury during childhood can also cause misaligned teeth.
  4. Cleft lip or Palate: These are some conditions that can cause the growth of teeth that are out of shape.
  5. Early dropping of teeth: When a baby loses teeth early this can cause the growth of teeth that is irregular.

Can Dental Braces Cure Irregular Teeth?

Yes, the procedure can restore the shape of teeth and make them look more appealing and aligned. Sometimes the procedure can be time taking but the results make that wait worth it. Some benefits regarding dental treatment are mentioned below:

  • Braces can help align teeth.
  • Individuals feel more confident after the procedure.
  • The speech is also enhanced.
  • Any danger of infection can be avoided. 
  • The chewing ability of the candidate can also be improved.

Types of Braces and Costs:

The table below elaborates on the most commonly used dental braces along with their cost in Riyadh at our clinic:

Type of Dental BracesDescriptionCost Range (SAR)
Traditional Metal BracesCommon stainless steel brackets and wires.5,999 – 11,999
Ceramic BracesTooth-colored or clear ceramic brackets for aesthetics.7,999 – 14,999
Lingual BracesCustom braces on the back of teeth for discreetness.11,999 – 17,999
Invisible Aligners Clear, removable aligners for gradual teeth movement.5,999 – 13,999
Damon BracesSelf-ligating with sliding doors for potentially faster results.8,999 – 13,999
AcceleDent Device to accelerate treatment with braces or aligners.799 – 1,499 (device price)

Best Dental Clinic in Riyadh

Enfield Royal Clinic offers you a variety of options and tailored plans according to your requirements to achieve perfectly aligned teeth. Our clinic offers a discount for dental braces cost that is affordable with effective results. Our clinic is equipped with modern technology to carry out dental procedures. Dental braces price in Saudi Arabia at our clinic is pre-opening at 5999 SAR but some other factors can be affected like the location of the clinic or the expertise of the doctor.

The Best Orthodontist in Riyadh

If you were searching for Dental Braces cost in Riyadh, then you have arrived at the right destination. Our clinic consists of the best orthodontists for dental braces who are skilled and have years of training and experience. Book an appointment now by filling out the form below.


Can you eat properly after the treatment?

Yes, candidates can eat properly but it is advised to eat slowly and eat food that is good for teeth recommended by the doctor. 

Can you travel after the procedure?

Yes, you can travel after the treatment but the specialist recommends rest for one or two days.

Are there any side effects of the procedure?

Candidates may feel pain during the procedure, but there aren’t any severe side effects.

Are Dental Braces Effective?

Yes, the procedure is very effective and candidates observe aligned and beautiful teeth after the treatment. 

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