PRP Hair Treatment in Riyadh

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(علاج الشعر PRP في الرياض)

Are you sick of managing your dry hair? Imagine a cutting-edge method that revives your hair by utilizing your body’s natural mending abilities. Welcome to PRP hair treatment in Riyadh, the all-genuine remedy that’s sweeping the hair care industry. Prepare to enter a new era of hair rejuvenation where the magic takes place just beneath your scalp!

Procedure Time

60 - 90 Mins



Back to Work



2 -3 Weeks

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Quick Facts

  • Risks: None
  • Cost: SAR 700 to SAR 3000.
  • Type of Treatment: Minimally invasive

PRP Treatment!

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a fantastic and all-natural technique to revitalize and encourage hair growth. The plasma is carefully infiltrated into your scalp after a little sample of your blood is extracted and turned into a machine to separate it. The plasma’s potent development elements do their job, activating hair follicles and stimulating the creation of denser, healthier hair. It’s a well-liked solution because it’s risk-free and non-invasive for both men and women.


This amazing technique may do wonders for your hair. The portion of hair loss and thinning you experience will be significantly reduced, and the thickness and shape of your existing hair will improve. As you keep up the procedure, you’ll notice new hair gradually filling in those once-bald spots.

Ideal Candidate?

Following are some of the best nominees  
  • Has hair that is falling out or getting thinner.
  • Seeks a non-Surgicsl, all-realistic method for revitalizing hair.
  • PRP therapy is effective for both genders.
  • Has allergies or sensitive skin since PRP therapy leverages the body’s genuine healing abilities.
  • Those who Want to have fuller, healthier hair
  • Is dedicated to getting the finest outcomes by adhering to the post-treatment care guidelines.


Some of the perks are:

  • Natural revitalization: it is a realistic and secure method for hair renewal since it employs your body’s own mending abilities.
  • Hair that is thicker and more healthy: You’ll see a noticeable increase in the thickness and health of your current hair.
  • Reduced Hair Loss: This therapy can significantly lessen hair loss, allowing you a reprieve from frequent shedding.
  • Boosted Growth: Method-induced stimulation of dormant hair follicles boosts the creation of new hair in previously sparse regions.
  • Painless: Because the technique just requires injections, there are no incisions or scars, and it is thus almost completely painless.
  • Minimal Downtime: There is very little rest required following the therapy, so you can immediately get back to your regular routine.
  • Safe: the majority of people can get this regardless of age or gender, and it may be used to address a variety of hair problems.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Your self-esteem will surge as a result of having healthier, fuller hair, enhancing your level of general confidence.

Before After Results

PRP Hair treatment Before After
PRP Hair treatment Before After Results

Pre Care

  • Keep Hydrated: In the days preceding your treatment, drink a lot of water. Hydration is important for healing because it promotes blood flow.
  • Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking: Before receiving therapy, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking. These may slow the recovery process and lessen the benefits of PRP therapy.
  • Avoid using hair products such as gels, serums, and sprays a few days before the operation. This makes it possible for your scalp to be residue-free and clean.
  • Avoid Blood Thinners: Before receiving therapy, let your doctor know if you use any blood thinners. They can suggest that you temporarily cease taking these drugs in order to avoid severe bleeding during the surgery.


Following are some of the steps

  • Consultation: Having a Talk with a skilled dermatologist is the first step in your journey. They will examine your hair, listen to your worries, and develop a cure strategy that is unique to you.
  • Blood Drawn: A little sample will be drawn, exactly as during a standard blood test, after your treatment plan is prepared.
  • Plasma Separation: As your blood sample is spun in a centrifuge, the magic begins. By doing this, the priceless platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is separated from the other blood constituents.
  • Numbing: The scalp will be covered in a topical anesthetic to assure your comfort throughout the process. This reduces any discomfort by numbing the region.
  • Injecting Injections: Your scalp will be expertly injected with the PRP, which is abundant.
  • Finishing Touch: After the injections are finished, the medical staff will teach you how to care for yourself by following the instructions. They will also respond to any queries or worries you might have.


Here’s how to take care of your hair after it has been revived

  • Be kind; take good care of your hair. Avoid rough brushing or style that can tax your hair follicles’ newly-rejuvenated structure.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Protect your scalp from direct sunlight to avoid damaging your newly revived hair.
  • Follow Directions: For best outcomes, abide by the post-treatment care recommendations made by our specialists.

Cost of PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Starting From
SAR 700

PRP Treatment

SAR 3000

PRP treatment in Riyadh typically costs between SAR 700 to SAR 3000. which is reasonable. It’s crucial to keep in mind while creating treatment plans that our pros will decide the precise cost during your first session.

Cost-Related Elements

The price is affected by a number of factors, such as:
  • the surgeon’s training and expertise,
  • clinic’s and the area’s reputation, 
  • Required session and location

Revive Your Hair, and Embrace Your Confidence by choosing us!

We have a fantastic team of hair care specialists with years of expertise who employ cutting-edge technology for successful outcomes, so choose us for your PRP treatment in Riyadh. Your needs are our top priority, and we provide individualized treatment regimens in a comfortable setting. We make sure you understand every stage of the process through open communication, and our successful track record speaks for itself. With us, you may unlock the full potential of your hair while receiving first-rate maintenance and assistance thereafter.


Is the treatment Painful?

No By using a topical anesthetic, which makes the treatment almost painless, we put your comfort first.

How quickly will I notice the results?

A lot of individuals see improvements within a few weeks, while individual results may vary. Over the next months, enhancements will keep coming.

Do they have any negative effects?

Minor effects will be noticed. Some people may notice little redness or swelling, although these adverse effects usually go away quickly.

How frequently must I have therapy?

Your specific hair issues and treatment response will determine how frequently you receive PRP treatments. You will often start with a series of sessions.

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