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Macrolane Injections

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What Is Macrolane Injections ?

The Macrolane procedure has also been referred to as the "natural way" to improve your body because the degradable acid gel that is implanted contains an acid that naturally occurs in animal bodies. Macrolane is growing in popularity among people who desire to enlarge their cleavage and those who have breastfed but are left with deflated breasts. As a result, if a patient desires a more visible and noticeable change in their breast size, implants are still the ideal medical procedure to achieve this more dramatic effect. However, the injections can only raise a woman's breast size by up to one cup size.

macrolane injections how does it works

Who Does
it works?

Who does
it works?

It is a painless non-surgical procedure, requiring only minor scarring and anesthesia. You can immediately continue your normal activities after your treatment. These minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are the standard of the day and should only be carried out by skilled cosmetic specialists who are reasonably conversant with all the current procedures. Before undergoing the operation, people who are interested in this cosmetic treatment must meet specific requirements.

    • Women who have smaller breasts.
    • You desire to shape your buttocks.
    • People who demand transitory changes that fulfill their desires.

The injections are widely used around the world to expand and sculpt breasts of various sizes. Women who have diminished breast volume brought on by numerous hormonal changes and occasionally weight loss are helped by the procedure.



  • The dermatologist will first temporarily numb the affected area by injecting local anesthesia there.
  • A 2-3mm incision is made under the breast or buttock during the 1-2 hour treatment.
  • The chemical is injected into the underlying skin tissues using a syringe or cannula (the layer above muscles).
  • The incisions are closed off using sutures.
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The results of this treatment are temporary. Less recovery time is needed for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and positive outcomes take time to manifest. To enhance specific body areas, mainly the breasts and buttocks, this new procedure has replaced traditional breast augmentation surgery.
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treatment pricing

Macrolane Injections

10 Injections for
SAR 2,250

The starting price of Arm Lift Surgery is 15,000 SAR (+5% VAT).


What are the risks of Macrolane Injection?

Macrolane’s most frequent negative effects include: a small amount of edema or bruising near the injection site. mild irritation brought on by the gel’s pressure on the nearby tissues. … Itching. In roughly 3% of cases involving breast augmentation, capsular contraction takes place.

How long do breast injections last?

Breast implants aren’t exactly meant to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Saline or silicone implants typically survive between 10 and 20 years. Many are, however, removed earlier because of difficulties or aesthetic issues.