Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh

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Are you tired of constant shaving, painful waxing, or tedious plucking? Laser Hair Bleaching stands as a beacon of innovation, captivating those who want to get rid of unnecessary body hair, this approach is as stunning as it is effective. It offers a mesmerizing alternative, working its magic to gently and precisely lighten the color of your hair, making it less noticeable against your skin tone. If you’re seeking a hair transformation, look no further than the best Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh at Enfield Royal Clinic.

Procedure Time

30 Mins



Back to Work



3 - 4 Weeks

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: Starting from 499

  • Results: lasting

  • Back to Work: Few days

  • Duration of Treatment: Above 25 mins

  • Type of Procedure: Non-surgical


Unlike traditional techniques that focus on removing hair from the root, Laser Hair Bleaching works its magic by targeting the pigment in the hair, gradually lightening its color. This results in hair that becomes less noticeable against your natural skin tone, creating an effect of graceful, near-invisible beauty.
A specialized laser emits controlled pulses of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. This gentle energy transforms the color of the hair, rendering it paler and more harmonious with your skin. The gradual nature of the transformation ensures a natural look, allowing you to embrace your newfound elegance with confidence.


Here are some of the benefits regarding Laser hair Bleaching:

  • The treatment makes hair blend in with skin color.
  • It offers a personalized experience for each individual.
  • Ensures a look that appears entirely authentic.
  • Individual experiences newfound confidence.
  • It offers a remarkably gentle and comfortable experience.
  • The treatment provides versatile applications.

Laser Hair Bleaching vs Laser Hair Removal

Below is a comprehensive table highlighting the key differences between both treatments:

AspectLaser Hair BleachingLaser Hair Removal
Objectivelightens hair color for blending with skin toneDestroys hair follicles to prevent hair from growing back
Hair TypeSuitable for dark and light hair typesBest for darker, coarse hair
Skin TonesWorks well for a range of skin tonesIdeal for light to medium skin tones
After treatmentSubtle and gradual lightening effectSignificant reduction in hair growth
Recovery timeNo downtimeFew days of redness and swelling
Risk of Side EffectsMinimal risk of side effectsPossible side effects, like skin irritation
CostRelatively affordableMore expensive

How long does laser hair bleaching Last?

The results depend on how well the treatment was executed and the number of sessions, also how the candidate followed after-care instructions. The results of treatment are not that provisional but will last longer than ordinary hair removal techniques. The procedure has no downtime and less risk of complications or any other side effects.


Here is the procedure that is followed at our clinic for Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh:

Personalized Consultation

The journey begins with a personalized consultation where we discuss candidates desired outcomes, concerns, and expectations. This crucial step allows us to tailor the procedure to candidates’ specific needs, ensuring your vision aligns with the final result.

Skin Preparation

Before the procedure, candidates’ skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove any makeup, lotions, or oils. This sets the stage for optimal treatment, ensuring the laser energy is efficiently absorbed by the hair follicles.

Eye Protection

To safeguard candidates’ delicate eyes from the laser’s light, protective goggles are provided. Our client’s safety and comfort are paramount throughout the procedure.

Laser Application

As the laser hair bleaching session commences, the specialized laser device emits controlled pulses of gentle energy onto the targeted area. The laser’s energy interacts with the pigment in the hair shaft, gradually lightening its color to create the desired effect of seamless blending.

Gradual Transformation

The procedure is an art of subtlety and gradual refinement. Through a series of sessions, usually spaced a few weeks apart, the transformation takes shape. Each session builds upon the previous one, ensuring a natural and authentic outcome.

Post-Treatment Care

Following the procedure, candidates’ skin may experience slight redness or sensitivity, akin to a mild sunburn. Applying a soothing moisturizer and avoiding sun exposure for a few days will aid in the healing process.

Unveiling Your Radiance

As the journey concludes, candidates witness the enchanting results unfold. The hair gracefully blends into the skin, creating an effect that’s both subtle and captivating. The newfound synchronization enhances your natural beauty and elevates your confidence.

Maintenance and Follow-up

To maintain breathtaking results, occasional touch-up sessions may be recommended. These sessions ensure that candidates’ hair continues to blend with the skin, allowing it to relish for an extended period.

Cost of Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh

Laser Hair Bleaching

Starting From
SAR 199

The cost of Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh varies on different factors. At our Enfield Royal Clinic, you will get the best treatments regarding your hair problems. Also, our clinic offers discounts at the most affordable prices. The Cost of Laser Hair Bleaching at our clinic starts from 199 SAR but this may not be the initial cost for the treatment as there are other factors affecting it.


  1. Skin Type: Every individual consists of different skin types, depending on skin type and the complexity of treatment to treat can increase the price.
  2. Treatment Area: The quantity of hair or the size of the area being treated will influence the overall cost.
  3. Treatment Provider: Highly experienced and reputable specialists or clinics may charge higher fees for their expertise.
  4. Location of the clinic: Geographic location plays a role, with urban areas often having higher treatment costs compared to rural regions.
  5. Treatment Sessions: The number of sessions required for the treatment can significantly contribute to the total cost.

Best Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh, Saudia.

Keep in mind the importance of the treatment proper tools and experienced doctors are required to carry out the procedure. Laser Treatments in Riyadh at our clinic are properly monitored by specialists. Our clinic offers you the best doctors equipped with modern tools to help our clients achieve their goals and perform Led Light Therapy.

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Is the treatment effective?

Yes, it is an effective treatment with lasting results.

Are there any side effects regarding the treatment?

No, some side effects are usually mild and go away on their own within a few days.

Is there involvement of surgery in the treatment?

No, there isn’t any involvement or need for surgery or cuts during the treatment.

Are the outcomes of treatment permanent?

No, the results may fade away after some time depending on the treatment and number of sessions

Can you travel after the treatment?

Yes, you can travel after the treatment but try avoiding sunlight contact and follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor.

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