Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth

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What Is crooked teeth treatment?

Crooked teeth or malocclusion is formed when the size of the upper or the lower jaw is much less than typical. Misaligned jaws result in problems such as overbite and underbite.Misaligned teeth also contribute to gum disease, which can become a significant problem. Some people's crooked teeth may also make them feel a little low on confidence and self-esteem. Enfield Royal Saudi Arabia offers misaligned teeth treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

Crooked teeth treatment how does it works

How does
it works?

how does
it works?

By adding a composite material to the front surface of the affected teeth, dental bonding allows your dentist to painlessly straighten up uneven or crooked teeth. Bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding, is a great option for straightening teeth, filling up irritating gaps between them, and even lightening discolored teeth.



There are several options available for teeth straightening:

Metal Braces:

These devices are used to alter the position of the teeth. Front teeth are implanted with brackets, which are joined by flexible wires. To connect these brackets, they also use specialized metal ties or rubber bands. The device forces the teeth into their perfect position.

They progressively straighten up the crookedness and move the teeth into their right positions. While the majority of braces are permanent, some may also be removably attached. Whatever method is most effective for you will be decided by your doctor. Once the conventional braces are removed, you will also need to wear removable aligners.

Invisible Braces:

Nearly invisible braces include those made by Aligners. Teenagers and adults are the only ones who should wear them.

Your mouth is fitted with the transparent plastic aligners. They are taken out and changed every two months and fit over each tooth like a mouth guard. Not advisable for serious dental alignment correction.

Expected Results

Most treatments will visibly straighten up the crooked and uneven teeth. They will seem straighter and more evenly spaced. Your teeth won’t return to being crooked and uneven because the effects are long-lasting. You’ll need 2-3 days to recover after the treatment.

crooked teeth treatment procedure


treatment pricing

You will get an exact astimated price of this treatment after the Consultation at Enfield Royal Clinic. 


What are the disadvantages of crooked teeth?

Cracked teeth, jaw strain, temporomandibular joint disease, and persistent migraines can all come from crooked teeths.

Is crooked teeth treatment painful?

No it is not painful to put braces on your teeth. The process of applying braces to your teeth takes one to two hours.

Do braces permanently straighten teeth?

Yes Braces are a safe and efficient way to permanently straighten almost everyone’s teeth. If your teeth are only slightly crowded or misaligned, you might not even require an orthodontic retainer.