Breast Reduction

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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also referred to as reduction mammaplasty, removes extra skin, fat, and tissues from the breast. If you have huge, out-of-proportion breasts, you might want to think about having this operation. Backache, neck pain, and other symptoms could be brought on by enlarged breasts.

The outcomes can be beneficial to both men and women who have gynecomastia. Your self-confidence and physical engagement in various processes may increase as a result of this surgery. Your ability to perform a certain type of employment may be restricted by macromastia or abnormally large breasts. You should only seek the advice of a surgeon who has received board certification if you are considering obtaining this treatment.

breast reduction how it works

How does it Work?

The surgeon often makes an incision down each breast, around the nipple and areola. reduces the size of each breast by removing extra breast tissue, fat, and skin. resets the nipple and the region around it, also called as the areola, and reshapes the breast.


A breast incision is used to remove extra skin, glandular tissue, or fat. Excess fat is removed using the excision method. The technique employed in this highly personalized operation depends on a number of different things.

There are several steps involved:

You will either receive local anesthetic, intravenous sedation, or both forms of anesthesia. The type of anesthetic to be used is decided by your surgeon.

The following types of incisions are possible:

Circular pattern around the areola

 This procedure leaves behind scars that are permanent but can be hidden by swimwear or bras. This kind of incision is made in a keyhole or racquet pattern all the way around the areola. an anchor-shaped or inverted T-shaped incision pattern.

Repositioning and tissue removal:

 Nipples are moved. The areola’s size can be decreased if necessary. Candidates’ preferences and worries are taken into account when reshaping the breasts. When it comes to your health, it’s important to take care of your body.

Closing incision

The incisions are closed in the final stage. Deep inside the breasts, sutures are placed. Although incision lines are permanent, they typically lighten and get much better with time.
breast reduction procedure
breast reduction before and after

Expected Results.

Surgery for breast reduction will have long-lasting effects. You should find it simpler to go past the discomfort and physical limitations you experienced prior to having your breasts lowered as a result of your new breast size.After a breast reduction procedure, full recovery can take two to six weeks.
You may need to take two to three weeks off from work, and you’ll undoubtedly need assistance with laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping.
You shouldn’t drive unless wearing your seatbelt is comfortable. There could be weeks between now and then.

Treatment Pricing.

Breast Reduction

Starting From

Breast Reduction


The starting cost of Breast Reduction in Riyadh is 35,000 SAR (+5% VAT). Standard price is 40,000 SAR (+5% VAT). Fill in the form to get an exact quote for your breasts!


What are the risks?

Any major surgery, including reducing the size of the breasts, carries the dangers of infection, scarring, and bleeding. Consider possible anesthetic side effects like nausea, dry mouth, or sore throat as well.

What are the causes that generally make women go for breast reduction?

If you want to alter your appearance or if you have huge breasts that are a factor in or a cause of:


Uncomfortable neck


Uncomfortable shoulders

a low back ache

persistent skin issues behind the breast fold

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