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Cost of Breast Reduction in Riyadh

Here's all that you need to know about breast reduction surgery, including the cost of breast reduction in Riyadh...
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Breast reduction surgery, commonly referred to as reduction mammaplasty, involves the removal of breast skin, breast tissue, and fat. Breast reduction surgery can reduce discomfort and enhance the look of persons who have large breasts. Additionally, breast reduction surgery could enhance one’s sense of self and capacity for physical activity. Before knowing the cost of breast reduction in Riyadh, you need to know some basics about the surgery.

Speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering breast reduction surgery. It’s critical to comprehend the dangers and potential problems associated with breast reduction surgery. Knowing what the procedure can and cannot do is also crucial.

How you prepare

Your plastic surgeon will likely:

  • Examine your medical background and general health.
  • Talk about the size and appearance of your ideal breasts following surgery.
  • Describe the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages, including the likelihood of scarring and potential loss of feeling.
  • Check and quantify your breasts.
  • To keep a record of your medical history, take breast photography.
  • Describe the kind of medication that was taken before surgery to put you to sleep.

What you can expect

In a hospital or outpatient surgical facility, breast reduction surgery is typically performed while the patient is under general anesthesia.

During the procedure

Your breast size reduction procedure may take a variety of forms. The procedure could involve:

  • via incisions, surgical
  • Liposuction to eliminate extra breast fat

The surgeon usually:

  • creates an incision down each breast, around each nipple, and areola.
  • reduces the size of each breast by removing extra skin, fat, and breast tissue.
  • resets the nipple and its surrounding area, also known as the areola, and reshapes the breast.

Normally, the nipple and its vicinity remain joined to the breast. The surgeon might need to remove excessively huge breasts and install a new nipple in their place.

Although your surgeon will work to make your breasts look similar, there may be some variation in breast size and form. The areola’s size may also be smaller. Even while the incision scars will eventually fade, they won’t disappear entirely.


The dangers of breast reduction surgery are the same as those of other major surgeries: bleeding, infection, and a negative anesthetic reaction. Additional dangers include:

  • Bruising is a transient condition.
  • Scarring
  • incapacity or difficulty breastfeeding
  • Size, shape, and appearance variations between the left and right breasts
  • Not being satisfied with the outcomes
  • Rarely, losing the feeling in your nipples, the skin around them, or both


The price of these operations might vary depending on several variables, including the patient’s health and the hospital where the treatment is carried out. The surgery cost of breast reduction in Riyadh typically ranges between 22,000 and 32,000 Saudi riyals, or $5,800 and $8,532.


Shoulder, neck, and upper back pain can be relieved by a successful breast reduction procedure. Additionally, it might improve one’s capacity for physical activity and foster a more positive view of oneself.

Results will be seen immediately, but it may take many months for the swelling to fully subside and for the surgical scars to disappear. Typically, the end outcome is durable. However, aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and other events can alter the size and contour of the breasts.

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