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Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like your lips don’t match the rest of your face? Have you considered lip fillers as a way to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a more balanced, youthful appearance? At Enfield Royal Saudia we understand how important it is to feel confident in your own skin, and we’re here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Let’s explore how lip fillers can transform your look and give you the confidence boost you deserve.

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24 - 48 Hours

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2 - 4 Weeks

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What are Lip fillers?

A cosmetic treatment used to add volume and enhance the shape of the lips.Hyaluronic acid, a chemical that occurs naturally in the body and aids in moisture retention and volume addition, is usually present in them.

Using a cannula or fine needle, the lip fillers are injected into the lips. The material then gives the lips volume, making them appear bigger and more angular. Lip fillers provide short-term effects that normally persist for a few months until the filler degrades naturally and is removed by the body.

In recent years, lip fillers have gained popularity throughout, especially in Riyadh. This is probably a result of people’s rising desire to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Lip fillers offer a quick and non-invasive option to obtain this look because many people think that bigger, more symmetrical lips are a sign of freshness and attractiveness.

However, it’s important to remember that a licensed and skilled medical expert should be the only one to administer lip fillers. This can lessen the possibility of adverse effects and guarantee the best outcomes.

Fillers can aid in lip border definition, giving the lips a more defined and shapely appearance.

Lip fillers Before And After Results

russian lip fillers before and after
Riyadh lip fillers at our clinic produce amazing results by enhancing the volume, contour, and definition of the lips. Depending on the patient, the filler used, and the practitioner’s competence, the results of a lip filler procedure can differ.

How do Lip Fillers Work?

A gel-like substance is injected into the lips as part of a cosmetic procedure called lip fillers in order to enhance its shape and volume. The operation can be carried out in a clinic or a doctor’s office and normally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.
lip filler procedure

Before the Procedure

To guarantee the finest results, it’s important to thoroughly prepare before having a lip filler treatment. Consider performing the following before the appointment:


Arrange a consultation with the doctor to go over your expectations for the procedure and to see whether you are a good candidate.

Medical history

Be ready to give the doctor your entire medical history, including any prescription drugs or dietary supplements you are taking at the moment as well as any pre-existing conditions.

Avoid Taking some Medications

Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, can make it more likely that you will bleed and bruise during the procedure. If you take any of these medications, be sure to let the doctor know. They might suggest that you cease taking them a few days prior to the surgery.

Avoid Alcohol

Since alcohol might increase the risk of bleeding and swelling, it is advised to abstain from it for at least 24 hours before the surgery. Caffeine should also be avoided in the hours leading up to the surgery because it can increase anxiety and heart rate.


The doctor may also perform a physical examination and order blood tests to assess your overall health and check for any potential contraindications. It’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully before the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to discuss them with the doctor during the consultation.

During the Procedure

procedure for russian lip fillers in saudi arabia
The following steps are usually included in the lip filler procedure:

Cleaning and Numbing

To lessen discomfort during the treatment, the skin surrounding the lips will be cleaned. A numbing substance, such as a topical anesthetic or a local anesthetic, may also be administered.

Marking and Preparation

The doctor will mark the region he or she wants to treat and choose the right filler. It will be combined with a sterile solution to create the filler.


The filler is injected into the lips in tiny amounts using a thin needle or cannula. To produce a natural-looking effect, the provider will meticulously adjust the filler’s volume and location.

Volume Adding

The filler will give the lips more volume once it is injected. The service provider will apply their knowledge to balance the upper and lower lips in an appealing way.

Post-Procedure Care

Following a lip filler operation, it’s important to stick to the aftercare recommendations given by your healthcare professional to reduce risks and guarantee the finest outcomes. Some typical aftercare recommendations include the following:

Avoid Strenuous Activity

To reduce swelling and bruising, it is advised to avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 to 48 hours following the surgery and limit movement of the treated area.

Apply Ice

For the first 24 hours after treatment, applying ice to the treated region might help lessen pain and swelling.

Avoid Touching the Lips

Touching or rubbing the treated region can change where the filler is placed and raise infection risks.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, a helmet, or lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from sun exposure.

Avoid Certain Substances

For the first 24 hours following the surgery, refrain from using straws, drinking alcohol, or smoking as these activities might induce edema and raise the possibility of infection.

Follow-Up Appointments

To assess the procedure’s outcomes and make any necessary modifications, your clinician will schedule a follow-up consultation.

What to Expect after Lip Fillers

Following a lip filler procedure, you can anticipate:

Results can be seen right away, with the lips looking larger and more defined as a consequence of the lip filler procedure.

Swelling and bruising

Swelling and bruising are common side effects of surgery, and they should go away within a few days to a week.

Minor discomfort

You might feel a little tenderness or mild discomfort in the treated area, which you can alleviate with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Sensational changes

For a few hours or days following the treatment, the lips could feel strange or numb.

Final outcomes

Depending on the type of filler used, the final effects of the lip filler procedure will be visible within a few days to a week. The results often endure for several months.

Your healthcare provider will arrange a follow-up consultation to review the findings and make any required modifications.

lip filler results

Lip Fillers Techniques

In Riyadh, lip fillers are applied using a variety of methods, including:

Subdermal Injection Technique

In this method, the filler is injected just beneath the skin, near the muscle. As a result, the improvement is long-lasting and natural-looking.

Overfilling technique

The overfilling procedure includes injecting more filler into the lips than is required and then massaging the extra material into the lips to give them a more pronounced and voluminous appearance.

Infraorbital Rim Augmentation

This procedure includes injecting filler into the bony area around the eye socket known as the infraorbital rim. This method can give the top lip more volume and improve the overall look of the lips.

Enhancement of the cupid's bow

This procedure includes injecting filler into the cupid’s bow, or the V-shaped region in the middle of the upper lip. The upper lip’s definition and shape can be improved with this method.

The optimal strategy for you will depend on your specific demands and goals. Each technique has advantages of its own and can yield various results.

For your lip filler procedure, it’s crucial to select a licensed and experienced professional because the quality and expertise of the injector can have a significant impact on both the outcome and the adverse effects.

In order to get the desired outcomes with the least amount of dangers and side effects, at Enfield Royal Saudia We have expert dermatologists that will boost your confidence and facial looks with great expertise. Get a FREE CONSULTATION with us today!

Finding the Best Lip Filler Clinic in Riyadh

The following criteria should be taken into account while choosing a lip filler clinic in Riyadh:

Qualifications and Expertise of the Practitioner

Look for a practitioner who has experience, training, and a license to provide lip filler procedures. The best outcomes can be ensured and difficulties can be reduced by selecting a practitioner who has obtained specific training in facial anatomy.


At Enfield Royal Saudia we offer exceptional customer service and are receptive to your inquiries and worries.

Cost of Lip Fillers In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lip Fillers

Starting From
SAR 1200

Lip Fillers

SAR 1350

Lip fillers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia typically cost between 1,200 SAR and 1,350 SAR per 1 ml of filler. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this is only an estimate and the final price in Riyadh, can vary significantly based on a number of variables, such as:

Used Filler Type

Prices for different filler types vary, with some being more expensive than others.

Experience of the Practitioner

The cost of the treatment can be impacted by the experience and credentials of the practitioner, with more experienced practitioners frequently charging more.


The price of lip fillers might also vary depending on the clinic’s location, with more expensive clinics located in more affluent locations.

Number of Syringes Needed

The price of the therapy will also depend on how many syringes are needed to produce the desired outcome.
It’s crucial to remember that choosing a clinic shouldn’t just be based on how much lip fillers will cost you. It’s important to take into account the effectiveness of the therapy and the outcomes. It’s always better to select a licensed, experienced professional who uses premium fillers and has a track record of delivering outstanding outcomes.

Risks of lip fillers

Lip fillers in Riyadh include risks and adverse effects just like any medical procedure. The following are some of the most common risks associated with lip fillers:


  • Swelling and bruising are frequent side effects of lip filler injections, particularly in the days right after the operation. Within a few days, these side effects typically go away on their own.


  • Infection is an uncommon but dangerous complication associated with lip fillers. It’s critical to select a trained professional with experience who employs sterile procedures and adheres to correct aftercare guidelines in order to reduce the danger of infection.

Rarely, some people may experience an adverse reaction to the filler substance used in lip fillers. An allergic reaction may cause swelling, redness, and itching.

Benefits Of Lip Fillers

The following are a few of the most typical outcomes that can be obtained using lip fillers:

Increased Volume

Lip fillers can give the lips more volume, making them look fuller and younger.

Enhanced Definition

Fillers can aid in lip border definition, giving the lips a more defined and shapely appearance.

Improved Symmetry

Fillers can be used to balance uneven or asymmetrical lips, giving them a more symmetrical and aesthetically acceptable look.

Lip Line Correction

Lip fillers can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
lip filler how it works


For those seeking to improve their lips and obtain a more youthful and revitalized appearance, lip fillers in Riyadh provide a secure and reliable alternative. Increased volume, improved definition, improved symmetry, and the repair of lip wrinkles are all advantages of lip fillers.

The finest outcomes and reduced dangers from lip fillers can be obtained by selecting a trained and experienced practitioner. The Enfield Royal Riyadh clinic employs a group of skilled and experienced medical professionals that are committed to giving their patients the finest outcomes possible.

We recommend scheduling an appointment with Enfield Royal Riyadh clinic if you’re curious to learn more about lip fillers and what they can do for you. You will have the chance to talk about your objectives and discover more about the lip filler treatment choices that are available to you during your appointment. You can obtain remarkable results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful with the proper therapy and aftercare.


How to treat edema after lip fillers?

Swelling or edema is a frequent adverse reaction to lip fillers. The following actions can be taken to reduce the swelling:


Apply cold compresses: 


Applying a cold compress to the affected area will help reduce swelling and ease any pain or discomfort. Examples of such cold compresses are an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas.


Elevating your head while you sleep can aid in reducing swelling and enhancing blood flow to the injured area.


Avoid hot showers, saunas, and other hot environments since they can exacerbate the edema.


Avoid alcohol and salty foods because they can make you swell more and make your body retain fluid.

How long does 1ml of lip fillers last?

The quantity of product used, the type of filler used, the person’s age and lifestyle, and the duration of lip fillers all affect how long they last. The effects of 1 mL of lip filler typically last between 6 and 12 months.


It’s crucial to remember that the length of the effects of lip fillers can vary widely from person to person and depends on a number of variables, including the metabolism, way of life, and type of filler used.

Are lip fillers safe?

Lip filler injections are generally considered safe when performed by a qualified healthcare professional who has the proper training and experience. However, like any medical procedure, lip fillers carry certain risks and side effects.

Common side effects of lip fillers include swelling, redness, pain, itching, and bruising at the injection site. These side effects usually resolve on their own within a few days to a week.

Dos and don'ts after lip fillers?

After the surgery, bruising, swelling, and stiffness can be minimized for at least 24 hours by using ice, arnica tablets, avoiding hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms, as well as engaging in excessive exercise.

Can I sleep on my side after lip fillers?

For the first 24 to 48 hours following the operation, it is advised to avoid sleeping on your side to lessen pressure on the treated area and lower the likelihood of swelling. Swelling can also be reduced by sleeping with your head raised on a pillow.

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