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Cost of Lip Fillers in Riyadh

Lip fillers are in fashion these days. If you're in Saudi Arabia, here's the cost of lip fillers in Riyadh. Read more...

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One of the most popular and frequently requested aesthetic medicine procedures in Saudi Arabia today focuses on enhancing the appearance of the lips. The reasons for its success include the fact that it is a treatment for people of all ages, is non-invasive, has a short recovery period, and is also reasonably priced for Lip Fillers in Saudi Arabia. The extremely young need it to promote skin elasticity and lip volume, and the less young need it to stop aging and get their lips back to their former shape and volume. The Lip Filler is also applied as an additional therapy to address the flaw of mouth wrinkles.

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

The price of lip fillers in Saudi Arabia can start from 1,200 SAR. After the initial appointment, the doctor will decide the final cost because it depends on several variables, such as:

  • Sessions count
  • Quantity of Fillers
  • Name of the Fillers
  • Doctor’s Knowledge
  • Clinic’s Address
  • to-be-treated areas
  • desired outcomes

What is Included in the Price of the Lip Filler?

The final treatment cost will be decided including the following factors:

Initial and Follow-Up Sessions:

A preliminary consultation with the aesthetic physician enables the patient to determine whether lip filler is the best course of action for the outcome he seeks. At Enfield Royal Clinic, the initial consultation is completely free. It is advised to undertake a few preparatory tests, which may cost extra or be included in the final price if the patient has numerous risks or is extremely allergic to certain substances.

Treatment Sessions:

The amount of filler injected should not have an impact on the final cost because the doctor is required to open a new product package for every patient. The price may potentially go up depending on how many sessions are necessary to get the desired results.


The type and quantity of fillers required to produce the desired outcomes also raise the price.

What can Raise the Price of Lip Filler?

The operator and the product users have the biggest impact on how much Lip Fillers cost in Riyadh. There are specialist lip fillers, and while they are undoubtedly more expensive, they are typically advised to get the best results. It must be kept in mind that if the patient is mainly concerned about an increase in lip volume and it is decided to keep the volume effect over time, it will be essential to make periodic recalls that have an impact on the ultimate cost.

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