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Kybella Treatment

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What Is Kybella Treatment?

Kybella is an innovative non-surgical treatment for fat removal in the double chin area. A synthetic form of bile acid is injected, targeting the fat and directly dissolving it. This procedure doesn't include any incisions and stitches.

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how does it

How does it

Kybella treatment is an alternative for liposuction. This treatment is mainly done on the double chin region to dissolve fat. A synthetic form of bile acid is injected into your double chin to break its fat cells. Then your body will eliminate fat cells broken down from kybella, giving you an aesthetically pleasing chin without submental fat.





  • Before the procedure, the surgeon advises the patient to stop using blood thinning drugs.
  • A sterilized syringe of deoxycholic acid is used in the fat tissue to break double chin fats.
  • The surgeon will perform this procedure with precision in the dermis layer.
  • After needling, pressure is applied to every needled area for the even distribution of injected liquid.
  • There are six sessions of this treatment; according to the patient’s result, each treatment is performed within 30 days.
  • This procedure takes 30 minutes to complete and could top up to 60 minutes.
Double Chin Removal Procedure
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Kybella Treatment shows results right after a few weeks of the treatment. Some patients go through more than two treatments with a gap of 30 days. This procedure involves fewer risks as compared to surgical procedures. The overall recovery time for this procedure is one month, but this factor depends on a person’s immune system. The more robust the immune system, the faster it will take to recover, and quicker results will be visible.


treatment pricing

The starting price of Kybella Treatment in Riyadh is determined after consultation with the surgeon at Enfield Royal Clinic. Fill the form to know the right price for you!


What are kybella side effects?

Just like other treatments, Kybella also shows side effects. These side effects include chin bruising, neck or mouth pain, difficulty smiling, and swallowing discomfort. Apart from that, there are injury and infection chances, but they are minor compared to surgeries.

What are kybella results after one treatment?

After one treatment, you’ll have minor swelling and bruising in your chin area for a week or so. Then gradually, your double chin will start to demolish after 7 to 8 weeks, and you will have visible results.

How many kybella treatments will I need?

There is a total of 6 sessions of treatments based on the patient’s plan. Patients with less double chin take only one procedure. Some clients take more than 2 – 3 treatments for immediate and efficient results. Treatment sessions depend upon the size of a double chin. Each treatment is scheduled with a gap of one month.