Smoker’s Lips

Smoker’s Lips

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What are Smoker’s Lips?

Black lips are a trademark of smokers. This is due to cigarettes' high nicotine content, which lowers blood flow and induces the formation of melanin. Lips and gums get black in this fashion, resulting in the most erratic coloring. Lips are often dark and blotchy purple.

Why Is Smoking So Bad For Your Lips

How Does it

How does it

You may have the most dramatically brighter lips and surrounding skin thanks to our lip brightening techniques. The advantages of our Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Saudi Arabia are listed below.  
  • Soft, young, and pink lips
  • Regenerated skin
  • Affordable
  • Enduring outcomes



Do you not adore the natural pink tone of the lips? While giving up smoking can frequently halt additional harm to your mouth, its consequences are still felt. At our clinic, we use a variety of techniques to restore the natural, long-lasting pinkish hue to your lips.

The most successful method of treating a smoker’s lips in the UAE is detailed below.

Lips Mask: 
  • If you have dry lips, a lip mask is your best bet. A dermatologist’s mask designed specifically for the targeted region is applied. Its main components, turmeric, lemon juice, and glycerine, are blended with substances that provide vitamin A or E.
  • Your life might drastically change as a result of this 15-minute practice.
  • Injections: Lip-brightening injections are mostly collage-based. It produces a rosily pink tone, plumping the lips and filling in scars. They can provide some volume to lips to give them a great pout in addition to a pinkish shine.
  • Chemical peels exfoliate the lips softly. Its process entails the cautious application of the right peel to the lips. You’ll be aiming for brighter lips over several sessions.
  • The most recent way to enhance lip color is laser therapy. It has been considered as one of Saudi Arabia’s top treatments for dark lips up to this point.
  • Dermatologists initially clean the lips during therapy to get rid of any debris. Next, local anesthetic is used to provide a comfortable procedure. After that, the lips are repeatedly softly treated with an ablative laser. The excess melanin is broken down, the skin is deeply penetrated, new cells are stimulated, and the pink baby lips are quickly revealed.

Important: For noticeable rapid results, the same laser treatment must be performed numerous times.

smokers lips treatment procedure
smokers lips before and after





Results of each smoker’s lips therapy vary. Pink lips, however, are the frequent outcome that can be seen after all operations. No doubt exists regarding efficacy. If your practitioner has the right training, you might anticipate getting more worthwhile outcomes.


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Smoker’s Lips are not treated at our clinic through Laser. Fill in the form and our staff will contact you and inform you about other better alternatives that we can provide you. The first consultation is completely FREE!


How long does it take for a smoker's lip to go away?

The American Academy of Oral Medicine states that there is no cure for the discoloration in your mouth, but if you stop smoking, your tissue will probably recover to its natural color within 36 months.

Can your lips turn back pink?

By employing straightforward remedies like lip balms, washes, or masks, people can achieve pink lips naturally. But the impact will only last a short while. Numerous at-home remedies for pinker lips operate by boosting blood flow to the region, which will afterwards return to normal.