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What is a beard Hair Transplant?

By using a method called beard hair transplantation, parts of the face where facial hair normally grow are given new hair. This surgical technique can be done on the cheeks, beard, sideburns, and goatee and moustache areas. Acne scars and other sorts of face scars can be covered up using a facial hair transplant in Riyadh!

beard hair transplant how it works

How Does it

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplant will be used by the surgeon (FUT). In an FUE procedure, individual hair follicle units are extracted. The doctor will decide whether to harvest the units from the scalp or another area. A little strip of genetically unaltered follicular units is removed from the donor region during an FUT surgery. The strip is divided into individual follicular units, which are then implanted.


The specifics of the patient’s beard hair transplant treatment will be discussed in detail, but normally, one or occasionally two hairs are implanted at a time at the angle at which the facial hair grows naturally. The hair must be perfectly positioned into tiny, angled incisions at the same angle and direction as your facial hair development during this delicate technique. 350 to 500 grafts are normally placed during a beard hair transplant process for the moustache area, 600 to 700 grafts for a full goatee, 200 to 250 grafts for each sideburn, and 300 to 700 grafts for the cheek beard. Although it’s uncommon, a second surgery to add more hair may be necessary depending on the desired beard density.

beart hair transplant procedure
beard hair transplant results


Depending on the amount of hair being transplanted and the extent of the area to be covered, the process can take anywhere from two to eight hours and is often carried out under a moderate sedative. Both the treatment and the healing process are essentially painless. After the surgery, each transplanted hair develops a little crust for the first five days. The area where the beard was transplanted needs to be kept absolutely dry for these five days. It will be clear that something has been done to the face for at least the first three to four days following the beard transplant. The new hairs start to fall out two weeks following the transplant. This is typical, and three months after the treatment, the facial hair will begin to grow again. They’ll carry on growing the rest of the life.

Cost of
beard transplant in Saudi Arabia

Beard hair transplant

Starting From

The starting cost of Beard Hair Transplant in Enfield Royal Saudia, KSA is 7,000 SAR (+5% VAT) per sessionat our Hair Clinic. Multiple sessions may be required to get the optimum result. Fill in the form to get an exact quote for you!


Can beards be transplanted?

Surgery to transplant hair into the beard region is known as beard hair transplant surgery. Scar concealment can also be accomplished using facial hair transplants. The procedure for a beard hair transplant is the same as for a hair transplant. Like normal facial hair, the transplanted hair grows and maybe shaven.

Do beard hair transplants last a lifetime?

A surgical option for hair that is thinning down is a hair transplant. The outcomes of a hair transplant are thought to be irreversible, making them permanent. That does not, however, imply that how your hair transplant appears once it heals will be how it appears for the rest of your life.

How bad does a beard hair transplant hurt?

After and During the Treatment: As with a scalp hair transplant, this procedure is essentially painless. The majority of it is carried out using the FUE hair transplant technique, in which the surgeon gathers the necessary follicular grafts.