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What are Dental Space Maintainers?

Dental space maintainers are tools used to keep enough space free for permanent teeth to develop after baby teeth are lost at an early stage.They provide space for the proper adult teeth to develop. Additionally, they stop the adjacent baby teeth from growing into the gap.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers dental space maintainers and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

dental space maintenance how it works

How does it Work?

How does it

Space maintainers keep the space left by a lost baby tooth open so that the permanent tooth may develop and erupt normally.

A child’s teeth might shift into an open area after losing their baby teeth, which can cause issues that may require Dental treatment in the future.




There are various types of dental space maintainers in Riyadh.

    Removable space maintainers are often constructed of acrylic and resemble orthodontic equipment. In some situations, a gap that needs to be left open for the missing tooth may be filled with an artificial tooth.
    Fixed space maintainers come in four distinct varieties: unilateral, crown and loop, distal shoe, and lingual.
    To keep the room open for one tooth, unilateral and crown and loop space maintainers are positioned on one side of the mouth.
    To make sure there is space for the growing tooth, the crown and loop is a real dental crown that covers the tooth and is attached to the loop.
    The first permanent molar tooth that has not emerged is typically treated with the distal shoe space maintainer. Because the metal end is typically placed into the gum line to prevent the open area from closing, it is a more difficult space maintainer.
    A wire on the inside of the lower front teeth connects the lingual space maintainer, which may be bonded to molar teeth. This is usually employed when there are several missing teeth.
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Children often need a few days to get used to the discomfort and sometimes pain of space maintainers.Sugary and chewy foods should be avoided after having a space maintainer, and the region should be well cleansed to prevent plaque buildup. The space maintainer can be taken out after the emergence of the permanent tooth. Follow-up appointments for x-rays will be scheduled to see whether the therapy is effective.


treatment pricing

The cost of Dental Space Maintainers in Riyadh, Enfield Royal Saudia can vary depending on the type of maintainer used and the specifics of the patient’s dental space. Fill in the form to book a FREE consultation and know the right price for you!


When should dental space maintainers be removed?

By regularly taking X-rays, your child’s dentist will monitor the development of the impending permanent tooth. The space maintainer is pulled out when the tooth is ready to erupt. The space maintainer will be required till your child’s growth is finished if there are no permanent teeth (age 16 to 18).

Which is the best space maintainer?

It is true to say that primary teeth are the best at maintaining space for the permanent dentition.