Adipose lipolysis

adipose lipolysis

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What Is Adipose lipolysis?

Injection lipolysis is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and lipoplasty for body contouring Problem areas like the double chin or love handles can be properly treated with the injectable lipolysis technique to remove pockets of fat deposits (fat pads beneath the skin).Lipolysis is not only a simple metabolic process it is also triggered by catecholamines and stopped by insulin.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers adipose lipolysis and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

Adipose Lipolysis how it works

how does it

how does it

It works by injecting a series of injections that are frequently used to dissolve the stubborn fat, which is then peeled off the skin. Chemicals used in the treatment contribute the breakdown of fat deposits.By dissolving fat cells with lasers, lipolysis lowers the amount of fat deposits. The skin around the treatment region is also tightened during this treatment.

Fat is removed in the treatment region as a result of the destruction of the cell membrane, which causes the fat cells to liquefy, disintegrate, and die.





  • For this surgery local anesthesia is used.
  • Chemicals are injected into the cleaned surgical site using a very small needle.
  • They are injected in a grid pattern that has been pre marked.
  • Typically, 2 to 5 sessions per region are conducted, spaced a few weeks apart.
  • Most people just need one or two sessions to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Adipose injections at Enfield Royal Clinic Saudia include natural ingredients that help in breakdown of fat.
Adipose Lipolysis procedure
Adipose Lipolysis results



Fat cells are destroyed after injection lipolysis treatment; they are permanently destroyed and cannot regrow. The results will last a lifetime. The broken down adipose tissue in the treated regions takes time to be absorbed and removed by the body. Therefore, it may take 4 to 8 weeks for the results of injectable lipolysis to become fully apparent. Up to 12 weeks following the therapy, more improvements could be seen.


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At Enfield Royal Saudia, we recommend Fat Melting Injections as a better and more durable solution to the problem of stubborn fat pockets in the body.


Does lipolysis make you lose weight?

Generally Lipolysis targets Smaller fat deposits on some body areas. If you want to lose fat from your stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks, you could be a good candidate.

Where adipose tissue is found?

Body fat is a common term for adipose tissue. It is located everywhere on the body. It can be found in breast tissue, between muscles, within bone marrow, under the skin (subcutaneous fat), and packed around internal organs (visceral fat).

Why is lipolysis increased in diabetes?

Increased fatty acid release from fat cells is caused by increased lipolysis in adipocytes as a result of insufficient insulinization.

Are lipolysis injections painful?

You’ll feel mild pain however injections may sting for a short amount of time as with any needle-based treatments but overall discomfort is minor.

What are the side effects of injection lipolysis?

Risk of side effects is very low. Redness, swelling, discomfort, numbness, or hardness of the skin at the injection site are the most common side effects.These effects are temporary.