Silicone Nose Surgery

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What is Silicone Nose Surgery?

Silicone nose surgery is a new trend. There are several techniques to change the size and contour of the nose. By having various nose surgeries, you can increase the nose's bridge or make the nostrils smaller or bigger.The skin covering the nasal bones and cartilages is gently raised through these small incisions, providing access to modify the structure of the nose with the use of a medical-grade silicone implant.

Enfield Royal Saudia offers silicone nose job treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

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How does it Work?

In a conventional rhinoplasty, material—typically cartilage—is inserted in the nasal bridge to increase the nose’s overall size. It is risk-free since the patient’s own cartilage is utilized to create the desired modification, while synthetic materials may be employed if the cartilage is insufficient. A silicone nasal implant is the most typical synthetic material utilized by most surgeons. For many years, doctors have been altering the nose using this implant. It is quite efficient at producing lifting effects, safe to use, and FDA approved.



A nose operation improves facial symmetry and increases one’s confidence. But you should take into account the following guidelines in order to get the finest post-procedure outcomes from silicone nose surgery.

  • If you smoke, you must stop at least one month before the procedure.
  • Make sure the surgeon is aware of all of your medical history.
  • Aspirin-containing medications should be avoided since they may hinder your ability to recover.
  • One month before surgery, you are strongly recommended from using any herbal supplements.

Under general anesthesia, silicone nose surgery takes one to three hours and is less difficult than rhinoplasty.
In order to correctly insert the implants, surgeons create a tiny incision in the nose. The implants are positioned such that, in the region of the bridge, they blend in with the nasal bones. You can either remain overnight or depart the clinic the next day. Bring a responsible adult with you to drive you safely home.

silicon nose surgery procedure
silicon nose surgery before and after


When you emerge from the healing stage, you’ll see that the bridge area has improved. Within a few days, the nose normally settles into its ideal position. Nose tips won’t lose their shape anymore. You won’t see the ultimate alteration in the nose’s form for two to three months.

Treatment Pricing.

Silicone Nose Surgery

Starts from

The starting price of Silicone Nose Surgery in Riyadh is roughly 20,000 SAR (+5% VAT). The price can change from case to case, so fill in the form to get a FREE consultation and know the right price for you!


Is silicone nose surgery safe?

Although silicone nose surgery is generally safe and produces good results, occasionally unanticipated adverse effects can happen. Bleeding, fluid leakage, infection, or hematoma are possible. Additionally, if you hire an unskilled surgeon for your operation, implants may make your nose seem odd.

What are the benefits of silicone nose surgery?

  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Implants can be precisely tailored to achieve a patient's objectives.
  • cleared after testing for unequal nose bridges

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