Profhilo Injections Treatment

Profhilo Injections Treatment

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What is Profhilo Injections Treatment?

A profhilo injection is a type of cosmetic therapy that comprises of legal amounts of hyaluronic acid that, when injected into the skin, fills in wrinkles quickly. It firms the skin and promotes collagen production.

Collagen is the skin's building block, and it promotes suppleness. Elastin, a secondary protein to collagen, is also generated by profhilo injection, which increases hydration and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles. Fortunately, the results of the profhilo injection lasted approximately 6 months.

Profhilo Treatment how it works

How Does it

How does it

Fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, and droopy skin are all examples of ageing indications. When people reach their 30s, they begin to notice some of these ageing indicators. It is a skin remodeling procedure that restores the skin’s lost radiance, youthfulness, and beauty. It boosts the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. This skin rejuvenation procedure provides great benefits for ageing patients. If your skin is dry, weary, and dull, this is the finest solution for you. The therapy stimulates collagen and elastin formation while releasing HA slowly. Profhilo also helps to diminish the visibility of wrinkles, acne scars, and expression lines. It is worth noting that two sessions are all that is required to achieve the optimum outcomes.



Before getting a Profhilo treatment, it is critical that you follow your dermatologist’s recommendations. It aids in achieving the intended therapy outcomes. The following are some popular instructions:

  • Avoid extended and direct sun exposure. 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • Stop smoking since it slows down the healing process.
  • Take all prescribed medications on a regular basis (if any)
  • One week before the surgery, refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages.

If you follow all of these recommendations, we guarantee that the treatment will produce remarkable and promising outcomes.

How does it work?

To improve the overall texture of the skin, an increased concentration of HA is injected into five separate critical spots on each side of the face. This is a quick anti-aging technique that can be done during lunch. In order to inject Hyaluronic acid into the skin, a syringe is used. As a result, at the end of the session, the skin is firmer, tighter, and smoother.

profhilo injections procedure
profhilo before and after





One session is insufficient to achieve satisfactory therapeutic results. Fuller results often take 3 to 4 months to manifest, however some occur quickly after the first session. It stays in the skin for roughly a month, stimulating the skin’s protein while progressively releasing HA. It gives sagging skin a renewed and rejuvenating lift.


treatment pricing


1 session
SAR 1,500


2 sessions
SAR 2,500

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What are its benefits?

  • tightens the loose skin
  • improves skin texture and tone yields more natural and subtle effects
  • Increases skin hydration and improves skin suppleness.

Is profhilo better than botox?

Whereas Botox is most suited for the upper face, Profhilo is best suited for the mid and lower face, as well as other delicate skin areas including the neck, décolletage, wrists, and knees.

Does Profhilo make you look younger?

This treatment has proven to be excellent for persons who have wrinkles, crepiness, or loose skin. It smooths out wrinkles and makes your skin appear clear, immaculate, and faultless. Tightening your skin lifts it, making you appear younger and fresher.