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What Is Dental bonding cement?

Dental cement is a glue used to attach a variety of dental and orthodontic products to the tooth surface called dental cement. Dental cement is used for temporary or permanent fillings and is available in a number of forms due to its wide range of uses. Chemical substances known as dental cement are used to join two surfaces. Enfield Royal Saudi Arabia offers dental bonding cements treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in KSA.

dental bonding how does it works 1

How does
it works?

how does
it works?

If two different surfaces have a layer of cement between them that dries, the cement hardens and links with the surfaces that it is contacting causing the two surfaces to attach. At the dentist’s office, a light-curing tool is used to speed up the curing process for some types of resin-based cement.





  • The first phase in this procedure is getting your teeth professionally cleaned. 
  • To guarantee the best possible adherence of the adhesive substance to the tooth, the teeth are thoroughly cleansed of plaque.
  • Anesthesia is applied to get rid of discomfort
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to separate from saliva,carefully clean and polish the surface, and apply adhesive.
  • At last the shape is adjusted and polished before the permanent restorative substance is placed.
dental bonding cement procedure

Treatment Results

Treatment Results

When a treatment is done properly, the results are better than expected. A properly constructed false tooth matches the actual one in terms of size, color, and form. You may select the color shade that will most closely resemble the natural color of your teeth due to the range of materials available.

Dental bonding cement results


treatment pricing

You can get your dental bonding cement treatment from Enfield Royal Clinic at Affordable prices. 


How long does it take for a dental bonding to harden?

During dental bonding, your dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin on your teeth and wait for it to set. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes for this to completely harden.

Does teeth bonding hurt?

The tooth bonding process is not painful. You most likely won’t even require painkillers. However, following the operation, you can feel some tooth sensitivity to heat and cold.