Butt Fillers in Riyadh

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Do you wish you had a bigger butt that makes you look more confident and give you certainty? You just have to look into the developing prominence of Butt Fillers In Riyadh. More individuals in Saudi Arabia’s capital have utilized this strategy to upgrade the volume and state of their butts. For individuals wanting a curvier outline, butt fillers give a perfect, helpful, and ideal choice.

Procedure Time

30 - 60 Mins


3 - 7 Days

Back to Work

5 - 7 Days


3 - 7 Days

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 1500 to 2500 SAR

  • Type of Procedure: Non-Surgical

  • Time of Procedure: Less than an hour

What are Butt Fillers?

It is a restorative method that is utilized to upgrade the size and form of your butt. By infusing specific dermal fillers, this inventive method can give you the perfect constitution you’ve always wanted.

Non Surgical Bum Lift Before After

non surgical bum lift before after

By infusing fillers that work on the type of your butt and make it look more full, the treatment produces powerful and reliable outcomes, helping your confidence. It is a fast procedure that leaves no scars.

Benefits of Buttock Fillers

The following are some of the immediate advantages of the treatment:

  • This simplifies it and is powerful to feature your bends, giving you the results you’ve desired for a long time.
  • With butt fillers, you can stay away from the risks and margin time related to traditional surgeries while obtaining similar outcomes.
  • Specialists utilize premium fillers to convey results that seem normal and undeniably fit your body type.
  • To accomplish your particular objectives, these can be custom-made, providing you with the most ideal expansion.
  • Feel quick enjoyment as you see superior volume and structure soon after the procedure.

Optimal Candidates for Butt Fillers

If you need bigger and shaped buttocks that would favor a detailed strategy, these fillers are the most perfect solution for you. The following people are ideal

  • If you have any desire to work on the presence of a level or hanging butt by adding volume and lift.
  • The individuals who want a safe, painless treatment choice since they are hesitant to go through a medical procedure.
  • Having reasonable assumptions for the effects and understanding that they improve your regular shapes as opposed to giving you a new structure is fundamental.


Before receiving butt fillers in Riyadh, you must take the following steps.

  • Make a consultation to examine your issues, clinical history, and desired results with a certified plastic specialist.
  • During the conference, the specialist will assess your overall well-being to decide if you are a decent contender for the system.
  • Understanding how to Find everything to be familiar with butt filler medical procedure, including the advantages, expected risks, and how to recover from it.
  • You ought to submit to any pre-medical procedure guidelines your plastic specialist might have given you, for example, avoiding any homegrown enhancements or meds that can affect the method.butt


The following are techniques utilized in the butt filler treatment in Riyadh:


The specialist will utilize the area of sedation to guarantee your comfort throughout the strategy.

Infusion of Filler

To form and highlight the volume of your butt, the surgeon will infuse the chosen dermal filler into a specific region of your butt.

Accuracy and skill

Plastic surgeons will utilize their ability to achieve the ideal consequences while considering your body type and graceful objectives.

Checking and changes

Through the method, the specialist will watch out for the infusion and make any absolute changes in harmony with balance and time.


It’s important to follow with the recommended aftercare rules after your butt-filling strategy:

  • For some time, relax and allow your body to heal. For a couple of days, take part in some activity and keep away from the exhausting effort.
  • Your specialist could recommend wearing pressure garments to reduce edema and improve results.
  • Adhere to the specific post-care suggestions given by your plastic specialist, including any suggestions for drug and skincare schedules.
  • Keeping up with all planned meetings will permit your specialist to monitor your advancement and guarantee the best effects.

Side effects

Some of the risks are as follows

  • You can have a little swelling, enlarging, or bruising where the infusions are. In a couple of days, these secondary effects should vanish.
  • Some people might encourage sensitivity to the filler material. Advising your specialist regarding any known sensitivities before the procedure is essential
  • Observing the right aftercare rules and keeping up with basic cleanliness can help to bring down the risk of disease.


You can rapidly continue your daily exercises after having butt fillers as a result of their fast recovery times:

Beginning Outcomes: Your butt will appear to be unique after a medical procedure concerning size and shape.
Mild swelling and growing: Initially it will show up yet these random effects will go down within a couple of days or weeks.
Eventual outcomes: The total and super durable impacts will be noticeable once any development has dispersed, normally within half a month.
Results: The strength changes relying upon the filler utilized. Your specialist can provide you with the most professional method to keep up with your outcomes.

Buttock Filler Injection Cost

Butt Fillers

Starting From
SAR 1500

Butt Fillers

SAR 2500

The expense of Butt fillers in Riyadh differs relying on various boundaries, going from SAR 1500 to SAR 2500.

  • Sessions required.
  • Type of fillers.
  • Condition of the treatment area.
  • Name and location of the clinic.
  • Expertise and skills of the doctor.


Butt Fillers in Riyadh offers a brilliant opportunity to highlight your bends and have the hindquarters you’ve without exception needed. The advantage of non-surgeries is that they permit you to accomplish results that seem normal without the requirement for nosy medical procedures. Our specialists at Enfield Royal Saudi give individualized treatment while using state-of-the-art strategies to deliver phenomenal outcomes.

Improve your Bends by picking us!

Our profoundly prepared and experienced plastic specialists have generally delivered results that seem normal. We put a high need on customer loyalty to make your expectations as charming as could be expected. Why not have a consultation with us right now?

Book an Appointment to Shape Your Butt

Is it true or not that you are fit for highlighting your bends and accomplishing the butt you’ve without exception needed? Contact us immediately to reserve a spot. Our specialists will walk you through the process and answer any inquiries you might have. Try not to put off embracing your new butt and certainty any longer!


When do butt fillers stop functioning?

Depending upon the kind of filler utilized, impacts can take anyplace somewhere in the range of one and two years.

How safe are these?

These are normally viewed as protected when done by a qualified practitioner. Picking a reliable and experienced surgeon is essential.

What predominant fixings are utilized as butt fillers?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and fat joining (utilizing your body’s fat) are the two materials most often utilized for butt fillers.

Is the method uncomfortable?

The activity causes just minor inconvenience, and the region is regularly desensitized with a sedative.

How long does the procedure require?

It is usually completed in 1 to 2 hours depending on the area.

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