Waist Sculpting

Waist Sculpting

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What is Waist Sculpting?

A waist sculpting technique is a type of body contouring surgery. This is a fully cosmetic surgical technique that is particularly beneficial in shaping the center portion of the body (torso/waist). Body shaping operations employ a number of distinct techniques. The goal of a waist sculpting operation is to eliminate extra fat deposits around the waist while also tightening the underlying connective tissue. This operation is extremely beneficial following a significant weight loss that leaves excess skin hanging around the waist (or even love handles). This procedure results in a more beautiful smooth and curvaceous waist.

Waist Sculpting procedure

How Does it

How does it

Each body countring surgery is unique, and there are numerous treatments available for Weight loss depending on the demands of each patient. The process primarily involves skin tightening to give it a smoother, fitter, and more youthful appearance. Waist surgery sculpting obviously covers the belly, but depending on your unique circumstances, it may also encompass the buttocks, groin area, or thighs, as they are also significant parts of the body for your waist perception. Before undergoing any surgery to reduce waist size, you will meet with a plastic surgeon to explore all of your options for waist reduction. Make sure your surgeon is aware of your entire medical history. Once a surgical date is set, you can start planning for the big day. To be in peak condition for your surgery, you may need to change your existing medication, obtain permission from your regular physician, or quit smoking.f



The waist sculpting operation involves removing extra fat and skin from the waist area utilizing modern minimally invasive surgical techniques in Enfield Royal Clinic. The doctor intends to tighten the skin over cellulite-affected areas in order to make the texture appear smooth and uniform.

The following are the places where the surgeon will try to remove excess fat and skin:


  1. Abdomen: Only the abdomen region or the sides and lower back as well
  2. Buttocks: If your buttocks are irregularly formed, flat, or sagging.
  3. Groin: The lower abdomen sags into the inner thigh.

4. Thighs:  This includes the inside, outside, and entire thighs.


treatment pricing

Waist Sculpting

Starting From

The starting cost of Waist Sculpting in Riyadh is 20,000 SAR (+5% VAT). Fill in the form to discuss with our experts and book your appointment!


How long do you have to waist train to see progress?

After roughly a month of wearing the corset for 9+ hours a day, I noticed a difference in my figure. I observed a reduction in belly fat and an enhancement in my hourglass form after 6 months of using the corset. I have a great obvious hourglass waist out of the corset at 12 months.

Will my body ever take the shape of my waist trainer?

A waist trainer, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) site, will not significantly alter your body form. Even if your body type lends itself to that shape temporarily, a waist trainer is unlikely to have a long-term effect.

Is waist training permanent results?

It will sculpt your waist muscles for the brief time you wear it.” When you get tired of wearing the restraint, your body will immediately return to its previous shape. “It’s just a short-term reduction,” she explains. “You’re essentially causing muscular atrophy where you constrict your waist.”